Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls

When selecting the best toys for 4 year old girls, we kept in mind the fact that your little girl is growing and changing every day, and the way she engages in play is changing as well.

Her fine motor skills are much better, making it easier for her to use toys with smaller pieces. She is becoming more adventurous and fearless, ready for bigger challenges.

Also, she is getting ready to start preschool, an emotional milestone for you both. Her ability to learn knows no bounds and she loves imaginative play. Your 4 year old girl needs toys that allow her to be creative, challenge her, give her room to grow and let her have fun!

We took all of this into account when coming up with our list of the best toys for a 4 year old girl and made sure all the toys we picked combine learning, creativity and fun!

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A Word from a Psychologist

Written By: Psychologist Natasha Tanic

  • Four year old girls gain more independence and self-confident 
  • Dolls promote a girl’s social and verbal skills

Why Do Girls Love Dolls?

Studies show that kids’ preferences for gendered toys are innate, not socially constructed.

When offered a variety of toys, most girls choose the doll because a social aspect of dolls attracts them as they allow for identification. In addition, dolls provide fun and endless opportunities for play and exploration.

Your little one’s imagination allows her to identify with her doll. By identifying with the doll, your four year old girl learns to express her feelings, manage emotions, and develop compassion.

Also, dolls boost language and speech development, teach girls cooperation, and spark their creativity.

Of course, four year old girls enjoy other toys that provide fun and countless educational benefits such as puzzles, LEGO, blocks, themed playsets, outdoor play equipment, books, and more.

Top Toys For 4 Year Old Girls

Learning Journey Match It – Spelling

One of the best ways for your 4 year old girl to learn is through fun activities and the Learning Journey Match It – Spelling is perfect for that.

The set includes 10 four-piece word puzzles and 10 three-piece word puzzles designed to introduce your child to the art of spelling.

Each puzzle when complete will show an object with the word describing that object on the bottom. The spelling for the object will either contain 3 letters or 4 letters depending on which puzzle your child tries to solve.

For example, let’s say one of the objects on a completed puzzle is a cow. This would be a three-piece puzzle, so each puzzle piece would have part of the cow showing, along with one of the letters to spell the word ‘cow’!

The wonderful thing about this approach is that your little girl is learning how to associate words and spelling with objects. This skill will stand her in good stead when she starts school.

Having both three and four piece puzzle pieces provides her with a degree of challenge to really hold her interest and foster her inner competitive spirit.

It’s also a great way for your little one to learn new words and expand her vocabulary as well as improve her reading skills.

The Learning Journey provide Match It sets across a range of topics, so if your daughter really enjoys this one, you can choose a different topic next time to continue helping her learn in a fun and engaging way.

Why We Recommend The Learning Journey Match It – Spelling

  • Parents love that this set helps to teach their children basic spelling skills in a fun and interesting way
  • Parents like the fact that these puzzles are self-correcting which means that only the pieces the complete the puzzle will fit together
  • These small puzzles are made of durable cardboard and there are sets available on other topics to grow with your child
  • A wonderful educational toy to reinforce learning for your daughter for pre-school and kindergarten
  • Works extremely well for children who are homeschooled as it is a fun learning tool
  • Great for improving and expanding your child’s problem solving skills
  • This spelling puzzle set will also help to improve your child’s memory skills
  • The spelling puzzle is designed to increase your child’s self-esteem and build their confidence through successful solving the puzzles on their own, learning the spellings and matching the spelling correctly with the objects
  • A great educational puzzle set to provide your child with hours of interactive learning fun and engagement
  • You can give this as a gift to your child at any time of year. Several parents and grandparents bought it as a Christmas gift, and even Santa had it in his sack for some good children!

Barbie Dreamhouse

What little 4 year old princess wouldn’t love to own this incredible and amazing Barbie Dream House in gorgeous girlie pink!

It has a whopping 7 rooms across 3 floors, is ultra feminine, and stands 4 feet tall!

All the rooms have modern designs, and this outstanding Barbie doll house comes with over 70 accessories to really engage and entertain your little girl.

These accessories include things like furniture pieces, place settings, appliances, removable sink, fish tank, chandelier, flat screen TV, and even a remote control!

All of these were designed to make the dollhouse as realistic as possible for your daughter.

