17 Best Toys For Toddler Girls Who Love Imaginative Fun Play

Cool toys to keep your toddler girl engaged and entertained

Written By: Mary Ruddy | Reviewed By: Natasha Tanic, B.A. Psychology | March 2021

Editor’s Choice – Our Top Picks Of The Best Toys for A Toddler Girl

Our editor's choice of the best toys for toddlers to play with in order to help parents make a more informed choice

Our selection of the best toys for toddler girls takes into account the fact that your little girl is becoming very aware of her environment and the world around her.

She’s keen to explore new things, from sights and sounds to textures and shapes.

She’s ready for new adventures, excitement and fun.

She’s also more mobile and eager to take full advantage of her walking skills, giving  her a wonderful sense of freedom.

An excellent way to help her development and progress at the toddler stage is to make sure she has a wide variety of age-appropriate toys.

With that in mind, we’ve put together our hand-picked list of the very best toys for a toddler girl to enjoy.

Not only do all our toy picks, they’re also safe, well made by reputable manufacturers, and tons of fun!

The Best Toys For Your 1 Year Old Toddler Girl

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella 15″ Soft Doll

Our editor's choice of the best toys for toddlers to play with in order to help parents make a more informed choiceIf you’re looking for a gorgeous doll for your 1 year old girl, then take a look at the beautiful and stunning Manhattan Toy Baby Stella First Baby Doll as you won’t be disappointed!

This adorable 15″ Baby Stella doll comes with lovely brown hair, a navy blue striped onesie, cute ribbons in her hair and a magnetic pacifier.

Her toes and fingers look life-like and she has a cute belly button.

She has beautifully embroidered facial features, including a wonderful soft smile that your little girl will simply love!

Stella’s outfit has a fabric hoop and loop closure so your little girl can easily change her outfit and put on something new.

She also has a little diaper so your one year old girl can enjoy more realistic play.

  • Little girls absolutely adore playing with huggable Stella!
  • Safety tested and made with the highest quality fabric
  • Soft with wonderful welcoming embroidered facial features
  • Comes with a removable cute onesie, diaper and magnetic pacifier
  • Stella has a lot of lifelike features that make for more realistic play
  • Helps encourage your little girl to build nurturing and caring skills
  • Inspires your little girl to role play and create her own make believe stories and adventures with Stella
  • Helps your child improve her social and communication skills through play
  • Encourages your child to engage more in imaginative and creative play
  • Stella can help your little girl to express her emotions and feelings

GUND Sesame Street Take Along Elmo 12 Inch Plush Doll

This GUND Sesame Street Take Along Elmo 12 Inch Plush Doll is sure to become a favorite for your little girl!

Elmo is surface washable super soft, very huggable, and the perfect gift for any young Sesame Street fan. Plus he’s just the right size for your 1 year old to carry around with her.

GUND has been around for over 100 years and has received multiple awards for their plush designs and this Elmo doll is made to their high quality standards.

Elmo is one of the most beloved characters on Sesame Street. This delightful plush doll makes a wonderful gift for your child and is something that she’ll love for years to come!

  • Kids love this Elmo doll!
  • He’s soft and huggable, and very lovable
  • Great gift for any young Sesame Street fans
  • Ideal for pretend play and role playing, as he helps your child act out scenes from Sesame Street or create her own adventures
  • Can help your little girl to express her emotions and feelings through play
  • Great travel toy to keep your child amused and entertained on road trips
  • Surface washable

My First Doll Stroller with Basket

Your little 1 year old girl is going to squeal with delight when she sees this adorable Exquisite Buggy My First Doll Stroller with Basket to take her favorite dolls with her to the park and more!

A foldable 21.5″ high umbrella doll stroller in pink polka dots, it fits dolls up to 18″ tall.

It has a little seat belt to keep your little girl’s precious dolly safe and comes with a cute storage basket so she can take snacks or other small toys with her.

This adorable doll stroller has a lovely hood to keep your little one’s dolls dry.

It comes with two magic bottles as a bonus and also comes fully assembled which is a huge time saver!

Safety tested in accordance with US safety regulations, it’s made from non-toxic materials.

