Best Toy Train Sets for Kids

Toy trains and train sets have been around for well over 150 years and are still as popular today so what better gift for your child than a toy train set!

Originally made as a toy for boys, today girls love playing with trains every bit as much as their male counterparts.

To help you find the right train set for your toddler, we have handpicked some of the besttoy train sets for kids that would make the perfect gift for birthdays and Christmas.

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Best Train Sets For The Youngest Ones

Fisher Price Thomas The Train Wooden Railway Rosie

This delightful little Fisher Price Thomas The Train Wooden Railway Rosie is a wonderful addition to any toddler’s Thomas The Tank Engine collection!

Made of solid wood, this Thomas The Train Rosie engine is colorful and fun with her cute little freckled cheeks, a pinkish purple body, bright red wheels and black chimney.

She’s magnetic and easily connects not only to other Thomas engines but also to lots of other wooden magnetic train engines.

Thomas The Train Rosie is an ideal engine for any boy or girl who loves trains. She’s well made and built to last so your child will have endless hours of fun with her.

Rosie and all the other Thomas and Friends engines are suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years of age.

A very popular gift from Santa at Christmas time, Rosie is also a wonderful gift idea for your toddler’s birthday or any other special occasion.

Why We Recommend The Fisher Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Rosie

  • Kids of all ages love Thomas The Train Tank engines!
  • Helps develop your child’s fine motor skills
  • This Thomas The Train Rosie engine is well made and built to last so your child will get years of play from her
  • This little tank engine is absolutely adorable and appeals to both boys and girls
  • She’s a fantastic way to encourage your child to engage in imaginative play and role playing
  • Rosie will help your child develop their dexterity
  • Kids love that Rosie will work with other wooden tracks
  • The magnet is strong so she connects and holds to other magnetic engine cars well
  • Parents feel that Rosie gives you good value for your money

Play22 Wooden Train Set 12 PCS

This Play22 Wooden Train Set 12 PCS is a wonderful gift idea for any 2 year old toddler who loves trains and animals.

It comes with 3 engines and 9 cars, each one made to the very highest standard.

There are some really nice details on the cars that are sure to capture your child’s attention and the train cars connect with magnetic links.

Your child can make one large train pulled by three engines or three separate trains for all types of different play scenarios.

The set can easily be added to the majority of other wooden train sets for toddlers allowing your child to build their own railroad empire.

It’s compatible with all major wooden train sets and has some BPA Free plastic pieces.

Why We Recommend The Play22 Wooden Train Set 12 PCS

  • Lots of fun for two year old toddlers!
  • Perfect for storytelling adventures and imaginative play
  • Great toy for independent or co-operative play for your toddler
  • The 3 train engines are wonderfully detailed which your little one will love
  • Ideal size for small hands making all parts of this wooden train set easy for your toddler to hold and manipulate
  • Compatible with other wooden train sets for even more fun and excitement!
  • Easy to buy track for this train set as it’s compatible with all major brands
  • Sturdy and durable train cars made from wood with durable plastic wheels

100 Piece Orbrium Toys Triple-Loop Wooden Train Set

If your toddler loves trains, he’ll love the 100 Piece Orbrium Toys Triple-Loop Wooden train set!

This Triple-Loop Train Set comes with some great pieces including: 32 track pieces including two 3-way track pieces, 4- train pieces, 7 city vehicles, a bridge, buildings, road signs, trees and people figures.

While this particular set does not allow for a variety of track configurations, it’s easy to add more pieces.

Plus it’s compatible with Chuggington, Brio and Thomas and friends, so if your child already owns any of those, this Orbrium set will work well with them.

While these track pieces are not as well made as some of the larger and well known name brand wooden tracks, they do mix very well with the ones mentioned above without any problems.

And it’s easy to upgrade this train set by adding more bridges, tunnels and other features. There is even a 56 piece expansion track set by the same company that you can find here: 56 Piece Wooden Train Expansion Track

Both the Triple-Loop wooden train set and the 56 piece expansion set are made from beech wood and designed with your toddler or preschooler in mind.

