Best Toys for 1 Year Old Boys – TOP Toys & Gift Ideas

With the mountain of toys on the market today, finding the best toys for 1 year old boys can be quite overwhelming at times so we’re here to help you!

Your little guy has so many things to discover; sounds, textures, colors, shapes and much more.


As a parent, you’re keen to encourage him to explore as many new things as possible.

Toys are an excellent way for him to explore and learn about the world around him. They are also a wonderful way for him to create his own adventures through imaginative and creative play.

We’re confident that our hand-picked list of the best toys for a 1 year old boy will help you find the ideal gift for that special little guy on your shopping list.

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A Word from a Psychologist

Written By: Psychologist Natasha Tanic

  • One year olds learn through everyday experiences 
  • They discover how things around them work through play

How Toys Promote a One Year Old’s Brain Development?

A baby’s brain develops rapidly and radically, with millions of neural connections created every minute.

Since kids learn more quickly during their early years than at any other time in life, first experiences provide the foundation for a one year old’s development.

At the age of one year, your little one transitions from an infant into a toddler, and play takes a significant part of your child’s day now.

To nurture a one year old’s development, provide toys that encourage independence, boost creativity and problem-solving, improve motor skills, and help your child develop language, such as:

  • sensory toys
  • themed playsets
  • dolls
  • trucks and cars
  • books
  • walking toys
  • balls 

Top Toys For 1 Year Old Boys

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Pull & Play Learning Wagon

If your one year old boy enjoys pulling a wagon along behind him, then he’ll love the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Pull & Play Learning Wagon filled with loads of activities!

Your little guy will get a beautiful interactive red wagon with a variety of activities to keep him entertained and engaged while learning lots of new things.

On top of the wagon are numbered crayon shapes and when your little boy presses each crayon, he’ll hear the color of the crayon and the number displayed on it, in English and Spanish.

There’s also a little puppy on top and when your 1 year old boy presses down on it, the puppy will talk and make silly sounds!

Also on top are some xylophone keys that when pressed will play music and teach your child phrases.

There are shapes on top labelled A, B, and C, and three items that will fit into each shape. This allows your little boy to learn about shapes, colors and what goes where.

The items included are a book, an apple and a car.

For even more fun play, there’s a shape sorter lid where you little boy can work out which is the correct opening for the book, apple or car.

With loads of light up features, music, phrases and more, your little boy is going to have a ton of fun!

There are three settings on this rolling wagon and you can choose the one you want. So not only does the wagon grow with your child, but changing the settings allows him to learn new things each time he plays with it.

The handle can be conveniently tucked away so that your little guy can sit and play if he wants to.

A number of parents shared that one of the things they really like about this toy is that the music isn’t annoying like so many other toddler toys!

And they love that it will grow with their one year old boy giving great value for money.

Why We Recommend The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Pull & Play Learning Wagon

  • Kids have great fun pulling this cute wagon and love all the activities on top!
  • Comes with a host of learning activities that grow with your child
  • Included a shape sorter for added fun for your little boy
  • Activities on wagon can be used to teach your child colors, numbers, shapes, phrases and more
  • Your child will learn new phrases in both English and Spanish
  • Shape sorter will help improve your child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Pulling this wagon along will help develop and strengthen your little boy’s leg muscles
  • Parents love that the handle can be tucked away so their child can sit and play with it
  • Very well made, sturdy and durable
  • With three stages of learning fun, it will grow with your child giving you real value for money

VTech Sit To Stand Alphabet Train

The VTech Sit To Stand Alphabet Train is a two piece ride on toy. Your one year old boy sits on the second car and holds onto the handle connected to the engine.

It is not only a fun toy for your little boy to ride, but it also provides a number of other activities for him to enjoy.

There are 13 two sided letter blocks, a built-in book, and plenty of lights and music to keep your toddler occupied.

This captivating ride on train requires 3 AA batteries which are included.

Children love this colorful train and parents find that this train is not only fun, but extremely helpful to foster your child’s learning and development.

