Best Toys for 4 Year Old Boys

When choosing the best toys for 4 year old boys, we’ve made sure our top toy picks strike a balance between being fun, exciting, educational, and helping ready your boy for preschool.

As a parent, you undoubtedly want to help your little guy prepare for the next chapter in his life.

Choosing toys that combine fun and learning can help get him ready for the school years ahead while still allowing him to enjoy his childhood.

To that end we’ve done the research and leg work so that we could bring you this hand-picked list of the best toys for a 4 year old boy.

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A Word from a Psychologist

Written By: Psychologist Natasha Tanic

  • Four year old kids become more creative with imaginative play
  • Four year olds begin to develop a greater self-control

Toys that Help Your 4 Year Old Socialize with Peers

Four year old boys are curious and enjoy doing new things every day. They become more creative in their pretend play and love open-ended activities. 

You may notice that your boy enjoys playing with other children rather than by on his own.

Imaginary play toys, cars and trucks, STEM toys, blocks, and LEGO can help your four year old learn the rules of cooperation, turn-taking, and patience.

Toys that can be shared with friends also encourage language development, emotional expression, empathy, and self-control, teaching your little one essential social-emotional skills. 

Top Toys For 4 Year Old Boys

Melissa & Doug 60 Piece Standard Unit Blocks

With these Melissa & Doug 60 Piece Standard Unit Blocks your little 4 year old architect can have hours of creative building fun!

This open ended play set consists of a wide variety of shapes and sizes of blocks including arches, squares, triangles, columns and circles.

So the building possibilities are endless; from castles to towers to ramps for your little guy’s toy cars and lots more!

The blocks have a natural finish and are made from durable hardwood that’s been sanded smooth so you won’t have to worry about slivers or splinters.

They’re also large and chunky which makes them easy for small hands to play with and manipulate.

And when playtime is over, all the blocks fit neatly into the included wooden box for easy clean up and storage.

A wonderful any occasion gift, this simple block set will give your 4 year old boy hours of fun as they explore the world of building, shapes and lots more.

This 60 piece set is a great way to get your little guy’s creative juices going!

Why We Recommend The Melissa & Doug 60 Piece Standard Unit Blocks

  • Kids love all the things they can create with these blocks!
  • Help develop your child’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Blocks are the ideal size for small hands
  • Great way to teach your 4 year old early math concepts
  • This building block set encourages creativity and imaginative play as it allows your child to build structures based on their own imagination
  • These blocks have been sanded smooth so they’re safe for kids to play with
  • They will grow with your child
  • Great way to help your child with their sorting, organization and spatial relations skills
  • Come with a convenient wooden storage box
  • Made from durable hardwood and built to last
  • Wonderful toy and learning tool for parents who are homeschooling their kids
  • Parents think these blocks give you great value for your money

Step2 Deluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Table

The Step2 Deluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Table is sure to give your aspiring little conductor hours of pretend play fun!

This awesome multi-level Train Table comes with a three piece train set and features molded-in tracks and seven  permanent bridges.

That means your 4 year old boy won’t ever have to reset the track and the bridges and pieces of track won’t be misplaced or lost.

Measuring 47″ long X 26″ wide X 16″ high, it’s the perfect height for most young kids to comfortably stand and play at.

And kids can use just about anything on this track, including a variety of Thomas The Tank engines, Hot Wheels cars, Match Box vehicles and more.

To assemble this cool Train Table, all you have to do is screw in the legs, put the bridges in and put the stickers on.

And when playtime is over, you simply put everything into the attached tray for easy and convenient storage.

The Step2 Deluxe Canyon Road also comes with a one-piece hardboard lid that not only covers it for storage, but also lays on top and converts the Train Track to an activity table.

One side of the lid is white, scratch resistant and easy to clean and the other side is unfinished cardboard which makes it ideal for any messy activities.

This Train & Track Table is sturdy and built well so it will give your little four year old boy years of train track fun.