Many parents find that this train set toy is perfect for children as young as two and said that their two year old toddler loved playing with it.

The Orbrium 100 Piece Train Set is a great toy that will grow with your child and give him hours of playtime fun!

Why We Recommend The 100 Piece Orbrium Toys Triple-Loop Wooden Train Set

  • Toddlers love playing with this train set!
  • Lots of pieces to hold your child’s interest
  • Perfect for imaginative play
  • Colorful
  • Easy for toddlers to put together
  • Can upgrade easily as your 2 year old toddler grows
  • Compatible with Chuggington, Brio and Thomas and friends
  • Well made and built to last
  • Affordable

Right Track Toys 52 Piece Wooden Train Track Set

Many wooden train sets designed for two year old toddlers have a limited number of track pieces making it difficult for your child to build different track configurations.

The solution to this problem is to purchase a set or two of wooden tracks that are compatible with the type of train set your child all ready has.

This 52 Piece Wooden Train Track Tet by Right Track Toys may be just what your little conductor needs to expand their train track and add to their train playtime fun.

This 52 piece of tracks includes: a dozen 2″ pieces and a dozen 6″ pieces of straight track, a dozen 3.5″ and a dozen of 6″ pieces of curved track and 4 curved switch track pieces. The curved pieces of track are designed so that they can curve to left or right.

This Right Track Toys set is a great add on for existing track or a first time track for those wooden trains engines and cars that come without tracks of their own.

Best of all this train track is designed to be compatible with all major brands of wooden tracks, including Brio, Thomas, Chuggington, Battat, and Janod.

This track works well with any train cars that measure 3.8” X 4.2” X 1″. And according to a number of parents, the track pieces in this set can be used to build either an oval or a figure 8 track.

Whether your toddler wants to expand his current train track, or he needs a track to go with his existing collection of wooden trains, this 52 piece set by Right Track Toys is ideal for him!

Why We Recommend The Right Track Toys 52 Piece Wooden Train Track Set

  • Provides hours of fun for kids!
  • Encourages your 2 year old child to use his imagination and creativity
  • Building different shapes and types of tracks teaches problem solving skills
  • Easy for your little boy to put tracks together himself
  • Great way for your child to develop his fine and gross motor skills
  • Compatible with many major brands of wooden train track
  • Very affordable
  • Well built and durable

Tiny Conductors 67 Piece Wooden Train Track Set With One Train Car

Are you tired of seeing your two year old toddler’s frustration with his wooden train set’s track because he can’t build it the way he wants?

If so, this Tiny Conductors 67 Piece Wooden Train Track Set may be just what your child needs to have enough track pieces to keep up with his active imagination.

Including 66 pieces of track and 1 train car with a magnetic link, all the track pieces are made from 100% wood. They’re also free of lead, cadmium and Phthalates.

Also included is an illustrated instruction booklet that shows how to make 14 different track layouts.

This is the only expansion set which has enough of the right pieces to build two figure 8 tracks (one large and one small). Your little boy will love that!

This great little track set has pieces most expansion sets simply don’t have, including 8 adapter pieces, 4 male to male and 4 female to female connectors, as well as curved pieces that are double sided and reversible.

And everything comes in a convenient reusable storage box, which makes for easy transport to a play date and clean up when playtime is over.

Best of all, this train track expansion set will fit Orbrium trains and tracks, KidKraft wooden trains and tracks, Maxim Enterprise train sets, Thomas and Friends, Brio, Chuggington and Melissa & Doug.

While this is a expansion track set, it also makes a perfect beginner track if your son has wooden trains but no track.

Several parents shared that this wooden track set is suitable for kids as young as 2 and their toddler loved every minute of playing with it.

If you’re looking to expand your child’s train track and playing fun, this Tiny Conductors 67 piece wooden train track set is definitely worth considering!

