Best Walking Toys For Toddlers Who Can’t Wait To Get Moving

Many children take their first steps between a year and 18 months of age, so getting them one of the best walking toys for toddlers will give them something to hold onto while taking those first unsteady steps.

It’s a wonderful special moment when your child takes their first steps.

You want to give them as much support as you can to help them improve their balance and coordination, while also building their confidence.

The right walking toddler toys can help your little one, while at the same time provide them with lots of fun.

So we’ve handpicked some wonderful toddler walking toys and all of our picks are designed to help your little one get moving in a fun and engaging way.

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A Word from a Psychologist

Written By: Psychologist Natasha Tanic

  • Walking toys promote gross motor development
  • Walking toys help toddlers burn their endless energy

Why Your Toddler Needs Walking Toys?

Walking toys promote balance, coordination, and gross motor, as they allow your toddler to move their large muscles to move around.

At the same time, walking toys for toddlers who can’t wait to get moving boost their confidence and encourage independence.

As walking toys typically come equipped with a play panel, sound effects, music, phrases, and more, they encourage language development, cognitive skills and boost your child’s social-emotional development. 

Editor’s Choice – Our Top Pick Of The Best Walking Toy For A Toddler

Here’s why the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is our top walking toy for a toddler:

  • Toddlers love the 70+ songs, sound effects, and phrases
  • Play panel is removable, allowing little ones who aren’t walking yet to play with it on the floor
  • Grows with your child so this walking toy can provide fun for your toddler for a number of years
  • It’s easy for young kids to push
  • Great way to encourage your little one to walk

Check out our detailed review below if you’d like to know more about the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

The VTech Sit To Stand Learning Walker gives you a lot of bang for your buck because it can be used as an on the floor activity toy for kids that aren’t walking yet, and a walker for those that are.

If your little one isn’t walking yet, you can remove the play panel so that they can play with it on the floor.

Once your child starts walking, simply reattach the play panel and it’s ready to be used as a walker.

There are lots of fun things for your toddler to play with on this toy, including piano keys, spin rollers, shape buttons that light up when pressed, and an old fashioned pretend phone.

There are two modes – learning and music, and each mode offers your toddler a different type of fun experience.

In learning mode, your little one can press the shape buttons to learn about colors, numbers, and shapes. In this mode, when your child presses the piano keys, a cute voice will tell them the color of the key they pressed.

In music mode, those same shape buttons play lively songs and sounds, while the piano keys play musical notes.

There’s a cheerful sun button that when pressed, lights up and plays lively music, and if your toddler flips open the barn door, they’ll see cute little ducks.

When your little one picks up the phone, they’ll hear different animal sounds; how cool is that!

There are over seventy fun songs, sound effects, and phrases for your toddler to listen to, learn from, and enjoy. There’s also a volume control, which many parents love.

The walker comes in four eye-catching colors; blue, pink, orange and lavender, so there’s sure to be one that your child will like.

For safety purposes, this VTech learning toy comes with two wheel settings so you can slow down the wheel speed if your toddler is just beginning to walk. Plus there are rubber strips on the rear wheels to keep the walker from slipping when it’s not being used on carpet.

In addition to being a wonderful learning toy, this VTech walker is a great way to help your child develop their fine and gross motor skills, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination.

It works well on both carpets and hardwood floors and requires 2 AA batteries, which are included.

Several parents shared that they found this VTech toy to be very engaging for their toddler and loved the variety of activities.

Why We Recommend the VTech Sit To Stand Learning Walker

  • Toddlers love all the sounds, songs, and phrases that this walker has!
  • The light up buttons are very eye-catching for little children
  • Plenty of fun activities to keep your child entertained and engaged for long periods of play
  • Play panel is removable, allowing kids who aren’t walking yet to play with it on the floor
  • Grows with your child, providing real value for money
  • Helps develop your child’s gross motor and fine motor skills
  • Walker is easy for the child to push
  • Works on both carpet and hardwood floors
  • Encourages your child to stand and to take their first steps

Wooden Walking Toys For Toddlers Who Are On The Move

Melissa And Doug Chomp And Clack Alligator Walker

This Melissa and Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Walker is a simple and fun activity walker sure to encourage your toddler to want to take those first few steps.

Made of wood to look like water with three alligators in the water, the wooden wheels have rubberized strips to keep the wheels from slipping and are painted with colorful fish.

The handle has 3 spinners that are decorated with cute little bugs and butterflies.

The three cute alligators have movable mouths that take turns opening and closing with a clack as the walker is pushed by your child.