Here’s something real cute – the flat screen tv is an actual phone holder! Yes, you can put a real smartphone in there and play something on it so that it looks like Barbie is really watching TV!

But if you don’t want to do that, this dream house comes with stickers, so you can use the one for the tv.

This beautiful Barbie Dream House has a an entry-way and lovely kitchen on the first floor, a dining room, bathroom and pet room on the second floor, and a bedroom and ultra chic walk-in closet on the third floor.

There’s also a garage door that flips open so that Barbie can drive in her car (sold separately)!

Your four yr old daughter will squeal with excitement when she sees the working elevator which uses a pull mechanism to transport her doll up to each floor!

And if that wasn’t enough, there are real sounds and special effects such as the fish swimming in the aquarium and lots more!

Now because of the sheer size of this dollhouse, and all the accessories that come with it, it’s perfect for your little girl to play with other siblings or her friends.

She and her friends will have a whale of a time coming up with all kinds of storytelling adventures for their Barbie dolls, Elsa and other favorites.

What’s more, it’s a fantastic toy for you to enjoy with your daughter for special bonding time and creating precious memories.

Made of plastic, this doll house actually snaps together. The bathroom takes 3 X AA batteries (not included) and provides all types of fun sounds and special effects.

This dollhouse is the perfect gift for that special birthday gift or a present from Santa or parents at Christmas.

Why We Recommend The Barbie Dreamhouse

  • As with any toy this size, parents are thrilled that this Dreamhouse is easy to put together. Most parents said it took them an hour tops and they found the directions quite good and easy to follow
  • Another thing parents said they loved is how realistic and modern the dollhouse is, right down to the 70+ accessories that come with it
  • Your daughter will love all the cute furniture and accessories that come with this dollhouse
  • The bathroom has great sounds and special effects, making the doll house even more realistic and enjoyable for your child
  • Perfect for encouraging your little girl to engage in hours of imaginative and interactive play. Lots of parents said that their daughter would have Barbie hosting lots of ‘imaginary’ house parties, inviting all of her other little figurines, dolls and small stuffies!
  • Great for helping your daughter to expand and improve her social, communication and storytelling skills as she plays with you, her siblings or her friends
  • Excellent toy for helping your child to develop and expand her sharing skills through co-operative play with others
  • Wonderful toy to teach your child organization skills, using it to guide her to keep her room tidy
  • Parents love that this gorgeous dream house will grow with their child so they will get immense value from it

Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set

Part of healthy childhood development is allowing your child to imitate what they see around them. The Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set is the perfect toy for your 4 year old girl to do just that.

It is designed to give children the chance to familiarize themselves with school through pretend play and fun!

This Pretend And Play School Set comes with 149 pieces which include a grade book, stickers, hall passes, a dry erase board, crayons, a pointer, a double sided calendar, a double sided map and much more.

It folds flat and has a hook and fastener, and measures 38″L x 16″H when fully open. Winner of 5 awards, it is the perfect interactive toy to get your daughter excited about learning and education!

Perfect for group play, children can takes turn playing the role of teacher and student. And for even more fun, they can have their parents, grandparents, aunt, uncles and relatives be the students while they play teacher!

This is a great educational toy to help your four year old girl develop a love of learning. It also helps you as her parent to instill in her good positive feelings about school so that when she starts, she’s not as scared.

Why We Recommend The Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set

  • A great toy to help your child to learn more about various school activities in a fun and engaging way
  • Helps to give your child feel-good and positive feelings about starting school through letting them play teacher
  • This play school set is perfect for cooperative play and will help encourage your child’s social and communication skills
  • Perfect for imaginative play and role play, allowing your daughter to pretend to be the teacher as well as the student
  • Helps your child develop and improve their language skills and builds up their confidence and self-esteem
  • Fantastic bonding toy as your child plays teacher and gives you detention for breaking their “rules”!
  • Several parents said it is a great travel toy and keeps children engaged for hours on end
  • A wonderful learning tool to motivate your 4 year old girl and grab her attention
  • Excellent toy for teaching your child all about respect and courtesy
  • Some parents said they found it very good for encouraging their child to open up and talk about their day in school

JC Toys ‘Lots to Cuddle Babies’ Asian 20″ Soft Body Baby Doll and Accessories

Your four year old little girl is going to squeal with delighted when she sees this JC Toys ‘Lots to Cuddle Babies’ Asian 20″ Soft Body Baby Doll and Accessories !

