Best Toy Trucks for 2 Year Olds

Most two year olds are fascinated with toy trucks of all different types, shapes and colors, and can happily play with them for hours on end.

With that in mind, our dedicated team has spent countless hours researching the best toy trucks for 2 year olds.

Two year old toddlers love to mimic anything they have watched a real life truck doing, along with creating their very own adventures.

The great thing about toy trucks is that your child can play with them indoors and outdoors, making them a very versatile toy.

Playing with them aids your child’s development in many ways and encourages them to engage more in pretend play, role playing, creativity and more.

As always, all the toy trucks on our list are safe, great quality, and good value for your money.

We feel confident that you’ll find the perfect toy truck for your 2 year old boy or girl so that you can enjoy the smile on your child’s face when they open their gift!

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Top Toy Trucks For 2 Year Olds

John Deere Sandbox Vehicle 2pk – Truck And Tractor

One of the purest joys of childhood is playing in the sand or dirt. When children are given a sandbox or have the vast expansion of the beach in front of them, their imagination soars, and they become these creative individuals.

Throw in some construction toys, and many 2 year olds engage in imaginative play hauling, stacking and building with dirt or sand.

This Set of 2 John Deere Sandbox Vehicles come in the easily recognizable green and yellow colors and are made from durable plastic with easy rolling wheel.

The set includes a dump truck and a tractor with a front end loader.

The dump truck measures 6” X 4.5” X 4.5” and the tractor measures 6” X 4.5” X 3.5″ inches. making them the ideal size for your child’s little hands.

As a parent, you will be amazed to see your child build roads, mountains, and even haul small stones in these vehicles, as they build their own sandy empire.

One imaginative parent even used these vehicles as a birthday cake topper that could be played with after the cake was enjoyed!

Any child who enjoys playing in the sand or dirt should own a John Deere truck, and these simple toys makes childhood a pure joy.

Why We Recommend The John Deere Vehicles 2-Pack Truck & Tractor Set

  • These vehicles are bound to be fun for your child whether playing indoors or out
  • Perfect for small hands and easy to throw into a beach bag
  • Made from strong plastic, these vehicles are sure to last for years of imaginative play
  • The dump bed really dumps and the front end loader raises and lowers, making them more fun for moving stones, small blocks and sand
  • The wheels for these vehicles make it easy to keep the vehicles moving
  • These John Deere Vehicles encourage your child to engage in creative play, either by themselves or with others

Green Toys Dump Truck

Toddlers love nothing more than filling up cups and other objects and then pouring the contents back out, so what could be a more fun toy for a 2 year old than a Green Toys Dump Truck.

This dump truck comes in red/yellow, pink/purple, or orange/blue, so there are great options for both girls and boys.

Made in the USA from recycled milk cartoons, this dump truck is sturdy and durable and is made without metal axles.

It has a workable dump bed that allows your child to engage in fun play.

This dump truck does not contain BPA, Phthalates, or PVC. The truck is easy to clean and can even be thrown into a dishwasher.

The dump truck measures 10” X 7” X 7 1/8” which is large enough for your child to pile dirt, stones, blocks and other objects into.

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor play, this dump truck is sure to keep your child engaged in having fun.

You may even find that using this truck when cleaning up after play, helps to ensure your child is more willing to pick up their toys and haul them back to their toy box.

Made from safe and environmentally friendly materials, this durable Green Toys Dump Truck should offer your child hour upon hour of fun.

Why We Recommend The Green Toys Dump Truck

  • Kids will have a great time playing with this dump truck
  • It’s quite large, making it easy to load and drive around before dumping
  • Parents find that this dump truck is easy to clean and love that it can be put in the dishwasher
  • Most parents find that this Green Toys Dump Truck is extremely durable and will hold up for several years of imaginative play
  • Parents also like that this dump truck is made from recycled milk bottles and even comes in a recyclable box
  • Perfect for your child to use when engaging in imaginative play in sand, dirt, snow, and indoors

Lego DUPLO Town Fire Truck 10592 Buildable Toy

The Lego DUPLO Town Fire Truck 10592 Buildable Toy is perfect for small children, allowing them to build their own fire truck and then play with it.

This 26 piece truck building set is a lot of fun for small children ages 2 and above.

Once built, the truck has a movable crane, a retractable hose and a hinged rear section.