This entices your toddler to want to actually push the walker, encouraging them to want to walk.

This Alligator Walker is recommended for children age 1 year and up, but parents shared that it’s suitable for any child who is beginning to cruise around by holding onto furniture.

The rounded edges on this wooden walker makes it safe for your little one, and the upright handle actually helps prevent your child from tipping over the walker when standing up.

Most children like this walker so much that not only do they use it long after they are walking, they even give dolls and stuffed animals rides on the alligator’s backs!

Sometimes simple toys are the most fun, and this clacking alligator walker is sure to provide your child with pure simple fun, while helping them take their first steps.

Why We Recommend The Melissa & Doug Chomp and Clack Alligator Walker

  • Toddlers absolutely love this chomp chomp alligator walker and have great fun playing with it!
  • Bright colors and features are very appealing to little kids
  • Great toy for encouraging your toddler to move, which helps strengthen their leg muscles
  • Playing with the spinners can help improve your child’s fine motor skills
  • Teaches your child about cause and effect
  • Very sturdy and well made
  • The upright handle helps your child maneuver it easily
  • Kids love the sounds the alligators make as they push the toy
  • Great for helping your toddler to improve their balance and coordination
  • Made with non toxic material, so it’s completely safe for your little one
  • Beautifully handcrafted and made from solid hardwood
  • Easy to assemble
  • Rubberized strips on wheels ensure they don’t slip if your toddler is using this walker on wooden floors

Hape Wonder Walker Push And Pull Toddler Walking Toy

The Hape Wonder Walker Push And Pull Toddler Walking Toy is a walker and so much more. This wooden wagon style walker features bright colors and rubber rimmed wooden wheels.

The bright colors are non-toxic and the high back has lots of fun activities for toddlers to explore. There are flower type gears to turn, a car house and balloon looking wooden circle that slide around a grooved track, spinning beads and more.

There is painted on headlights to give the wagon a car-like look, and the inside of the walker is perfect for your child to place any type of toys they choose to take those toys a ride.

The gears, spinning balls, and sliding toys all will help your child develop both their fine motor skills and their hand-eye coordination.

Since your little one can either push or pull this walking toy, it will help them develop their gross motor skills, strengthening both their leg and arm muscles.

This walker offers your child plenty of activities to keep them occupied even before they are ready to take their first steps.

Once your child is walking on their own, the walker makes for a fun wagon toy for your child to use and load up with various objects.

As the walker is made of wood, it’s quite sturdy and it won’t tip over easily when your toddler uses it to pull themselves up to standing position and begins taking those first steps.

While this walking toy is extremely sturdy on its own, parents like that they can add weight to the wagon, partly to slow the walker down during their child’s first uncertain steps.

Why We Recommend The Hape Wonder Walker Push And Pull Toddler Walking Toy

  • Kids adore this eye-catching beautiful walking toy
  • Wondering walker for encouraging pretend and imaginative play
  • Helps to improve your child’s gross and fine motor skills
  • Grows with your child so it’s really good value for money
  • Doesn’t tip over easily which is a huge relief for parents
  • Extremely well made and durable

Fisher-Price Walking Toys For Toddlers Taking Their First Steps

Fisher-Price Learn With Me Zebra Sit And Stand Walker

The Fisher-Price Learn With Me Zebra Sit And Stand Walker features a walker with a cute little zebra and lots of fun activities for your child to explore. The walker itself has an easy to grasp handle and a wide 4 wheel base.

This Zebra walker has sing-a-long songs that introduce your little one to their ABC’s and 123’s. There are light up buttons, a flip book, flip switches, a roller ball and dial for your child to play with and explore.

All of the activities on the Zebra walker can be played with while your child is sitting down, making it a good toy for your child even before they are ready to take those first steps.

Once your child is ready to take their first steps, the wide wheel base on this Zebra walker will help them to steady those first uncertain steps and strengthen their legs.

A child who is able to take some of their first steps unaided by parents experiences a sense of independence and begins to build their self confidence. This beautiful walker can help our child achieve that.

Why We Recommend The Fisher-Price Learn With Me Zebra Sit And Stand Walker

  • Kids just love playing with it!
  • Great for helping to build your child’s confidence and independence
  • Helps to improve and develop your toddler’s fine motor skills
  • Lots of activities for your little one to explore
  • Introduces your child to the alphabet and counting using music and songs
  • Helps to strengthen and develop your child’s leg muscles and gross motor skills
  • Great introduction to music and song for your child

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper

Corn popper walking push toys have been around for a generation or two and the Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper is a well made and fun corn popper push toy for any toddler.