Why We Recommend The VTech Sit To Stand Alphabet Train

  • 3 different modes of play allow children more ways to explore and have fun: floor play mode, walker mode and ride on mode
  • Children can use this toy to begin to learn letters, counting, numbers, colors and songs
  • There are stories for children to listen to which will keep your child engaged for extended periods of time and will also help encourage speech
  • The piano keys, as well as the songs, allow your child to begin to explore music
  • Parents like the fact that you easily adjust the volume of this toy
  • Fitting the letter blocks into the squares and feeding the blocks into the engine’s chimney help develop your child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • This train also helps your child strengthen their leg muscles
  • The blocks for this toy are the right size for small hands and they can help your toddler learn colors and counting
  • This charming train also makes various sounds when it moves, which your child will find extremely entertaining
  • This ride on toy is extremely durable and will grow with your child

VTech Drop And Go Dump Truck

The VTech Drop And Go Dump Truck can be pushed or pulled by your toddler and is perfect for any 1 year old boy who loves trucks.

This Dump Truck comes with 3 colorful rocks to load and dump, guaranteed to keep your one year old son entertained for hours.

Once the rocks are loaded, he can pull the truck around and listen to the fun clickety-clack of the truck bed moving up and down as the rocks roll around inside.

As an added bonus, he can listen to lively music as this fun dump truck trails along behind him.

To empty the rocks, all he has to do is lift the truck bed. Watch him excitedly chase after the rocks as they roll along the ground when he tips them out!

2 AA demo batteries are included but you’ll need 2 new AA batteries for regular use.

Why We Recommend The VTech Drop And Go Dump Truck

  • With buttons to push and lots of different sounds, this Dump Truck is tons of fun!
  • It can be pushed or pulled by your child
  • The rocks are small enough to easily be picked up with your little one’s small hands
  • Loading the rocks into the hole in the truck’s cab helps your toddler develop hand-eye coordination
  • The colorful rocks will help your 1 year old boy learn about counting and colors
  • It teaches your child about cause and effect as he learns that when he lifts the truck bed, the rocks tumble out
  • Helps develop your child’s fine and gross motor skills
  • There are 3 buttons on the side of the truck that play melodies, teach tool names and colors
  • Helps your little boy engage in imaginative play
  • The volume control can be turned up or down
  • This truck is excellent quality and built to last

Step2 Whisper Ride II Buggy

The Step2 Whisper Ride II Buggy is a handsome little blue car with a push handle for parents. This is the newer version of an older design and features a sleeker look and style of toy automobile for your little one year old boy.

While the older model was really noisy, the redesigned poly soft wheels on this one make for a much quieter and smoother ride. Something parents really love!

Toddlers get excited about the steering wheel that actually turns and a horn that beeps. But the nice thing for parents is that turning the wheel does not turn the tires. So you won’t be fighting with your son for control of this great little push car.

Along with the 2 cup holders down on the body of the buggy, there’s also a cup holder at the top of the handle, which is convenient for parents.

The seat lifts up to reveal a roomy storage area and kids love this ‘secret’ storage area because they can use it for all kinds of things, including snacks and toys.

Other great features include a working seat belt that will keep your child safely belted in, and drainage holes in the bottom to allow water to drain out, should the Ride 2 get wet.

Although the push handle doesn’t come off, it does fold down and you can tuck it away under the body of the car. This makes it easier to transport when you’re taking it in a vehicle.

This awesome push car has cool decals and toy headlights, which will be a huge hit with your little boy. He’ll love pretending to be driving his race car while you’re pushing him to the park, around the block, or anywhere else you want to go!

Why We Recommend The Step2 Whisper Ride II Buggy

  • Kids love being pushed around in this toy car!
  • The push handle is a comfortable height for most parents and makes the car easy to push
  • There is plenty of storage space for bringing along snacks, small toys and other goodies
  • The buggy has 3 cup holders, including a cup holder on the handle for parents to use
  • Easy to clean
  • The steering wheel turns and the horn beeps, allowing your little boy to feel as though he’s really driving
  • Seat belt firmly holds your child in the car seat
  • Drainage holes in the bottom allow water to drain out, should the push car get wet
  • Cute decals and fake headlights make kids feel like they’re riding around in a race car
  • This appealing little car encourages your child to engage in imaginative and pretend play
  • Push handle folds down and tucks underneath the car, making transport easier if you’re taking it in your vehicle
  • Helps develop your toddler’s motor skills and builds his confidence

Melissa And Doug First Bead Maze

The Melissa And Doug First Bead Maze is a fun way to let your 1 year old boy explore his senses of sight and touch.