The building that comes with the truck has a window that opens and closes. It also comes with a fire fighter figure.

This fire truck and building is compatible with other DUPLO building sets allowing your child to not only build a fire truck to play with, but to also create other vehicles from their own imagination.

While some children will enjoy building the fire truck, taking it apart and building it again, other children will build the fire truck and then actually use it to pretend to put out fires in the accompanying building or other buildings your child may build.

If your 2 year old child has never built with DUPLO blocks before, they may need assistance when building this truck the first couple of times, but will soon get the hang of it.

This Lego DUPLO town fire truck building set is sure to provide your child with lots of building and playing fun.

Why We Recommend The DUPLO Town Fire Truck

  • This fire truck building set gives your child the fun of building a fire truck and then playing with it
  • Perfect gift for any truck loving child!
  • Fire truck is actually quite cool when it’s built and comes with a fireman figure
  • Building blocks helps your child develop their fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination
  • Since there are no small pieces, these truck and house building blocks are easier for small kids to work with
  • While your child can build the fire truck as is, they can also use these blocks to express their own creativity as well
  • There are other DUPLO blocks sets so your child can build their own DUPLO town, giving them lots of various ways to use their imagination when playing
  • Helps your child develop basic building skills

WolVol Big Dump Truck For Kids

Moving piles of sand or dirt can be a big job that requires large equipment and the WolVol Big Dump Truck for kids can handle moving those larger loads your child wants to be moved.

This dump truck is friction powered and is 15 inches long, so plenty large enough for handling those large loads your 2 year old child wants to haul.

Well made with sturdy plastic, this red and yellow dump truck has a button on the side that operates the dump bed.

This simple toy does not require any batteries, nor does it have any of the bells and whistles that so many of today’s toys are loaded with.

The very simplicity of this truck makes it the perfect toy to encourage imaginative play.

Kids love the fact that you simply give the truck a push and it will continue on by itself for quite a distance.

The dump bed is large enough for your child to pile in all sorts of different objects, including other toys.

This truck is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and is sure to be a hit with most little boys two years and up, as well as several little girls as well.

If your child wants a big vehicle to engage in imaginative play, this WolVol Dump Truck for kids may be a great option.

Why We Recommend The WolVol Big Dump Truck For Kids

  • Children love this truck and will load the dump bed and use the lever on the side to dump out the contents over and over again
  • This is an extremely large dump truck, capable of hauling pretty large loads which kids love!
  • Simple and really allows your child to engage in creative play
  • Extremely sturdy and is bound to last your child for years of play
  • Many children will play with this dump truck until they out grow the sandbox and perhaps beyond
  • Encourages your child to use their imagination in creating their own play scenarios

LEGO DUPLO Spider-Man Spider Truck Adventure 10608

What could be more fun for a two year old than Spider-Man and DUPLO blocks together, and this LEGO DUPLO Spider-Man Spider Truck Adventure combines the two into one fun building and play set.

This building set includes 28 pieces and when built, consists of a Spider truck and a jail, as well as Spider-Man and Green Goblin figures.

Other blocks include pumpkin blocks, money block, and and a little desk with radar so Spider-mMn can trace the Green Goblin to keep him from stealing the money.

This building set is compatible with other DUPLO blocks, allowing your child to grow their adventures, limited only by their imagination and their creativity.

Once assembled, this truck measures 7” X 8” X 2” which is a pretty good size for young kids.

Children will not only enjoy building this Spider-Man truck, but will be able to actually play with the set once it is built.

Since this set has both a super hero and a villain, your child will be able to create their own stories to act out.

This Lego DUPLO Spider-Man Spider Truck Adventure is a fun building set that will allow your child to engage in unlimited building and play, making this a favored toy for your child.

Why We Recommend The DUPLO Spider-Man Spider Truck Adventure Set

  • Offers your child hours of both building and playing fun with a superhero, truck, a villain and more!
  • Building with these blocks will help your child build their hand-eye coordination
  • The blocks in this building set are nice size, making them easy for kids to work with and to hold
  • While young kids will enjoy building the truck and jail, they will also find ways to build creative vehicles and other things with these blocks
  • You can purchase other DUPLO blocks so that your child can add to their Spider-Man truck set and continue to engage in even more adventures

Cat Tough Tracks Dump Truck by Caterpillar

This Cat Tough Tracks Dump Truck by Caterpillar is popular among two year olds who enjoy trucks or construction equipment.