One key feature is the double wheels for extra stability and it also has a safety guard when folding to protect your little girl.

Made from top quality materials, the wheels won’t swivel for extra safety and it can be pushed in all directions.

There are double wheels for added stability to keep your toddler safe.

The frame is quite sturdy and the stroller holds up well to any kind of rough play.

It’s built to last and suitable for outdoor and indoor play for your one year old girl.

Folds up nicely for easy storage and it has quality fabric that will last.

  • Your little one year old girl will have fantastic fun playing with this cute doll stroller
  • Great toy for encouraging your little girl to walk, push, pull, run and more
  • Helps to improve your child’s gross motor skills and leg and muscle strength
  • Inspires your child to nurture and care for her little doll
  • Encourages your little girl to engage in creative, storytelling and imaginative play
  • Allows your little one to role play, pretend play and create their own adventures
  • Helps build your child’s confidence and self-esteem through play
  • Great for helping your child learn about responsibility
  • Allows your little girl to be more expressive with her emotions through play
  • Helps your child learn about problem solving and cause and effect
  • Through cooperative play, allows your child build their social and communication skills

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Food Truck

Your little one year old girl’s eyes will light up with delight when she sees this fantastic and super cute Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Servin Up Fun Food Truck so she can start her own pretend food truck business!

This is a colorful 2-sided toy food truck with twenty play pieces, stickers, interactive cash register, menu cards, light-up grill and so much more!

There’s a really coll interactive food prep area which your little girl can pretend to prepare your food order for you.

Also, there’s a neat light-up service bell for her pretend customers to ring for service.

This really cool food truck toy has over 125 songs, phrases, tunes and sounds for your child to enjoy during play.

The toy has three learning stages so it will grow with your one year old girl, giving you value for money.

There’s an interactive sink for your little one so she can pretend to wash her dishes.

And if your precious little girl gets tired serving all of her pretend customers, she can simply put up the Closed sign and take a well earned nap!

It comes with some nice safety features to keep your child safe during play.

Once you put it together and set it up, it doesn’t fold down and will remain stationary and stable.

It’s very sturdy so it won’t topple over and it needs 3AA batteries which are NOT included.

Made with quality materials, it’s easy to assemble and your little girl can play with the food truck with family and friends.

You can buy additional food items to enhance your little one’s play even more and add to the fun she’ll be having!

  • Your little girl will have hours up hours of fantastic engaging fun with this wonderful food truck toy
  • Encourage your child to lift, grasp, hold, push, slide, turn, stand and more through play
  • Lots of lovely accessories to enhance your child’s playtime
  • Very interactive toy that will help your child learn about sharing and taking turns
  • Encourages your little girl to play creatively, imaginatively and role play
  • Through play, your child’s self-esteem and confidence will grow, serving her pretend customers
  • Helps improve your child fine and gross motor skills through play
  • Your child will learn number, how to count, colors, songs, phrases, new words, sounds and so much more!
  • She will also learn the names of foods and parts of the food truck
  • Food truck toy is great for teaching about cause and effect

The Best Toys For Your 2 Year Old Toddler Girl

Little Tikes Rocking Horse 

This toy rocking horse is ideal for play inside and outside which means she can play on it almost anywhere.

Designed with safety in mind, the rounded edges ensure she won’t get hurt and the seat will keep her upright no matter how hard she rocks.

Its compact size means it won’t take up much space indoors and makes it easy to throw in your vehicle and take with you wherever you go.

The horse also has easy to grip handles and will accommodate children up to 50 pounds.

The wide rocker bottom makes this rocking horse very stable and you have two colors to choose from: magenta and blue.

Made in the USA, this cute little rocking horse stands 19″ high and is the perfect gift idea for your two year old daughter.