Why We Recommend The Step2 Deluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Table

  • Kids think this Train & Track Table is tons of fun!
  • Provides your child with hours of imaginative play
  • Table height allows kids to stand and play comfortably and allows younger kids to easily reach the center of the table
  • Track and bridges are permanently attached so can’t be lost
  • Helps develop your child’s motor skills, dexterity and hand-eye coordination
  • One-piece lid converts Canyon Road to an activity table that’s ideal for arts and crafts and other activities
  • Attached tray makes for easy clean up and convenient storage
  • Kids love that they can use all kinds of trains and toy cars and trucks on this track
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stable, well made and built to last so your child will get years of fun out of it!

Remo Kids Percussion Floor Tom Drum – 10 Inch

Your aspiring little 4 year old musician will love playing this Remo Kids Percussion Floor Tom Drum!

Measuring 7.5″ X 10″, this Floor Tom comes with 2 mallets and an eye-catching colorful rain forest finish.

Your little boy can either play the drum with the mallets, drumsticks or his hands.

Featuring great sound and made from high quality material, this Remo kids drum is built to last and will give your little guy years of drumming fun.

Its compact size makes it easy to transport and ideal for classroom drumming circles.

This Remo kids Floor Tom is an ideal way to get your four year old boy interested in music and playing an instrument.

Why We Recommend The Remo Kids Percussion Floor Tom Drum

  • Kids of all ages love playing this drum!
  • Great way to develop your child’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Makes a nice rich sound
  • Compact size is easy to transport and ideal for classroom drumming circles
  • A great way for your child to channel his energy and explore music
  • Allows your child to express himself and expand his creative skills
  • As your child’s musical abilities grow, this Remo kids drum will grow with him
  • This drum is extremely durable and well made so it will last for years
  • Parents think this drum gives you excellent value for your money

Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper

The Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper lets your four year old boy hop into tons of playtime fun!

This awesome Pogo Jumper squeaks with every hop and is made from soft durable foam that’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor play.

It works well inside on hardwood or carpet and on a variety of surfaces outside including pavement and grass.

The comfortable grip handles are soft to encourage prolonged play and the foam footholds are extra wide to make balancing easy.

The bungee cord stretches to accommodate any height and the Jumper is designed to hold up to 250 lbs.

This Pogo Jumper is a great way for your 4 year old to get some exercise and will give kids and adults alike hours of hopping fun!

Why We Recommend The Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper

  • Kids think this Pogo Jumper is a blast!
  • This foam jumper encourages your child to engage in active play
  • Can be used inside and out so it’s a great year round toy
  • Helps improve your child’s balance, gross motor skills and coordination
  • The jumper is well made and durable
  • The foam handles are comfortable and soft
  • The foam footrests are wide to make balancing easy
  • The soft foam won’t leave marks on your floor when it’s used inside
  • It can hold up to 250 lbs so it’s fun for the whole family!

Hot Wheels 9 Car Gift Pack

This Hot Wheels 9 Car Gift Pack is a great set of cars for any car loving 4 year old boy!

Hot Wheels vehicles have been thrilling kids and adults alike since 1968 and this set is no exception.

These awesome die-cast cars are incredibly detailed 1:64 scale replicas of the real vehicles.

And although the actual vehicles that come in any gift pack may vary, each set includes one exclusively decorated car that’s not found anywhere else.

Designed with the high quality we’ve come to know and expect from Hot Wheels, your little four year old boy will have a blast zooming these cars all over the place.

This car set is a great gift idea for both boys and girls and also for toy car collectors of any age.

Why We Recommend The Hot Wheels 9 Car Pack

  • Kids have a ton of fun with these cars!
  • The variety of vehicles are great for imaginative play
  • Wonderful way to develop your child’s motor skills, dexterity and hand-eye coordination
  • Great for first time collectors or to add to an already existing collection
  • Each set contains an exclusively decorated car
  • There are enough cars in this set for siblings or friends to join in which helps improve your child’s social skills and sharing
  • Durable and built to last
  • Great value for your money

Melissa & Doug Solar System 48 Piece Floor Puzzle

This beautiful Melissa & Doug Solar System 48 Piece Floor Puzzle will be a hit with any puzzle loving 4 year old boy!

The original artwork on this stunning puzzle features gorgeous illustrations of the sun, moon and planets.

Plus all the pieces have a glossy finish and an easy to clean surface that makes them more durable.