Suitable for both boys and girls, this vibrant toy measures 8.5″ X 7.5″ and has multi-colored beads that your little boy can move back and forth over the red and yellow wires.

The thick, colored wires intertwine between 2 wooden blocks and suction cups ensure that this toy stays firmly in place while your son plays with it.

In addition to 18 wooden beads of different shapes, sizes and colors, there are also 3 plastic spinning rings. All of these parts give your toddler the option of either sliding the beads along the rings and wires or spinning the rings.

Each activity helps develop his hand-eye coordination as well as his senses of sight, sound and touch. Your little boy will be enthralled with all the pieces on the maze, moving them around and spinning them!

This Melissa And Doug Bead Maze is an ideal way to engage and entertain your one year old boy at home and on the go.

Why We Recommend The Melissa And Doug First Bead Maze

  • Helps improve your child’s fine motor and grasping skills as they play with and manipulate the beads
  • No loose pieces
  • Holds your child’s attention as they work out how to move the beads through the intertwining wires
  • The suction cup holds this great little toy in place on your child’s high chair tray or any other hard surface
  • Helps your child develop problem solving skills
  • Builds up your youngster’s hand-eye coordination skills
  • Wonderful travel toy that you can take with you anywhere to keep your child amused and entertained

Green Toys Recycling Truck

Little boys are totally fascinated by recycling trucks, so what could be better than giving your 1 year old son his very own Green Toys Recycling Truck?

This is an ideal toy to engage your little guy in interactive pretend play because it comes with recycling chutes on both sides and a bed that tilts back.

On top of that, the rear doors open and shut. How awesome is that!

The packaging features cardboard pictures of recyclable material including a newspaper, a plastic bottle and an aluminum can. All of them can be cut out and used with the truck.

Each of the side chutes are labelled for cans, paper and bottles so your son can learn the basics of recycling while having a ton of fun.

Once your little boy has learned which cardboard cutout goes where, he can load them up and tilt back the truck bed. He’ll be fascinated as he watches his load drop out!

As with all Green Toys, this truck is made in the USA from recycled milk cartons and is Phthalate and BPA Free. It’s the perfect any-occasion gift for your 1 year old child.

Why We Recommend The Green Toys Recycling Truck

  • Kids love all the cool things this little truck can do!
  • An excellent learning toy that can help your child get an early start on the basics of recycling
  • Great for imaginative and creative play
  • Helps your little boy develop his fine and gross motor skills
  • It’s incredibly sturdy and built to last
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor play
  • Made in the USA from recycled milk jugs
  • This toy truck is Phthalate and BPA Free

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car

There is something about a moving vehicle that delights little boys.

The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe is the perfect 1st birthday gift for active boys.

Brought to us by Little Tikes, known for making durable toys for active play, this Cozy Coupe is celebrating its 30th year.

Being one of the original ride-on toys ever, it still manages to delight and enthral little one year old boys. It is surely a classic family favorite.

The design of this ride-on toy car is ideal for your little son – it has a high seat back, an ignition switch, a real working horn, an interior door lock, a cup holder, and an open-and-close gas cap.

A new feature is a handle on the back for parent-controlled pushed rides. Its storage in the rear allows your son to keep his favorite toys, snacks, and a water bottle.

The tires are durable and safe, and its front wheels spin 360 degrees, making it more exciting to drive. Your son will enjoy his ‘ride’, whether it’s inside the house or in your driveway.

It is also designed to grow with your boy. A brand new upgrade, especially made for its 30th birthday, is its removable floor.

The floorboards inside the car are in place for parents to push the car, and when you remove the floorboards, it transforms into a child-powered car.

This is ideal for your one year old boy as he transitions to toddlerhood. He will love to drive his very own car, with an open-and-close door and a friendly face.

This toy requires assembly and the weight limit is up to 50 lbs.

Why We Recommend The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car

  • One year old boys just love it and it makes a fantastic birthday or Christmas present!
  • As your little guy goes on an independent adventure in his Cozy Coupe, his imagination will begin to develop
  • Its safety features and durability are unparalleled, leaving you worry-free
  • As your son opens and closes the door, turns on the ignition, and operates the car, it develops his gross and fine motor skills
  • Spatial play is encouraged, which is crucial for the development of your boy’s observation skills
  • Independence is developed, which is essential for building intrinsic motivation, confidence, and self-esteem
  • It provides precious time for your little one to explore the world around him
  • It’s a fun classic toy that your child will enjoy all throughout his toddler years

VTech Musical Rhymes Book

This interactive VTech Musical Rhymes Book will delight your little one year old boy as he learns nursery rhymes and develops early language skills!