  • Toddlers love riding it!
  • It’s low enough to the ground that most kids that are walking fairly well can get on and off this toy rocking horse by themselves
  • The wide base makes this horse very stable
  • A great toy for imaginative, pretend play
  • It will keep your toddler totally engaged
  • Your daughter will love the rocking motion and she’ll love having her very own little horse
  • Rounded edges are less likely to hurt your toddler than sharp edges
  • Teaches your child about cause and effect, as she learns that she can make the horse rock through her movement
  • An excellent toy for helping your toddler improve their coordination and balance
  • Helps your child develop and improve their fine and gross motor skills
  • Won’t take up much room indoors
  • Ideal size for travel which means your little one can rock out no matter they are
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and built to last so can be passed down from child to child

KidKraft White Vintage Kitchen

With the fun and engaging Kidkraft White Vintage Kitchen your two year old girl will have no shortage of things to play with!

This KidKraft toy kitchen has lots of doors that she can open and close including the freezer, oven and microwave doors. There are also knobs for her to turn and click, just like a real kitchen.

She can also play with the microwave that has a rotating turn table and the cordless phone that comes off the wall.

The burners are large enough for pots and pans and the oven rack even goes in and out so your little girl can pretend to bake all kinds of goodies!

The sink is removable which makes it easy to clean and there’s plenty of storage space for additional kitchen items or whatever your little toddler might want to stow away.

This kitchen is well designed and measures 33″ X 13″ X 35.70″, so 2 kids can easily play in it at the same time.

But it’s also one of the more compact play kitchens on the market and it’s lightweight so it won’t take up much space in your house and it can easily be moved from room to room if need be.

Solid and sturdy, this kitchen is made out of a combination of wood and MDF (medium-density fiberboard) and is available in 5 great colors: white, blue, navy, pink, and red.

This Kidkraft kitchen playset is not overly difficult to assemble, but there are a lot of parts so it will take some time. Most people found that it took about 2 ½ to 3 ½ hours to completely assemble but in the end it was totally worth it.

Given the all the available colors, you’re sure to find one that your little girl will love.

  • Kids love how much this toy kitchen has to play with!
  • Wonderful toy to encourage your daughter’s inventive, creative and pretend play
  • Helps your toddler develop her relationship, social and sharing skills
  • Great for improving your child’s fine and gross motor skills
  • It comes in a variety of cool colors
  • The kitchen itself is actually quite realistic looking which will make your toddler feel all grown up
  • There is storage space can be used for extra kitchen items, play food or to store everything when playtime is over
  • A wonderful toy to start teaching your child about organizational skills
  • Your toddler can start learning all about the importance of cleaning up after cooking
  • The quality of this kitchen is excellent
  • This KidKraft toy kitchen is made of wood and fiberboard, making it very sturdy and sure to last a long time so it can be passed down from child to child
  • It’s one of the more compact toy kitchens available so it won’t take up as much space in your house as other play kitchens will
  • Although solid, it’s still easy to move so it can be played with in different rooms if necessary
  • Parents feel this kitchen gives you great value for your money

Green Toys Tea Set

With the Green Toys Tea Set your 2 year old daughter can have fun serving up some awesome pretend tea and saving the environment at the same time!

It comes in a combination of lovely colors that your toddler will enjoy and has everything she needs to have a fun tea party with friends or family.

There are 17 pieces in all and here’s what’s included: 4 cups, 4 saucers, a tea pot with a lid, a sugar bowl with a lid, a creamer and 4 teaspoons.

Made in the USA this charming Tea Set is dishwasher safe and easy to keep clean. Green Toys is based in California and they’re known and loved for their eco-friendly toys and dedication to the environment.

In true Green Toys form, this delightful Tea Set is made from 100% recycled plastic and is BPA, Phthalates and PVC Free. All the pieces are washable and can be put in the dishwasher so this tea party set is easy to keep clean.

Little girls love playing with this Tea Set. It  makes a wonderful any-occasion gift for that special two year old girl on your shopping list.

  • Wonderful way to encourage your toddler to engage in pretend and creative play
  • Teaches your daughter about sharing and social skills
  • This tea set is safe for real liquids and food, making it more realistic for your child to use
  • Encourages development of your toddler’s gross and fine motor skills
  • Wonderful way to introduce your child to the world of eco-friendly toys
  • The tea party set is dishwasher safe making it easy to clean and maintain
  • Made in the USA
  • No BPA, Phthalates or PVC
  • Made from 100% recycled material
  • Durable and high quality so can be passed down from child to child

Melissa And Doug Farm Wooden Chunky Puzzle (8 pcs)

Colorful and fun, this puzzle has 8 extra thick pieces that are the perfect size for her little hands to grasp and manipulate.