She comes in a variety of different ethnic backgrounds, including Asian, African American, Hispanic, and Caucasian.

Each doll has realistic arms, legs, feet, and face, a beautiful soft cloth body, all of which combine to make this baby doll look and feel like a real baby!

And if that wasn’t enough, these dolls also come with a pacifier, bottle, bib, and other accessories which your child will simply love!

The dolls even have wrinkles and dimples – how cute is that! Your little girl is going to so enjoy cuddling this baby doll, nurturing her, minding her, singing her to sleep, holding her and so much more.

She will enjoy pushing her new baby doll in a stroller and taking her to the park, to the shops and on other trips.

These dolls are more life-size than many other baby dolls, and will make a great addition to any little girl’s doll collection.

Why We Recommend The JC Toys ‘Lots to Cuddle Babies’ Asian 20″ Soft Body Baby Doll and Accessories

  • This gorgeous baby doll is the size of many newborn babies, and so your child will love cuddling, hugging and cradling her
  • A fantastic baby doll to help your daughter develop nurturing, social and caring skills
  • One thing that parents love about this baby doll is that it can wear newborn clothes that you can pick up at any thrift store
  • Changing clothes on this beautiful doll can help your child practice snaps, buttons, zippers and more
  • Great doll for imaginative play, pretend play and role playing for your child
  • Parents really like that the clothes are washable and the baby doll is easily cleaned
  • Wonderful doll for encouraging your 4 yr old to express herself and for developing her emotional skills
  • Helps your child to develop their communication skills as they ‘talk’ away to their new baby doll
  • Parents love that this doll will grow with their little girl, providing great value for money
  • A wonderful travel toy for your little girl to take on road trips, camping, trips to the shops, restaurants and so much more

Play-Doh Doctor Drill N Fill Playset (B5520)

If your four year old girl is into role-playing and pretend play, then she’s really going to enjoy the Play-Doh Doctor Drill N Fill Playset!

Your little princess gets to play dentist and practice making teeth, filling cavities in them, making braces and a whole lot more!

This Play Doh set comes with a play head with ears, tweezers, a mirror, braces roller, electric drill, dentist tool and toothbrush presser.

It also comes with 1 x 5 ounce and 2 x 2 ounce cans of Play Doh in White, Silver and Red and the drill takes 2 AA Batteries.

A wonderful and very engaging toy for your daughter to enjoy for hours on end as she creates her own imaginary world of being a dentist dealing with lots of different patients with dental issues.

It is also an excellent toy for you to play with your daughter, as you can be her dental assistant, which makes for some wonderful bonding time together.

If your 4-year-old girl is interested in wanting to be a dentist, then this is a great toy to encourage and nurture that interest, even if it wanes over time as she gets older.

Suitable for girls and boys, this is a fun activity play set design to entertain and engage children.

Why We Recommend The Play-Doh Doctor Drill N Fill Playset

  • Parents like that after playing with this dental set, their children have less fear of dental visits
  • Kids really find making teeth for this head fun and then have a great time drilling and filling the teeth
  • This dental play set allows your daughter to engage in imaginative play, role-playing, and pretend play which is great for her development
  • Excellent toy for your little girl to play with on her own for hours of fun, or to play with others
  • If playing with others, can be used to teach your child sharing skills and co-operative play
  • Helps to expand your child’s motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination

LEGO Classic Creative Bright Supplement

Your 4 year old girl will love all the fun things she can create with this LEGO Classic Creative Bright Supplement Set!

With 303 brightly colored pieces in all, she will have a choice of 20 different colors including lovely shades of oranges, pinks and purples.

Your little girl can build a variety of different items with this kit including animals, butterflies, birdhouses, flowers and much more. Plus she’ll get a booklet that makes getting started really easy.

Made of sturdy ABS plastic, these bricks come in a wide variety of shapes and she’ll also get 4 pairs of eyes so she can make all kinds of weird and wonderful little critters.

Plus these LEGO Creative Bright bricks can be mixed with other LEGO bricks and sets for even more building fun and unlimited creativity.

There are enough bricks for both individual and small group play. So your daughter can have fun with her friends or play independently on her own.

