Fun Indoor Games For Kids

When the weather outside is frightful and the kids are restless and bored, spending some quality time playing games with them is a wonderful alternative to watching TV and playing video games.

Having some fun indoor games for kids on hand to play on those cold or rainy days will not only entertain your child, it will also distract them from the fact that they’re stuck inside.

But even more than that, it will create amazing memories that you and your kids will cherish forever.

Here are some fun games for kids of all ages to play indoors that are sure to make those gray days seem more bright and fun:

The Color Game

The color game is perfect for playing with toddlers who are just learning their colors. This is an extremely simple game that can be played by one player (and a parent) or several children together.

As the parent or leader, you simply ask your child to “Find me something red (or green yellow, pink, blue, etc.)” and allow your toddler to search around the house looking for something red to bring back to you.

Your toddler will enjoy running around the house looking for colorful objects, and you’ll have fun watching them and cheering them on.

I Spy

This is a simple indoor game (or outside for that matter) has been around for generations! I played this game as a child and loved it.

I spy can be played with two or more people.

One person looks around the room until they spot something of a certain color, size or shape, and then they say “I spy with my little eye something _____”, giving a one word vague description of the object.

The other person then tries to guess what you spied.

If one child is playing, they can guess until they get it right.

If more than one child is playing each child take turns guessing and the child with the winning guess is the next one to spy something.

Simon Says

Cute little Asian girl touching her noseThis is another fun indoor game I played as a child and then played with my own children.

It’s a simple game that younger kids tend to love and it’s easy to learn.

Simon says requires children to listen attentively and follow directions.

The caller begins by saying “Simon Says____” and then names an action such as “…touch your nose, stand on one foot, jump up and down, clap your hands, etc.”.

Kids continue doing the action until a new command is given, beginning with “Simon Says….”.

Every so often, the caller gives a command without saying Simon Says.

The idea is for the kids to ignore any command given without Simon giving the command.

If a child does the new action without Simon saying, then they are out of the game and the rest of the children continue until there is only one child left.

The commands can be given at varying speeds to make the game more interesting and fun!

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Other Types Of Fun Indoor Games For Kids

Many families today take time out to have a games night and play all kinds of games, including board games and card games.

If you want to have have a family games night, it’s a good idea to have a variety of games to choose from.

Allowing your kids to pick the game they want to play will make them more excited and the entire family will have more fun.

Indian family playing a board game at home.There are many board games for kids of all ages, including toddlers, so every child can be involved.

Games such as Monopoly, Operation and Trouble are classic board games that span the ages and they’re great fun to play with your kids.

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Other Fun Indoor Activities

Kids watching cookies bake in the ovenThere’s no shortage of children’s indoor games and activities that are tons of fun to do when you’re forced to spend time inside.

Here are some other activities everyone can enjoy:

  • Make a batch of cookies together
  • Have an indoor picnic
  • Get out a building set and build something fun
  • Make paper airplanes and have races
  • Doing an arts and craft project
  • Have a sing-along
  • Tell or read a story together
  • Build a fort out of pillow, blankets and furniture
  • Do a family puzzle

With a little imagination, it’s easy to find fun games and activities to do with your kids inside on those days when you can’t go outside.

As long as you remain open to new possibilities, you and your kids can have a great time bonding, laughing and most importantly, creating those wonderful precious memories.

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