The puzzle board itself has full color pictures of each animal on it to help your little girl learn where each piece goes.

This Melissa And Doug puzzle is a great introduction to puzzles for young kids love working this puzzle.

  • Great for improving your child’s hand-eye coordination
  • All the pieces stand up, allowing your toddler to play with them outside of the puzzle which encourages imaginative play
  • Helps develop your child’s problem solving skills
  • A great puzzle for helping your 2 yr old girl enhance her memory skills as she tries to remember where the pieces go
  • The colorful pictures on the puzzle board can help your child improve their matching skills
  • This Melissa And Doug Chunky Puzzle will help develop your child’s fine motor skills
  • Your child can learn the names of the different animals and learn more about them
  • Durable and made to last
  • This Melissa And Doug Farm Farm Puzzle gives good value for your money

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love 12″ Brianna Doll

The Melissa & Doug Mine to Love 12″ Brianna Doll has a super soft body, vinyl hands and feet and a gorgeous face with long silky hair.

Her cute two piece outfit is removable and she can open and close her eyes. Brianna comes with a pacifier which she can suck and she can also suck her thumb. Your 2 year old girl can either sit her up or lie her down.

A wonderful doll to carry around and play with, this Mine To Love doll is soft and cuddly and makes a great gift for your toddler at Christmas or on her birthday.

  • Brianna is soft and easy for any 2 year old toddler to carry around
  • Her gorgeous long hair can be brushed and arranged in different hairstyles which is lots of fun for your child
  • She comes with a pacifier that little kids love placing in Brianna’s mouth. Your daughter will also learn that Brianna can suck her thumb!
  • A great doll for role-playing and imaginative play
  • This Melissa And Doug Doll helps your child develop and improve their fine and gross motor skills
  • Brianna can help your child improve and expand their vocabulary as they’ll love to talk to her
  • This Mine To Love doll is extremely durable and made to last
  • She’s surface washable

The Best Toys For Your 3 Year Old Toddler Girl

KidKraft Deluxe Cookware Set

This is an 11 piece set that consists of 2 pans, 1 pot, 1 spatula, 1 lid, 1 ladle 2 pieces of broccoli, a carrot, a chicken leg and a fried egg.

The pots and pans are made of stainless steel metal, which makes them look more realistic, just like the pots and pans that Mommy uses, which will delight your little one.

What fun your little girl will have conjuring up imaginative dishes and meals for her dollies, stuffed animals, teddies, family members and friends!

This cookware set is perfect for using with the KidKraft White Vintage Kitchen that we reviewed earlier in this list.

  • Kids have a blast playing with it!
  • Wonderful way to encourage imaginative and creative play
  • Helps your child improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Excellent way to encourage cooperative play if your child is playing with siblings or friends
  • Helps develop your child’s social and sharing skills
  • Parents love that the pans and pot are stainless steel and look so realistic
  • The play food is wooden and quite durable
  • Pots and pans are actually a nice size and will work with most kitchen sets
  • Well made and built to last

Little Tikes Shopping Cart – Yellow/Red

Your 3 year old girl is going to love the bright yellow and red Little Tikes Shopping Cart!

Why? Because she can now play “Mummy” and go on her imaginary shopping trips and fill her toy grocery cart with play food!

And if you live close to the shops, your little girl can take her grocery shopping cart with her so she can shop with Mom too!

The Little Tikes Shopping Cart has very sturdy walls and wheels. And if you want to make it even sturdier, there is a plug on the bottom section where you can add sand.

Just be careful not to add too much sand or you will make it too difficult for your child to push it.

This gorgeous cart even has a fold-down “child seat” so your child can take their doll or favorite stuffed animal shopping with them.

There is even under-the-basket storage which gives your little girl space to put play food or toys. The cart is made in the USA and even comes with a bit of play money for your princess to ‘shop’ with!

This beautiful grocery cart would make the perfect gift for any occasion.