This Musical Rhymes Book features big, easy-to-turn pages which are perfect for your son’s little hands. There are two modes of play for him to enjoy: music mode and learning mode.

With 40+ songs, phrases, melodies, and various sounds, this fun early learning book has lots to engage and captivate your child. It also features five different colored piano buttons, each one playing a different note.

Stimulating to the eyes and ears, it has bright, colorful pages with child-friendly illustrations and a delightful star that lights up.

The book comes with six classic nursery rhymes that your 1-year old boy can learn: A-Tisket A-Tasket, Little Boy Blue, Old MacDonald Had A Farm, Hey Diddle Diddle, Are You Sleeping and Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush.

It also has a volume control which parents love! No assembly is required and batteries are included.

VTech is a global supplier of electronic learning toys, well known for their innovative and child-friendly products and this one is no exception. It’s the ideal size for little kids and your son will enjoy playing with it until he’s about three years of age.

Why We recommend The VTech Musical Rhymes Book

  • A wonderful fun book for your one year old son to enjoy on his birthday!
  • Your boy will develop book awareness and be introduced to proper book orientation (turning pages from left to right, beginning and ending a book, etc.)
  • Your child’s language development will flourish with the 40+ songs and visually engaging images for him to learn and enjoy
  • It creates special bonding moments with your son. Put him on your lap and read the book together
  • It introduces your boy to basic concepts: colors, sounds, and first words
  • Because of its size and light weight, it is easy to carry around everywhere, making it a favorite toy to bring while travelling
  • The book is made to withstand rough play and will last for years
  • The fun play pieces in the early education learning center develop fine motor skills. Your little guy can slide and twist them to his heart’s content
  • Auditory discrimination and phonemic awareness are developed as little boy listens to rhyming words set to music

Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

Your one year old boy will surely love playing with this Nuby Octopus Hoopla floating bath time toy. This is a cleverly-designed lightweight toy that engages little ones while they are in the tub or pool.

Little children naturally love to play with water. Giving your toddler son a water or bath time toy for Christmas or his birthday is a great idea.

Bath time toys not only entertain children while they’re taking a bath but also while they’re in the pool.

This cute Purple Octopus bath time toy has three colorful and creatively-shaped rings to toss – one is shaped like a star, the other one a fish, and the last one is a regular yellow and red ring.

All the toys float in water, making bath time or pool time more enjoyable!

Nuby is a trusted brand dedicated to toddlers with a simple goal of making the lives of parents and todlers easy, simple and fun. All Nuby toys are 100% BPA free. These bath time products retain their colors because they are specially made to be in the water.

Your little 1 year old boy can choose to play with just the Octopus or just the three hoops or play with all of them altogether. No matter which choice he makes, he is going to have lots of fun and enjoyment!

Give the Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime toy to your water loving son this Christmas. It will surely make bath time much more stimulating and pleasurable for both him and you!

Why We Recommend The Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

  • Toddler boys love Nuby the Octopus for both bathtime and pool time!
  • This toy is BPA free, so you have peace of mind that it is safe for your little boy
  • Award-winning Nuby toys are known the world over for their durability and quality, and are researched and manufactured to the highest of standards
  • The Octopus Hoopla is designed to develop your little boy’s eye-hand coordination
  • The fun colors and shapes stimulate your little 1 yr old boy’s sensorial perception
  • Many studies have claimed that kids who play with water often develop their cognitive skills at a faster pace
  • If you have a hard time making your little boy take a bath, this bath time toy will entice him to the tub, saving you time and effort
  • Touching various textures during bath time is critical for perceptive and emotional development
  • Playing with water toys calms little toddlers, giving them a break from active play

Playskool Explore ‘N Grow Busy Gears

Playskool Explore ‘N Grow Busy Gears lets your little guy learn various concepts in an interesting and developmentally-appropriate way and is a great gift idea for any one year old toddler boy.

