Best Wooden Train Sets for 2 & 3 Year Old Toddlers

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Best Wooden Train Sets For 2 Year Old Toddlers

Maxim Wooden Circus Animal Train Set

This delightful Maxim Wooden Circus Animal Train Set has 7 pieces and is an ideal first train set for 2 year old toddlers who love trains and animals!

It comes with an Engine and 3 Cars, as well as a Giraffe, a Zebra and an Elephant.

Your toddler will have great fun putting the animals into the open cars and pulling them along in the train, even if at times they topple over!

Only 2 of the animals will go into the open cars at one time while the other animal will have to wait his turn. But as several parents shared with us, this is part of the fun for toddlers.

This charming magnetic train set is compatible with other wooden train sets, including Thomas and Friends, Maxim Enterprise, KidKraft, Melissa & Doug Wooden, Brio and lots more.

Colorful and fun to catch your toddler’s eye, it’s suitable for both boys and girls who will really enjoy playing with it as they create their own storytelling adventures.

Made from real 100% hardwood with plastic wheels, it’s beautiful vibrant colors were added with non-toxic paint to protect your little one.

It would make a wonderful any-occasion gift for that special two year old toddler on your shopping list, giving them a gift to treasure for years to come.

Why We Recommend The 7 Piece Maxim Wooden Animal Train Set

  • Great fun for toddlers to play with!
  • It gives your toddler the opportunity for hours of imaginative play and role playing
  • Your little one can play with the train and the animals separately or together
  • A great toy to help your 2 yr old develop their dexterity and fine motor skills
  • Although it’s small, this 7 piece train set is the ideal size for tiny hands. The smaller pieces make it easy for your toddler to hold, take apart, move and manipulate when they’re playing with it
  • The cars have strong magnets which helps keep them hooked together
  • Your child can mix this train set with other wooden train sets and it also works on standard wooden tracks
  • Helps your toddler develop their problem solving skills
  • Parents love that this toddler train set is made from real wood

Melissa And Doug Swivel Bridge Wooden Train Set (47 pcs)

The Melissa And Doug Swivel Bridge Wooden Train Set comes in 47 pieces would make a wonderful gift for any active, creative and adventurous 2 year old.

This set comes with a 3 piece train, tunnel, swivel bridge and 34 pieces of track as well as some accessories. The swivel bridge will automatically activate the traffic gates so that they open and close for the train to pass or stop.

The track can be arranged in a variety of different ways allowing your toddler to indulge in more creative play.

Toddlers love building and rebuilding the tracks as well as running the train across them. This wooden train set is compatible with other popular wooden railway brands so it can be extended to grow with your two year old.

Parents like the durability of this set and children like that they can play with it over and over without any parts breaking.

Why We Recommend The Melissa And Doug Swivel Bridge Wooden Train Set (47 pcs)

  • Toddlers just love this cute train set with bridge, tunnel, up and down track and more!
  • Wonder starter set for your train loving toddler!
  • Helps develop and improve your child’s problem solving skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Great for creative and imaginative play, keeping your toddler entertained for hours
  • Any of the Thomas The Train engines can run on this track allowing your toddler to expand their play
  • Swivel bridge make this train set special and more exciting for your child
  • Your toddler can arrange the track in lots of different ways to keep them engaged
  • Good quality set made from high quality materials
  • Grows with your 2 yr old as it can be extended using compatible popular wooden train set brands

KidKraft Bucket Top Mountain Wooden Train Set

If you are looking for a reasonably priced wooden train set that can provide with your 2 year old toddler hour upon hour of imaginative play, then this KidKraft Bucket Mountain Wooden Train Set may fit the bill.

This 61 piece train set is made mostly of wood with a few plastic parts, that comes with its own sturdy storage bucket. The lid of the bucket actually forms part of the track (A mountain with three waterfalls and a bit of greenry).

There are 28 pieces of double side tracks, a fire truck, police station, airport with runway and play and a helicopter and heliport.

It also comes with a 3 piece wooden train as well as vaious signs, and some people, trees and even a lamp post.

Once put together the track measures about 38” X26 1/4” X 9 ½.” This train set is compatible with Thomas, Chuggington, Brio and other Kidkraft train sets.

Parents are thrilled with this train set stating that the variety of different pieces make it feel like the train is running through a real town.

They also like that the combination of city vehicles, airplane, helicopter and the train allows for two or three young children to play with this set at the same time.

Parents shared that they also like that putting the track together allows their child to gain problem solving skills and improves their cognitive reasons.

Several parents said that this train set is appropriate for 2 years olds if you supervise their play.

If you are looking for a great train set for your toddler’s birthday or Christmas gift, this reasonably priced Bucket Top Mountain Train Set may be just what you are looking for.

Why We Recommend The KidKraft Bucket Top Mountain Wooden Train Set

  • Offers hours of fun for toddlers
  • Encourages lots of imaginative play
  • Extremely well built and sturdy
  • Several individual toys for your child to play with
  • The set is nicely detailed
  • Great for shared play
  • Nice storage makes it easy to keep everything together
  • Colorful

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