  • This shopping cart is super easy to assemble
  • Very sturdy which is important for little toddlers, and can take a lot of wear and tear
  • Kids love loading this cart up and pushing it around. Plenty of room in the basket for your little girl to add pretend food or whatever she fancies
  • The ‘baby seat’ is super cool because it allows your child to take their favorite doll or stuffed animal with them
  • Wonderful push toy for encouraging your child to engage in imaginative play and role play
  • Helps improve your child’s motor skills and strengthen key muscles
  • Wonderful for indoor and outdoor play

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

This delightful KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse  is a wonderful place for your 3 year old girl to play with her dolls!

Just picture how much fun she’ll have arranging the furniture, putting her dolls in the elevator to go up or down a floor, and so much more!

Or how much your toddler will enjoy putting her toy car into the garage, with it’s beautiful swing doors that open and close.

Every little girl dreams of owning a special dollhouse like this, where they can be as imaginative as they want and create wonderful stories and adventures.

The KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse is made from wood and comes with 34 pieces of furniture.

It has 8 glorious rooms, an elevator as well as stairs, windows that open wide, and garage doors that really swing. How cool is that!

The rooms in this dollhouse are designed for use with any doll that’s about 12 inches high or less, including Barbie.

This doll house is 4.5 feet tall, so it’s recommended that you have a large space against a wall for it.

  • Girls love that this dollhouse has 8 rooms and 34 pieces of movable furniture for them to play with
  • Can use any doll that’s about 12 inches high or less, including Barbie dolls
  • It encourages interactive, creative and imaginative play
  • Great for independent or shared play
  • Helps your child improve their hand-eye coordination and motor skills
  • The dollhouse quite easy to assemble, although it does take a bit of time
  • .Sturdy and very durable
  • Parents love that this dollhouse will grow with their child, making it very good value for money

Schwinn Roadster 12-Inch Trike 

When it comes to getting your little princess her first trike, this flashy Schwinn Roaster 12-Inch Trike is a great choice!

Its low center of gravity which makes this trike very stable and helps prevent it from tipping over.

This trike’s comfortable molded seat can be adjusted to suit your child’s height as she grows, so she can ride it for a number of years.

It comes with a bell that toddlers love to ring and decorative tassels.

The back deck is made from real wood, the tires are rubber and the rest of the trike is solid steel.

Overall, this Schwinn Roadster Trike is one super looking retro-style tricycle that toddlers love.

It’s a great motivation for them to get outside for some fresh air and exercise.

And riding this awesome trike will help your toddler develop her leg muscles, coordination, and confidence.

Perfect for any three year old girl, it’s available in 4 different colors so there’s sure to be one that your child will love.

  • Toddlers think it’s a ton of fun to ride!
  • Low center of gravity ensures it doesn’t tip over easily
  • The seat adjusts back and forth to make it easy for kids of different heights to reach the pedals. It also allows the bike to grow with your child
  • Great trike for strengthening your toddler’s leg muscles and increasing their core strength
  • Wonderful way to encourage your toddler to exercise
  • Easy to assemble
  • Rear wooden deck is sturdy enough for an adult to stand on
  • Excellent for helping your child improve their coordination
  • This trike is cute and fun and little girls just love the bell and tassels!
  • High quality, extremely well designed and built to last

The Best Toys For Your 4 Year Old Toddler Girl

Melissa And Doug Slice And Bake Cookie Set

Our editor's choice of the best toys for toddlers to play with in order to help parents make a more informed choiceYour little girl is going to love this Melissa And Doug Slice And Bake Cookie Set as it allows her to enter the world of imaginary baking!

The joy she will get from pretending to bake the 12 sliceable wooden cookies, adding her choice of the 12 vanilla and chocolate frosted toppings included and serving them to you and other family members is just priceless.

To add to the baking fun, this beautiful set includes a wooden knife, spatula, cookie sheet and kitchen mitt.

The cookies come in an eye-catching cardboard tube that’s designed to look like a real tube of cookie dough. When your little girl opens the tube, all 12 cookies will come out as one long roll.