Brought to us by Playskool, a well-known company that produces educational toys, Explore ‘N Grow Busy Gears is an excellent learning toy for young boys.

This toy has stood the test of time. It has been around for 10 years and it’s still a popular holiday gift for toddler boys.

It features a colorful set of gears that spin as twinkling lights flash and fun music plays.

When your little boy presses the button, the gears spin and swirl and the lights twinkle. The cogs or gears are colored brightly and are interchangeable. The gears are also removable and can be stacked, sorted or arranged in a row by your little ones.

One great thing about this toy is that it has unlimited possibilities. There are many ways to use and play this toy.

Once your son gets used to it, he will begin to think of new ways to arrange and re-arrange the gears.

By the time he gets to preschool age, he is able to create various ways for the gears to work. This toy is so well-made that it could be passed on from one sibling to the next.

The hands-on toy comes with 11 gears and instructions, plus 3 AA batteries.

Why We Recommend The Playskool Explore ‘N Grow Busy Gears

  • Wonderful fun interactive learning toy for your 1 year old boy to get as a gift
  • This toy is an ideal introduction to early STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning, which are essential concepts to master in the 21st century and beyond
  • This basic gear toy introduces your little boy to movement and mechanics in a fun and interesting way
  • It aids in dexterity and fine-motor skills development
  • This is a wonderful toy for you one year old toddler to learn cause and effect – answer questions such as, “If I take this gear off, what would happen?” or “If I add this gear, what would happen?”
  • This interactive toy allows toddler to discover and explore, perfect for active one-year-olds
  • Encourages sensory development
  • Young children can engage in functional play skills
  • The open ended feature of the Playskool Explore ‘N Grow Busy Gears develops cognitive reasoning and problem solving skills in your toddler son
  • The materials are durable and are well-made. This toy will last for years without parts getting broken
  • It is simply a fun and enjoyable toy that your little toddler boy will love playing with for years

LeapFrog My Pal Scout

LeapFrog My Pal Scout is a very soft furry dog that can be programmed using your smart phone, tablet or computer to enter in your child’s name and some of their favorite things.

This LeapFrog My Pal dog is available in 2 options: LeapFrog Scout or LeapFrog Violet. Scout is green and Violet is a purple so you have great options for both one year old boys or girls.

Children love My Pal Scout because this pup can learn their name and then say and spell it out to them.

In addition to that, Scout can help your little boy learn colors, counting and age-appropriate words and phrases. This wonderful toy offers kids a wealth of learning opportunity and a ton of fun!

This cute toy also has a lullaby timer and you can set it to give your son 5, 10 or 15 minutes of music at bedtime.

With Scout, there are 40+ fun and learning songs for your little 1 year old son and 15 different activities that you can personalize to his favorite color, animal and food.

Why We Recommend LeapFrog My Pal Scout

  • He can be personalized so that he calls your child by their name, something that young kids really love as it makes them feel special
  • There are lots of different songs your toddler can dance to and sing along with
  • Scout will help teach your child some basic words, counting and colors
  • He helps your child express feelings and emotions
  • The songs on Scout can be set to play for up to 15 minutes, making it the perfect lullaby toy to lull your child to sleep
  • Easy and fun for your child to carry around and play with
  • Parents love that there is a volume control button so that they can create some quiet time for their little one

Green Toys FlatBed Truck and Race Car

With the Green Toys FlatBed Truck And Race Car your 1 year old boy gets two colorful toys in one!

He gets the vibrant flatbed truck and a bright red race car already loaded. To unload the car, all he has to do is tilt the flatbed back and the car smoothly rolls off.

Your child can play with each toy separately or load the car and play with both together.

Perfect to play with indoors or out, both the toy truck and the toy car are made in the USA from recycled milk jugs.

In addition to that, these Green Toys vehicles contain no metal axles and are BPA, PVC, and Phthalates Free.

This flat bed truck with race car makes a wonderful gift for any one year old boy on your shopping list.

