Fun Indoor Games For Preschoolers

Hot Potato

All you need for this game is a ‘potato’ and a timer of some kind. My kids actually played this game with a real potato but you can use a small stuffed animal, a rolled up sock or any other small object.

We used a timer that was about a minute long but music works as well.

The children form a circle and when you start the music or the timer, they pass the potato from one to the next as fast as possible.

The child stuck with the ‘potato’ when the music stops is out and this continues until there’s only one child left.

Kids really love this game and will often break out into fits of laughter as they quickly try to pass the potato before the time is up or the music stops!

Missing Object

Group of brightly colored toysThis game is best played with a single child. Collect a small number of toys or objects (smaller toys work best such as a LEGO block, a crayon, a small figure, etc).

Line them up and have your child study them for a few moments.

Then have your child turn their back while you remove one of the objects and mix the others up.

Ask your child to turn around and name the missing object.

Allow your child to have a turn at removing a object as well for more added fun!

What’s In The Bag?

This is a fun indoor game that can be played with any age child from toddler to teenager. I’ve even played this game with a friend who had to spend time in the hospital.

Just take a pillow case, place a few select items inside such as small stuffed animals, spoons, cards, etc.

Then have the guesser close their eyes ( or blindfold them) and have them reach into the bag, feel around for an object.

Once they pick one, they try to guess what the object is by touch alone.

If they get it right then they’ve won and they get to hold the bag while the next person takes a turn.

I Packed My Grandmother’s Trunk

This is an alphabet memory game that can played in the house, in a car or when stuck in a tent during those rainy days when camping.

suitcase packed with fun toys and clothesThe game starts with one person saying “I packed my Grandmother’s trunk and in it I put (then name any object that starts with the letter A)”.

The next person repeats the phrase including the A object, and then adds an object that starts with the letter B.

So for example, a child might start and say “I packed my Grandmother’s trunk and in it I put an apple”, and the next child might say “I packed my Grandmother’s trunk and in it I put an apple and a ball” and so on.

The game keeps going with a new object being added with each letter of the alphabet while repeating all the previous objects packed.

There are many versions of this game where you can begin and name anything in alphabetical order from States to first names to famous people to song titles or anything else you can think of.

You can find more game ideas here.

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