They are being held together using velcro. This is so that your child can have the fun experience of ‘cutting’ the cookie dough with their toy knife to create the cookies.

As they move the toy knife through the velcro strip, it makes a nice crunching sound to add to the excitement!

One she is done slicing the cookie dough, your little girl can place the cookies on the cookie sheet so that she can pretend to cook them.

If she has a play kitchen with an oven, or even a toy cooker, then she will enjoy the added fun of putting the cookie sheet in the oven.

Once her wonderful cookie creations are ready, your child can use the kitchen mitt to hold the ‘hot’ sheet. Now she’s ready to start decorating her lovely cookies with the 12 frosted toppings.

These will attach nicely to the cookies using velcro.

This is a fantastic toy for any toddler girl who loves the imaginary world of play kitchens, cooking and baking.

Your little princess will enjoy endless hours of fun with this very durable cookie baking set.

  • First and foremost, this wonderful slice and bake cookie set is a whole lot of fun for any child!
  • Parents love how durable and well made this play food set is
  • Great play food set for encouraging imaginative play, role playing and pretend play
  • Wonderful toy for solo play or group play
  • Ideal toy for teaching your child to share and take turns if playing with siblings or friends
  • Excellent for encouraging your child to develop their creativity and practice their ‘baking’ skills
  • Parents love the storage canister for the cookies and frosting pieces as it makes it easier to keep track of them
  • Huge hit as a gift for birthdays or Christmas and it is an extremely popular toy
  • Children will play for hours on end with this slice and bake cookie set

Kids Play Dishes

This set of Kids Play Dishes is perfect for 4 year old girls who love to party and wash up afterwards.

With 29 pieces in all, this eye catching dish set has 4 complete place settings and comes in 4 bright primary colors.

Each place setting includes plates, cups, bowls and cutlery, all made from food safe BPA free plastic.

Kids love that this gorgeous Kidzlane Dish set looks very realistic, making it ideal for pretend play.

If your child already has a play kitchen, then this colorful dish set would be a nice addition to it. These dishes are the ideal size for tiny hands to manipulate and play with.

Your child will spend hours playing with this fun dish set, cooking imaginary ‘meals’ and serving them up for their guests, which could be their dolls, teddy bears, siblings, friends or other family members.

And when the ‘meal’ is over, they will enjoy washing them and stacking them on the drainer.

They are totally suitable for indoor and outdoor play as they are very durable and dishwasher safe.

A very popular present for grandkids everywhere, this colorful dish set is a huge hit with toddlers.

  • Super colorful dishes that your child will love
  • Ideal size both for small hands to play with
  • Great to use in a play kitchen or at a tea party
  • Made with non-toxic materials so your toddler can enjoy real snacks and drinks using these play dishes
  • Children love washing up and stacking their dishes when play time is done
  • Excellent for outdoor and indoor play
  • Wonderful set of play dishes for your child to engage in imaginative and pretend play
  • Ideal set for teaching your child how to set the table, as well how to use cutlery, and table manners
  • Comes with 4 place settings, so great for shared play
  • Durable and dishwasher safe

Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set

Part of healthy childhood development is allowing your child to imitate what they see around them. The Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set is the perfect toy for your 4 year old girl to do just that.

It is designed to give children the chance to familiarize themselves with school through pretend play and fun!

This Pretend And Play School Set comes with 149 pieces which include a grade book, stickers, hall passes, a dry erase board, crayons, a pointer, a double sided calendar, a double sided map and much more.

It folds flat and has a hook and fastener, and measures 38″L x 16″H when fully open. Winner of 5 awards, it is the perfect interactive toy to get your daughter excited about learning and education!

Perfect for group play, children can takes turn playing the role of teacher and student. And for even more fun, they can have their parents, grandparents, aunt, uncles and relatives be the students while they play teacher!

This is a great educational toy to help your four year old girl develop a love of learning. It also helps you as her parent to instill in her good positive feelings about school so that when she starts, she’s not as scared.