Measuring 2 feet X 3 feet when completed, the large chunky pieces of this puzzle are easy for small hands to hold and manipulate.

This eye-catching puzzle is fun to put together and a wonderful way for your child to learn about our solar system.

This puzzle makes an awesome gift for any space loving four year old boy.

And it’s worth mentioning that there are two great Melissa And Doug Bundle Offers available as well.

One where you can get an Underwater Floor Puzzle or a USA Map Floor Puzzle along with this Solar System Puzzle.

Why We Recommend The Melissa & Doug Solar System 48 Piece Floor Puzzle

  • It’s fun to put together
  • The large chunky pieces make it easy for younger kids to complete on their own
  • Helps improve your child’s hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills
  • Can be used to teach your child the names of the planets
  • The vibrant colors used in this puzzle make it more appealing and interesting for your child to put together
  • Great way to encourage your child’s imagination and sense of curiosity
  • Helps your child develop his fine and gross motor skills and dexterity
  • Wonderful way to help your child improve his social and communication skills if he works on it with family members or friends
  • Completing the puzzle builds your child’s confidence and self esteem

LEGO Juniors Construction 10667

The LEGO Juniors Construction 106667 kit includes everything your little 4 year old builder needs to have a ton of pretend play construction site fun!

This 160 piece set includes easy to follow instructions for two different models so your child can build, knock down and then rebuild to his heart’s content.

One model includes a crane with a wrecking ball, enough bricks to build a nice tall wall and a heavy duty construction truck.

What four year old little boy won’t love to build a wall, knock it down with the crane’s wrecking ball and then load the bricks into the truck and drive them away?

After that, your child can have fun building the other model: An SUV and another wall, complete with scaffolding.

Not only will your child enjoy all the things they can build, he’ll also love being able to play with the things they’ve created!

Other great accessories included in the 10677 are a wheelbarrow that actually rolls, orange cones to mark the construction site and a mini-figure construction worker.

And in true LEGO form, each of the components are packaged separately so your child doesn’t have to sort through all of the bricks in order to do a build.

The separate packaging also makes this LEGO set perfect for parents who want to give small toys as rewards, since you can hand out one component per reward.

The classic sturdy LEGO container makes for easy storage after playtime is over and is very convenient for travel.

If your child loves building or is ready to give building sets a try, the 10667 Construction kit is an excellent choice!

And for even more building fun, this kit can be combined with other LEGO building sets.

Why We Recommend the LEGO Juniors Construction 10667

  • Kids love building and then playing with all the things they’ve created with this kit!
  • If your child has not had a building kit before, this kit is the perfect starter kit
  • Each component comes packaged separately
  • The instructions are easy to follow and each model is easy to assemble
  • The kit is wonderful for pretend play because it contains everything you’d find on a real life construction site
  • Helps develop your child’s fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Since it’s possible to build other items with this kit, it encourages your little guy to use his imagination to create other types of vehicles and buildings
  • The LEGO container is great for storage and travel
  • Helps your little boy learn how to follow simple directions
  • This set can be combined with other LEGO building sets for even more building fun
  • Helps develop your child’s self esteem and confidence as they build their own actual working vehicles and construction site
  • Allows your child to practice their problem solving skills by building things that aren’t included in the instruction book

Bruder Mack Granite Dump Truck

This awesome Bruder Mack Granite Dump Truck would make a wonderful addition to any 4 year old boy’s truck collection!

Your little guy will be thrilled with all he can do with this truck!

Open both doors, lift the hood and check the engine, adjust the side-view mirrors, flip the hinged back gate open and tilt the bed up and lock it in place for easy dumping.

It even has the signature Mack Truck bulldog hood ornament, a Pennsylvania licence plate, mud flaps with the bulldog logo, tread tires, chrome-looking exhaust pipes and roof lights.

Bruder is known for their attention to detail and their Mack Granite Dump Truck is no exception.

American made Mack Trucks have been around for more than a century and their trucks are known for their high quality and indestructibility.

And this incredibly detailed Bruder Dump Truck 1:16 scale version replica does the real-life Mack Granite dump truck extremely proud!

Made from high quality fade resistant ABS plastic, this rugged dump truck has tons of features and is built to withstand the rough and tumble world of little boys.