Why We Recommend The Green Toys FlatBed Truck And Race Car

  • This truck and car set will deliver endless hours of fun for your little guy!
  • He gets 2 vehicles in one – a wonderful surprise!
  • Kids love all the movable parts
  • They teach your child about cause and effect as he learns that tilting back the truck bed unloads the car
  • To fit keep the car in place in the back of the truck, your child will have to fit it into the groove and this helps develop his hand-eye coordination
  • Wonderful toy to help your toddler engage in imaginative and creative play
  • Helps your child improve his fine and gross motor skills
  • Can be used to teach your child about sharing if they play with a friend or sibling
  • Very easy to keep clean and maintain
  • Made in the USA from recycled material
  • Well designed and built to last
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalates Free

Fisher-Price Laugh And Learn Learning Workbench

This action-packed, interactive Fisher-Price Laugh And Learn Learning Workbench has lots of features that will surely fascinate your 1 year old little boy and provide hours of entertainment and learning!

Watch your little son work and play as he explores the dancing drill, spinning vise, twirling paint roller, count-and-slide ruler, rattling hammer and three light-up pegs.

As your boy pounds on each giant colorful nail, they light up, highlighting the three primary colors of yellow, blue, and red. The detachable, light-weight hammer is used to pound the nails.

Your boy can sing along to the counting song that plays as each peg lights up. This Learning Workbench teaches your child alphabet, counting, shapes, colors, opposites, and actions.

Auditory stimulation is also heightened with 15+ sing-along songs and tunes. It also has lively music, fun sounds, and phrases. And parents love that it has a volume control for quieter play.

This toy has everything a little toddler loves, including adorable, child-friendly characters. In addition, playing with the Learning Workbench is a great way for your little one to develop his gross motor and fine motor skills.

The Fisher-Price Learning Workbench comes with an instruction manual and 3 AA demo batteries, which will have to be replaced for normal use. It’s a wonderful toy that allows your child to drill, tap, pound, spin, and slide to his heart’s content!

Why We recommend The Fisher-Price Laugh And Learn Learning Workbench

  • Fantastic fun educational and interactive toy for your little boy!
  • The interactive features of the Learning Workbench develop your son’s motor skills, which is essential for child development
  • Provides stimulating multi-sensorial experiences for your little guy
  • Your one year old son will listen to engaging music develop auditory perception and listening skills
  • The 15 sing-along songs and phrases coming from the workbench teach language acquisition and symbolic meaning
  • It teaches important basic concepts such as the alphabet, counting, colors, and opposites in an enjoyable and non-threatening way
  • This is one toy that boys will not easily get bored with and they will enjoy for years
  • It is a lively and engaging toy that provides hours of fun
  • Children learn best when they are having fun through play, and this toy will surely make them laugh and learn at the same time

VTech Turn and Learn Driver

Pretend play has never been so much fun as it is with the VTech Turn And Learn Driver!

The Turn And Learn taps into your little boy’s natural interest in modes of transportation.

It features five colorful buttons, each one highlighting different kinds of vehicles, including a fire truckpolice carschool busdelivery truck, and ambulance.

The fun design also includes a traffic light, a side mirror and a signal lever that activates entertaining sounds and music. It also has a gear shifter that your little boy can push and pull, introducing him to the concept of opposites.

There are three play modes for your little boy to choose from: driving mode, music mode, and animal mode. And he can listen to 60+ songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases.

The red steering wheel is the ideal size for your son’s little hands, and as he steers it, the cute dog character moves back and forth. He’ll also love pressing the cute green horn.

There’s an on/off switch and a volume control switch and this VTech toy requires 2 AA batteries (included). In order to preserve battery life, the toy turns off automatically after 50 seconds of inactivity.

Your son can enjoy playing with this top-rated, best-selling toy from a few months before he’s a year old for a number of years offering great value for money.

As your little boy turns one, this is the perfect toy to engage and delight him on his birthday!

Why We Recommend The VTech Turn And Learn Driver

  • Brilliant interactive fun toy for your one year old son’s first birthday!
  • Your child’s imagination will thrive as he pretends to drive, and it provides an opportunity for him to identify with the adult world and is a perfect introduction to life skills
  • Pretend play stimulates creativity and is your boy’s way of engaging and making sense of the world
  • As LED lights blink red, yellow, and green, it teaches your little boy the concept of STOP, WAIT, and GO
  • It introduces your son to different kinds of animals and vehicles
  • Your one-year-old son’s mental and cognitive abilities are honed through cause and effect play and other open-ended activities
  • The signal lever and gear shift develops fine-motor skills
  • It teaches your child basic concepts of colors and opposites
  • Provides stimulating multi-sensorial experiences for your little guy
  • It is a fun and engaging toy that little guy will enjoy for hours

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Boppin’ Activity Bugs Playset

Your 1 year old son will truly be delighted when you give him this super fun and adorable Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Boppin’ Activity Bugs Playset toy that features four cute smiling bugs!