  • A great toy to help your child to learn more about various school activities in a fun and engaging way
  • Helps to give your child feel-good and positive feelings about starting school through letting them play teacher
  • This play school set is perfect for cooperative play and will help encourage your child’s social and communication skills
  • Perfect for imaginative play and role play, allowing your daughter to pretend to be the teacher as well as the student
  • Helps your child develop and improve their language skills and builds up their confidence and self-esteem
  • Fantastic bonding toy as your child plays teacher and gives you detention for breaking their “rules”!
  • Several parents said it is a great travel toy and keeps children engaged for hours on end
  • A wonderful learning tool to motivate your 4 year old girl and grab her attention
  • Excellent toy for teaching your child all about respect and courtesy
  • Some parents said they found it very good for encouraging their child to open up and talk about their day in school

Barbie Dreamhouse

What little 4 year old princess wouldn’t love to own this incredible and amazing Barbie Dream House in gorgeous girlie pink!

It has a whopping 7 rooms across 3 floors, is ultra feminine, and stands 4 feet tall!

All the rooms have modern designs, and this outstanding Barbie doll house comes with over 70 accessories to really engage and entertain your little girl.

These accessories include things like furniture pieces, place settings, appliances, removable sink, fish tank, chandelier, flat screen TV, and even a remote control!

All of these were designed to make the dollhouse as realistic as possible for your daughter.

Here’s something real cute – the flat screen tv is an actual phone holder! Yes, you can put a real smartphone in there and play something on it so that it looks like Barbie is really watching TV!

But if you don’t want to do that, this dream house comes with stickers, so you can use the one for the tv.

This beautiful Barbie Dream House has a an entry-way and lovely kitchen on the first floor, a dining room, bathroom and pet room on the second floor, and a bedroom and ultra chic walk-in closet on the third floor.

There’s also a garage door that flips open so that Barbie can drive in her car (sold separately)!

Your four yr old daughter will squeal with excitement when she sees the working elevator which uses a pull mechanism to transport her doll up to each floor!

And if that wasn’t enough, there are real sounds and special effects such as the fish swimming in the aquarium and lots more!

Now because of the sheer size of this dollhouse, and all the accessories that come with it, it’s perfect for your little girl to play with other siblings or her friends.

She and her friends will have a whale of a time coming up with all kinds of storytelling adventures for their Barbie dolls, Elsa and other favorites.

What’s more, it’s a fantastic toy for you to enjoy with your daughter for special bonding time and creating precious memories.

Made of plastic, this doll house actually snaps together. The bathroom takes 3 X AA batteries (not included) and provides all types of fun sounds and special effects.

This dollhouse is the perfect gift for that special birthday gift or a present from Santa or parents at Christmas.

  • As with any toy this size, parents are thrilled that this Dreamhouse is easy to put together. Most parents said it took them an hour tops and they found the directions quite good and easy to follow
  • Another thing parents said they loved is how realistic and modern the dollhouse is, right down to the 70+ accessories that come with it
  • Your daughter will love all the cute furniture and accessories that come with this dollhouse
  • The bathroom has great sounds and special effects, making the doll house even more realistic and enjoyable for your child
  • Perfect for encouraging your little girl to engage in hours of imaginative and interactive play. Lots of parents said that their daughter would have Barbie hosting lots of ‘imaginary’ house parties, inviting all of her other little figurines, dolls and small stuffies!
  • Great for helping your daughter to expand and improve her social, communication and storytelling skills as she plays with you, her siblings or her friends
  • Excellent toy for helping your child to develop and expand her sharing skills through co-operative play with others
  • Wonderful toy to teach your child organization skills, using it to guide her to keep her room tidy
  • Parents love that this gorgeous dream house will grow with their child so they will get immense value from it

Need More Help Picking A Toy For A Toddler Girl?

We know firsthand from our own personal experience how difficult it can be trying to find the most suitable toy for your little girl.

So we want to help in every way we can, which is why we’ve structured our toy categories in an easy to follow way.

Maybe none of the toys above appealed to you right now for your toddler girl, and that’s ok, so check out our toy categories as they might provide you with the inspiration you need:

Our in-house psychologist Natasha Tanic has created some really informative guides for parents on buying toys for toddlers by age, and you can check them out below:

We hope you find the guides helpful in choosing the most age appropriate and suitable toys for your toddler girl.

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