Great for indoor and outdoor play, this remarkably cool Bruder Dump Truck measures 20.9″ X 7.3″ X 8.9″ and is compatible with many of the Bruder toy figures (sold separately).

Why We Recommend The Bruder Mack Granite Dump Truck

  • Kids love all the fun things they can do with this truck!
  • Wonderful toy for imaginative play and role playing
  • Very realistic looking with amazing detail
  • Kids love that it’s big and easy to play with
  • Great way to build your child’s motor skills, dexterity and hand-eye coordination
  • This truck is perfect for both indoor and outdoor play
  • Compatible with Bruder figures (sold separately)
  • Kids love how much they can fit into the big truck bed
  • It’s strong, sturdy and build to last so your little guy will get years of playtime fun from it


Your four year old boy can have tons of pretend play fun transporting toy kids to and from school with the delightful PLAYMOBIL School Bus!

This playset has twelve pieces in total including a bus driver, three kids and three backpacks.

The backpacks have to be assembled and your child can mix and match the colors for each backpack which is a nice feature.

The bus itself has real rubber tires and comes fully assembled; all your little boy has to do is put a couple stickers on.

Plus it comes with two AAA batteries already installed so once the stickers are on, the bus is ready to roll around the neighborhood.

With front and rear flashing lights and a stop sign that swings out, this awesome little school bus has a very real-life feel to it.

To turn on the lights your little one simply pushes the button on the roof.

The lights will flash for about 40 seconds before they automatically turn off.

The roof comes off to allow your four year old boy to interact with the figures from the top, but it’s not that easy to snap the roof off so younger kids might need help with that.

There’s seating for seven, so your child can put other PLAYMOBIL figures from their collection inside the bus too.

Plus the spacious interior has enough room in the middle for the figures to actually walk down the aisle.

All the figures are bendable so they’re easy to put in the seats and once your little boy swings the bus door open, there’s enough room to pose a figure on the steps.

The bus driver can grip the steering wheel and the kids can grip the sides of their seat so everyone stays in place when your little one starts moving the bus around.

And when playtime is over, all the pieces fit inside the bus for easy and convenient storage.

This interactive PLAYMOBIL playset makes a wonderful any-occasion gift for that special four year old boy on your shopping list.

Why We Recommend The PLAYMOBIL School Bus

  • It has a lot of fun features that allow for tons of imaginative play
  • The flashing lights are a huge hit with kids!
  • Can be combined with other playsets, such as the Take Along School House playset for even more school-time adventures
  • Helps develop your little one’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Spacious interior with enough seats for 7 figures so your child can add other PLAYMOBIL figures to the pretend play fun
  • Great way to help kids that are going to have to ride a school bus for the first time get comfortable with what’s going to happen
  • It’s interactive and great for pretend play
  • All the pieces fit easily inside the bus for convenient storage
  • High quality and built to last so can be passed down from child to child
  • Parents feel this PLAYMOBIL playset gives you great value for your money

Need More Toy Suggestions For 4 Year Old Boys?

Didn’t quite find what you were looking for? Not to worry!

Have a look at our Best Toys For 4 Year Olds catalog for some inspiring ideas. We will continually add to it, so do check back regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Educational Toys for 4 Year Old Boys?

Educational toys are toys that stimulate learning and development. Some of the great educational toys for 4 year old boys include:

  • LEGO construction sets
  • Puzzles
  • Magnetic toys
  • Wooden toys
  • Farm animal toys
  • Transportation toys
  • Imaginative play toys and props
  • Engineering construction sets
  • Science kits
  • Modeling clay and tools
  • Sensory bins
  • Art and craft items

What Toys to Buy for a 4 Year Old Boy?

4 year olds are gaining greater independence.

They love exploring the world around them and use a variety of toys in imaginative play.

Buy age-appropriate gross-motor toys such as balls, scooters, climbers, bicycles, balance beams, etc., (to promote gross-motor development), cars, trucks, blocks, construction sets, puzzles, and other toys 4 year olds find fun and engaging.

Should 4 Year Old Boys Play with Dolls?

Yes. Playing with dolls and also figurines encourages imagination, creativity, empathy, language, and other important skills.

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