While little girls love all the bright colors and fun shapes in this set, lots of little boys have a blast with this set also.

This LEGO Classic Creative Bright Supplement building set is perfect as a starter kit, can be used on its own, or it can be added to other LEGO building sets. It’s a wonderful toy that will last for several years or more.

Why We Recommend The LEGO Classic Creative Bright Supplement

  • Kids love the bright colors and fun shapes of all the bricks!
  • Your toddler can build a ton of different things with this set
  • Helps develop your toddler’s fine and gross motor skills
  • These bricks will give your daughter the opportunity to practice her sorting skills as she can sort them by color, sizes or shape
  • Kids love using the pairs of eyes to make all kinds of cute little creatures
  • Perfect way to stimulate your little girl’s imagination and creativity
  • This LEGO building set can easily be mixed with other LEGO building sets for additional building fun
  • Allows your child to practice her problem solving skills as she thinks of something she wants to build and then figures out how to make it happen
  • There are enough bricks in this set to allow several kids to build together which allows your toddler to develop her sharing and socialization skills

Magformers 30 Piece Set

If your 4 year old girl loves to build things, then this colorful Magformers 30 Piece Set will be right up her alley!

It comes with 18 square pieces and 12 triangle pieces in an assorted rainbow of colors. The pieces use something called Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnets to allow them to connect together easily.

Your little girl can create all kinds of 2D and 3D structures using this building kit, limited only by her imagination.

She will be able to create her own beautiful flower, microphone, towers, beautiful houses and other types of buildings, and even a ball! Included with the set is a booklet giving her lots of ideas on things to create.

The really great thing about this Magformers set is that the pieces will always attract because of the magnets and they will never repel each other. Your daughter will hear them click when they touch and connect.

What this means is that children can be as adventurous as they want with their creations and they’ll never get frustrated because the pieces ‘don’t fit’.

This is a educational but very fun toy that allows your daughter to express her creativity in a mathematical and scientific way.

While this set is small, it can be used as a starter set for your little four year old girl as it is compatible with other Magformers kits.

This Magformers set is fun, colorful, and perfect for imaginative building, and is ideal for both girls and boys.

Why We Recommend The Magformers 30 Piece Set

  • Fantastic geometric building set for encouraging creativity and imaginative play
  • Easy to attach magnets reduce frustration and allow your child to be as adventurous as they want in trying out all kinds of ideas, shapes and structures
  • Excellent educational toy for teaching your child about deductive reasoning, math, and science
  • Helps your daughter develop her spatial awareness
  • Stimulates your daughter’s through engaging play and sparks her curiosity around all the possibilities on things she can create
  • Helps to improve her hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills
  • Visually colorful, vibrant and durable building set made from high quality ABS plastic
  • Will grow with your child as they can expand the set with other Magformers kits
  • Lots of parents have said that their kids love this set and most importantly, it is so much fun!

PLAYMOBIL Playground Set

Bet your 4 yr old little girl loves going to the playground, going down the slide fearless and swinging as high as she can to try to touch the clouds!

Well now with the PLAYMOBIL Playground Set, she can relive her own fun experience over and over and create all kinds of great adventures.

This playground set comes with a slide, a swing, an adult figure and 4 children of different race and gender, and includes fun items such as a kite, park bench, cooler with snacks, sand toys and even a merry-go-round.

All in all, there are 92 pieces in this wonderful fun-filled set for your daughter to enjoy.

For even more realistic fun, she can turn the heads on all the figures, make them sit, stand, and bend them.

She will be able to have the figures go down the slide, sit them on the swing and give them a gentle push, or have the ‘family’ have a picnic at the bench!

There’s no end to the types of adventures and stories that your little girl can create for her playground ‘family’!

This playground set is great fun and will keep your four year old engaged for hours on end.

Why We Recommend The PLAYMOBIL Playground Set

  • Parents love that the pieces in this set snap together easily, making it easy to assemble
  • The high quality and durability make this a very popular set with parents and grandparents
  • Your daughter will love taking this set apart and putting it back together again
  • Offers lots of opportunity for imaginative play, role playing and storytelling
  • Parents said that they love the attention to detail that PLAYMOBIL have given to this set
  • This set will grow with your child as she can add to it with other PLAYMOBIL toys
  • Your child can play with the set alone or with other children or family members

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