Now that he is able to grasp and hold a lot of things, your little boy will love to manipulate objects using his little hands.

In fact, when one year old toddlers bang, pull, bop, and press an object, it is considered a huge developmental leap.

They especially love holding and manipulating objects that make a sound.

With toddlers in mind, well-known toymaker Fisher-Price brings us Brilliant Basics Boppin’ Activity Bugs Playset.

When your little boy pulls, turns, slides, and presses four colorful buttons, four friendly bugs pop up. The concept behind this toy is very simple, but it does its job of introducing basic concepts to young children.

As each bug pops up, your son will hear a bobbling action and fun sounds. Each knob features four different activities to explore.

Your little toddler boy will pull the blue button, turn the orange button, slide the purple button, and press the yellow button.

All four buttons can go up and down and your little guy can also bat at and push down the four little bugs.

This playset requires no batteries – it is entirely toddler powered. And your son’s action makes things happen, so it’s a perfect cause and effect toy.

It’s also light enough for your child to carry around – the ideal companion when you’re on the go.

Your active little boy will surely play with this toy for hours on end and he can enjoy it right up to his preschool years.

Why We Recommend The Fisher Price Brilliant Basic Boppin Activity Bugs Playset

  • Toddler boys really love it as they love anything bug related!
  • It teaches one-to-one correspondence as one bug of the same color pops up when triggered
  • As your one year old manipulates the colorful buttons using his hands, he practices fine-motor skills, essential for the development of small muscles
  • The cause and effect activity of the toy develops cognitive skills
  • It teaches basic concepts such as patterns, colors, and basic sounds
  • Since it bears the Fisher-Price name, this toy is durable and made of high-quality materials that are safe for your child’s little hands
  • It is simple to use – no batteries required
  • It encourages independent play in your young son, which is crucial for self-esteem and confidence-building
  • It is simply a fun and engaging toy that you can enjoy with your little guy!

VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop In Blue

If you have a one year old son, consider giving him the VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop this Christmas. This educational toy is a perfect gadget to start introducing your little boy to computers and technology.

This Vtech Baby Laptop features three modes of play:

  • Learning mode
  • Discovery mode
  • Music mode

In Learning mode, when your son presses the shape button, the name of the shape is identified along with a short tune.

In Discovery mode position, your little boy can hear friendly phrases, fun sounds, and songs.

In Music mode, different musical melodies are played when the shape is pressed.

This laptop also has an engaging light-up screen. It also comes with a moveable mouse that simulates a real laptop.

Moving the mouse changes the lights on the screen. The mouse is able to move in eight directions and the light patterns on the screen will follow. The mouse is perfectly-sized for growing toddlers.

Your little boy’s senses will be stimulated because the early learning center comes with over 90 sing-along songs, music, different sounds, and phrases.

Your toddler will enjoy this toy until his preschool years and it will keep him occupied for hours.

And because it’s small and lightweight, you can easily take it with you on long trips to keep your little guy entertained.

It requires 2 AA batteries (included) and to preserve battery life, the toy laptop will automatically power down after 30 seconds of inactivity.

Why We Recommend The VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop In Blue

  • Great Christmas gift idea for your one year old toddler as boys loves gadgets, even at a very young age!
  • It is a developmentally appropriate introduction to technology. Young children will not be immersed into actual technology as we know it, but will experience an approximation of it
  • Parents trust the VTech brand – it is safe, durable, and made with high-quality materials
  • It teaches basic concepts such as shapes, first words, music, colors, and sounds
  • It aids in language development as it teaches your son early learning concepts such as names of objects, phrases, and feelings.
  • The socio-emotional aspect of a toddler’s development is given emphasis by introducing feelings
  • Fine-motor skills are developed when your son manipulates the buttons and moves the mouse
  • It aids in auditory development as your one year old is stimulated by all the sounds he hears

More Recommended Toys For 1 Year Old Boys

When you’re searching through a long list of toys, it can be hard to pick the ideal toy for your 1 year old and we totally get that.