This corn popper has two wheels, a handle for pushing and pulling the toy, and a plastic dome filled with balls that pop up and down and making a popping sound when moving.

Although this corn popper is a simple and basic toy, children find it extremely fun and entertaining.

Toddlers who have taken their first steps, still may prefer crawling to walking, but this corn popper and the sounds it makes will encourage your child to walk and strengthen their leg muscles and helping them improve their balance.

This toy is great for imaginative play. This corn popper may be a mower at one moment and a vacuum the next. It can be used inside or outside and can become anything your child wants it to become.

In most cases, the Fisher-Price Corn Popper will grow with your child and will be something they will play with for a couple of years and then can be passed on to other small children.

With so many technical and battery operated toys on today’s market, we like the idea of a simple basic toy that provides your toddler with hours fun and will hold up for years and take all types of toddler abuse.

If you are looking for a simple and fun walking toy for your toddler, you couldn’t choose much better than this corn popper toy.

Why We Recommend The Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper

  • Provides your child with simple basic fun!
  • Great for imaginative play
  • Encourages your child’s walking
  • Grows with your child
  • Helps to build your child’s confidence
  • Great for independent play

Fisher-Price Musical Lion Walker

This adorable Fisher-Price Musical Lion Walker has a cute little face and is designed for both sit and stand play as well as being used to steady those first beginning steps of your little one.

This walker has everything that a could want.

It is made in the USA and has lights, sounds, and a wide wheel base to help steady those first little steps.

Some of the fun activities this lion offers for your child to explore includes sliding rings, a peek-a-boo mirror, a butterfly in a grooved track and a knob to turn and a nose that lights up.

This Lion Walker plays music both when certain buttons are pushed or when your child pushes the walker. It does need 2AA batteries.

Children slightly younger than age one will enjoy the activities on the front of the lion. We would recommend that a child is able to sit up on their own so they reach the different activities.

If you are looking for a cute and affordable walker that will encourage your child to take his or her first steps, then this Musical Lion Walker should fit the bill.

Why We Recommend The Fisher-Price Musical Lion Walker

  • Children have plenty of fun activities to keep them occupied and having fun
  • Parents find this Lion walker easy to put together
  • The brightly colored and cute lion will easily gain your child’s attention
  • The wide wheel base make this lion walker quite sturdy even though it is lightweight
  • Once children are walking well, they still like playing with the activities on the front and using the walker for imaginative play
  • Parents find this walker to be extremely affordable

More Great Walking Toys For Toddlers To Build Confidence With Each Step

Skip Hop 3-in-1 Activity Walker

This versatile Skip Hop 3-in-1 Activity Walker is ideal for toddlers at different ages and stages.

For younger toddlers who are just learning to walk, it can be used as a walker/wagon. In this mode, your little one can either push or pull along, depending on how steady they are on their feet.

What toddlers love to do in walker/wagon mode is load up the wagon bed with all kinds of things that they then haul around.

As your toddler grows, the wagon bed converts to a seat so they can use it as a ride on toy. In this mode, the seat is about 8.5 inches from the ground.

Once they’re ready, the ride on easily converts to a delightful little scooter that your toddler will really enjoy.

The front of the walker is decorated with the cute face of Darby the lovable dog. And you can adjust the handle height to accommodate your little one as they grow.

Toddlers love pushing the button that activates the walker’s headlight, cheerful music and fun sounds. It’s a really fun way to help your toddler develop their coordination, balance, and motor skills.

Made from high quality plastic, it takes 3 AAA batteries to make everything work and the batteries are not included.

Able to handle up to 44 pounds, this walker does require some assembly, but most people say it’s easy to put together.

This 3-in-1 walker is a wonderful toy that will give your toddlers years of play time fun!

Why We Recommend The Skip Hop 3-in-1-Activity Walker

  • Toddlers of different ages and stages love using this 3-in-1 activity walker!
  • It’s a walker/wagon, ride-on toy, and scooter all rolled into one
  • Grows with your child so your toddler can use this versatile toy for several years
  • Kids enjoy putting all kinds of things into the tub of the wagon so they can haul stuff around
  • Your little one will love pushing the button to see the headlights and hear the fun melodies and sounds
  • Can help your little one take their first steps
  • Great way to help your child develop their gross motor skills
  • The ride-on and scooter modes can help your toddler improve their balance and coordination
  • Sturdy and designed to last
  • It’s easy to assemble
  • Gives you great value for your money

Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop And Cook Walker

The Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop And Cook Walker is a cute little shopping cart walker with a removable cook top that your toddler will adore!