Why We Recommend The Tiny Conductors 67 Piece Wooden Train Track Set With One Train Car

  • This train track is tons of fun for your toddler!
  • Has unique pieces that are not found in other sets
  • Allows for creative track building
  • Great price
  • Helps your little boy develop his motor and problem solving skills
  • Compatible with a number of other popular wooden train sets

KidKraft Bucket Top Mountain Wooden Train Set

If you are looking for a reasonably priced wooden train set that can provide with your 2 year old toddler hour upon hour of imaginative play, then this KidKraft Bucket Mountain Wooden Train Set may fit the bill.

This 61 piece train set is made mostly of wood with a few plastic parts, that comes with its own sturdy storage bucket. The lid of the bucket actually forms part of the track (A mountain with three waterfalls and a bit of greenry).

There are 28 pieces of double side tracks, a fire truck, police station, airport with runway and play and a helicopter and heliport.

It also comes with a 3 piece wooden train as well as vaious signs, and some people, trees and even a lamp post.

Once put together the track measures about 38” X26 1/4” X 9 ½.” This train set is compatible with Thomas, Chuggington, Brio and other Kidkraft train sets.

Parents are thrilled with this train set stating that the variety of different pieces make it feel like the train is running through a real town.

They also like that the combination of city vehicles, airplane, helicopter and the train allows for two or three young children to play with this set at the same time.

Parents shared that they also like that putting the track together allows their child to gain problem solving skills and improves their cognitive reasons.

Several parents said that this train set is appropriate for 2 years olds if you supervise their play.

If you are looking for a great train set for your toddler’s birthday or Christmas gift, this reasonably priced Bucket Top Mountain Train Set may be just what you are looking for.

Why We Recommend The KidKraft Bucket Top Mountain Wooden Train Set

  • Offers hours of fun for toddlers
  • Encourages lots of imaginative play
  • Extremely well built and sturdy
  • Several individual toys for your child to play with
  • The set is nicely detailed
  • Great for shared play
  • Nice storage makes it easy to keep everything together
  • Colorful

Melissa And Doug Stacking Train

If you are looking for a small wooden train set that can allow your 2 year old to engage in a number of activities then this Melissa and Doug Stacking Train may be the ideal toy train for you to present your child with.

Once put together, this train measures 18” X 5” X 3.5”.

It’s made from sturdy wood, and consists of 18 pieces including 3 train cars with pegs and 15 primary colored blocks to stack on the train.

The different shaped colored blocks can be used for counting, sorting, and color recognition as well as stacking the blocks on the pegs.

This stacking train allows your child to stack the blocks to form different looking train cars or to pretend that the train is carrying a load of blocks somewhere.

It’s larger than the popular models such as Thomas and Chugginton, but is perfect for little hands and great for encouraging an interest in building for young children, allowing them to create their own train cars.

This simple, but fun stacking train will provide your child with hours of imaginative play and building fun.

Why We Recommend The Melissa & Doug Stacking Train

  • Offers hours of fun for your child, both in building their train and playing with it
  • Fitting the blocks on the pegs will help your child develop their hand-eye coordination
  • This wooden train set is simple and fun
  • Allows this child to engage in imaginative play.
  • Edges are well sanded and slightly rounded removing any sharp edges
  • The larger size of this train is perfect for little hands

Frequently Asked Questions About Toy Trains

Do Train Sets Encourage Independent Play?

Yes, they do. Most young children enjoy playing with train sets, keeping them engaged in imaginative play for hours!

Independent play means that a child plays alone with a parent or caregiver nearby. This is an important type of play that helps children develop autonomy, self-regulation, persistence, creativity, problem-solving, and other skills.

Can Train Sets Encourage Sharing?

Yes. A train set can also be a fantastic toy for your child to share with siblings and other kids.

Most toddlers struggle with sharing toys with other children, which is developmentally normal.

However, train sets can help your child transition through this stage in their development quickly, teaching them that sharing can be fun.

How Many Pieces Should My Child’s Train Set Have?

The number of pieces of your little one’s train set depends on their age.

For younger children (babies and toddlers), choose train sets with a smaller number of larger pieces. For preschoolers and school-age kids choose more complex sets with a larger number of pieces.

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