The last thing we ever want is for you to go away disappointed, so our team has created some new helpful toy guides that just might have the perfect gift for your little boy.

Not every toy appeals to every single child, even if it’s a really popular one, and that’s ok.

The most important thing is to ensure that your little guy will get a toy that he loves, really enjoys playing with, and makes him happy.

Our team has worked hard researching, picking and organizing the following top toys for 1 year old boys by interest to help you find the ideal toy for your child.

Toy Trucks

Some one year old boys just love trucks and truck drivers and get super excited when they see a truck drive by!

Toy trucks are great for creative and imaginative play as your little boy makes up all kinds of adventures, driving from place to place, dropping off deliveries and so much more!

You just cannot go wrong gifting your 1 year old boy a toy truck so he can pretend to drive his own truck, loaded with his teddies, action men, and other small toys for exciting playtime!

Ride On Toys

So many one year old boys cannot wait to get their first ride on toy so they can zoom around at speed like the older kids in the family or neighborhood.

At one, boys have no real fear, wanting to try everything, and if they fall down, they dust themselves off and try again after mom or dad kiss the boo-boo better!

Riding toys help your child to engage more in imaginary play, action adventures and storytelling while getting healthy exercise.

So you really cannot go wrong gifting your 1 year old boy an awesome ride on toy specifically designed for his age, that will grow with him, giving you real value for money.

Musical Toys

Your little boy might be an aspiring musician in the making, so naturally you’ll want to get him toys that will encourage him to follow his passion.

Some boys love to bop and sway when they hear their favorite, so why not gift your 1 year old boy a fantastic musical toy to encourage his interest and creativity!

When you click on the link above and go to the musical toys guide for 1 year olds, you’ll find some fantastic selections that have received wonderful feedback from parents.

Activity Cubes

If your one year old boy loves a challenge and likes to figure things out, then it’s important that you get him toys that will encourage his enthusiasm.

Some boys love a toy with lots of play options to keep them interested, so it makes sense to gift your 1 year old boy a thrilling activity cube with tons of variety and challenges!

Not only with your little guy have load of fun, but he’ll enjoy trying out all the different play modes that an activity cube provides.

Mickey Mouse Toys For 1 Year Old

What one year old boy doesn’t dream of going to Disneyland to meet Mickey Mouse and giving him a huge hug!

If your little guy is a Disney fan then why not gift your 1 year old a gorgeous Mickey Mouse toy to play with, allowing him to create his own storytelling adventures with his hero Mickey.

Disney toys are wonderful for encouraging kids to engage more in imaginary and creative play, role playing and so much more.

Melissa & Doug Toys

Melissa & Doug are renowned for creating fun, colorful and entertaining toys for kids of all ages, with a fantastic selection for 1 year olds.

If you’re looking for quality and value, and are a Melissa & Doug fan or would like to see what they offer, then why not gift your 1 year old a beautiful Melissa & Doug toy to play with.

You’ll be impressed with the thoughtful design that goes into each toy to make it special for children.

Bouncy Toys

One year old boys have tons of energy and love to bounce, hop, skip, run to their heart’s desire, indoors and outdoors, letting off steam and burning energy!

If your little guy is full of beans, then consider gifting your 1 year old a fantastic bouncy toy that will have him giggling with joy while be bounces off to his next adventure!

These types of toys encourage creative and pretend play and role playing while helping your child burn off excess energy in a fun way.

Walking Toys

Some one year old boys can be a little unsteady on their feet when they first start walking, so naturally you want to help and encourage them in any way you can.

If you want to give your little guy more confidence when he starts taking those first steps, then why not gift your 1 year old a beautiful walking toy that combines play with learning to walk!

These are wonderful toys for your child’s development, providing a value tool to help your child gain confidence during those early steps as well as the fun factor of the toys on display.

Board Games

One of the most memorable and enjoyable times in a lot of children’s childhoods is family games nights, filled with fun, laughter and important bonding time.

Of course, you don’t want your one year old boy to feel left out on those family get-togethers so why not gift your 1 year old a fun board game suitable for his age that other family members can play with him or he can play alone.

While these are not your typical traditional board games, they are designed to introduce 1 year old boys to the concept of playing board games, teaching them basic skills while having fun.

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