The cook top features popping popcorn and light up buttons that cause sizzling sounds.

It also featured a sunny side up egg roller ball as well as a shape sorter on the front of the cart. The cook top can be removed and placed on the floor for children too young to stand or walk yet.

When they are old enough to stand, you can place it on a play table for your child to use as a stove.

The bottom half of the cart is not only a walker but a shopping cart as well. Your toddler can use the shopping cart inside or outside to pretend they are buying groceries.

Or they can use it to give their dolls or stuffed animals a ride or to fill up with other fun toys and objects to haul around.

The wheels on this shopping cart walker are wide apart to provide more stability when your little one pulls themselves up and takes their first steps.

The Shop And Cook Walker uses 3 X AA batteries (included) to run and the sound can be turned off which parents love. A lot of parents said that it’s easy to assemble since they just have to put on the wheels and the handle.

Unlike most walkers that your child will quit using as soon as they can walk well on their own, this walker grows with your child allowing them to continue to use this walker for imaginative play for 2 or 3 years.

If you are looking for a walker that is both functional and entertaining for toddler, then this is the perfect choice!

Why We Recommend The Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop And Cook Walker

  • Cute little walker that kids love playing with
  • Fantastic for role playing, pretend and creative play
  • Helps improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills
  • Grows with your child so great value for money
  • Extremely versatile with many ways to use it
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sound can be turned off
  • Well made and sturdy

iPlay iLearn 3 in 1 Sit To Stand Activity Walker

This awesome iPlay iLearn 3 in 1 Sit To Stand Activity Walker will provide lots of fun for toddlers at different ages and stages.

An ideal way to help your little one sit, walk and stand, it’s an activity table, a walker, and drawing board all rolled into one.

Toddlers who haven’t started walking yet can use the activity table for fun floor play.

Once your little one is ready to start walking, they can use it as a walker. The handle is just the right size for little hands to hold on to and the triangular shape makes it very stable.

Plus the low center of gravity and adjustable speed control will give you peace of mind.

As your toddler pushes the walker, the built in motion sensor activates the fun music and sounds, making their cruising around time more enjoyable.

The activity table itself is jammed packed with fun things for toddlers of all ages to do.

The top center of the activity table is Happy town. Here’s where your toddler can press buttons that will allow them to hear all kinds of fun animal sounds and other noises.

And if your little one turns the steering wheel that’s below Happy Town, the cute little orange car drives around the outside of Happy Town.

Along with the steering wheel, the bottom of the activity center also has a key that your child can turn to activate other fun sounds. Plus there’s a a gearshift lever that your little one can move up and down.

In addition to all of that, there’s also a little sliding airplane that makes a cool sound, a removable pretend phone, rolling beads, flip pages, and sliding beads.

Once your toddler is ready to stand and play, the walker easily converts to a table with 4 stable legs.

Now your child can stand and play with all the fun things on the activity center.

The underside of the activity table has an erasable magic doodle board. So if your little one likes to draw or doodle, you can flip the activity center over and they can use the drawing board.

The drawing board is perfect for kids 2 and up and comes with some fun stamps.

This 3 in 1 walker has hard plastic wheels and needs 3AA batteries (not included) in order for the sound effects to work.

This convertible 3-in 1activity table is suitable for kids ages 7 or 8 months through about 2 to 3 years. It requires 3 AA batteries to work (not included).

If you’re looking for a fun walker that will grow with your child and help them learn while they have fun, this 3 in 1 walker is definitely worth checking out!

Why We Recommend The iPlay iLearn 3 in 1 Sit To Stand Activity Walker

  • Toddlers love exploring all the fun activities on this sit to stand walking toy!
  • Great way for your child to learn while they have fun
  • Lots of cool sounds and music for kids to enjoy
  • Easily converts from an activity table to a walker to a drawing board, so your toddler can use it at different ages and stages
  • Can help younger toddlers learn to walk
  • Pushing the walker activates cheerful music and sounds, which kids love
  • The walker is sturdy with a handle that’s comfortable and the right size for small hands to hold on to
  • You can adjust the speed of the walker
  • Comes with fun stamps your toddler can use on the erasable magic doodle board
  • Wonderful way to help your toddler develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity
  • Can teach your child different animal sounds
  • Will grow with your child, offering them play time fun for several years
  • Gives you great value for your money

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