Designed for indoor/outdoor play, this durable plastic Dump Truck is made by Caterpillar and designed to look like traditional Caterpillar equipment.

This truck is about 8 inches long, small enough to fit into a beach bag for use when building those sand castles, as well as for use in the sandbox or home.

It is quite sturdy and parents really like that it is extremely easy to clean.

This dump truck is recommended for children ages 2 years and up, however several parents have purchased this truck for children as young as one due to its small size and light weight.

Durable and fun, your child will enjoy piling things into the dump bed and then dumping them out over and over again.

The truck should fit well with other Caterpillar construction equipment and can keep your child happily busy building roads, sand castles or small stone walls for hours on end!

This dump truck by Caterpillar is a fun and simple toy that is sure to engage any child’s imagination when playing.

Why We Recommend The Cat Tough Tracks Dump Truck For 2 Year Olds

  • This simple little dump truck will provide hours of fun for your child
  • The wheels on this truck roll easily, making it even more fun for your child
  • It is a little on the small size when looked at by adults, however, this truck is a nice size for smaller hands to handle
  • Well built and sturdy, and able to hold up to your child’s rough and tumble play
  • The dump bed of this truck is simple and easy to use, making it easy to dump
  • Truck is ready-made to encourage your child’s imagination, as it uses no batteries and is a simple toy, that allows your child to be as creative as they wish when playing

Melissa and Doug Magnetic Automobile Loader Wooden Toy Set With 4 Vehicles & 1 Semi-Trailer Truck

The Melissa and Doug Magnetic Automobile Loader is a wooden automobile hauler that comes with a red and natural wood colored truck and trailer with a magnetic arm and 4 magnetic automobiles.

The vehicles can be picked up by the truck’s arm and loaded onto the trailer, ready to ship to their destination.

This is a wonderful truck and automobile set for any 2 year old as the vehicles and truck both have wheels that roll. The automobiles come in different colors, and each of the autos are numbered.

You can use the automobiles to help your child with sorting, as well as number and color recognition.

The automobiles are also a great size to fit the Melissa and Doug train track. The truck measures 18” X 4” X 5”.

Your child will have a great time using the magnetic arm to pick up automobiles and load them onto the truck.

Then they can drive the truck down the ‘road’ so they can unload the automobiles, and then drive them around before reloading them and starting the whole process again!

This wooden toy vehicle set is designed to provide good simple fun for your child and several parents shared that they love that it’s made from wood.

This Melissa and Doug Magnetic Automobile Loader Wooden Toy Set With Truck & Trailer is sure to provide your child with hours of imaginative fun.

Why We Recommend The Magnetic Automobile Loader Wooden Toy Set With 4 Automobiles & 1 Semi-Trailer Truck

  • This Magnetic Automobile loader is a new take on those old fashioned wooden toys that provide children with hours of fun!
  • Set is brightly colored, making it even more appealing to your child
  • Semi-trailer truck automobile carrier and the autos are extremely durable and likely to hold up for years of play
  • The magnets on this truck’s carrier arm are extremely sturdy and will hold the automobiles while lifting them
  • Easy to attach and detach the trailer from the cab of the truck, so children can just drive around in the cab if they wish
  • Perfect for encouraging your child to engage in imaginative play
  • Your child can play with the set all together or the automobiles and truck separately
  • Perfect for independent play or your child can share the automobiles with a friend or sibling for even more fun!

Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck

Tonka vehicles have been around since 1946, and they are still as popular today as they were 7 decades ago, making it only natural that parents should choose Tonka for their vehicle loving two year old child.

This Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck is a durable fun dump truck that measures 14.28” X 7.87” X 7.5”.

This Dump Truck is constructed mostly of steel, with some parts made of durable plastic. The truck has a working dump bed and comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defect.

Parents like giving their child this Tonka Dump Truck because it reminds them of their own favorite Tonka trucks from when they were kids.

They enjoy watching their child having the same fun hauling items around in this truck that they enjoyed when they were a child.

This sturdy truck is sure to last for years of rough and tumble play.

Best of all, this Tonka Dump Truck can be presented to your child in a number of interesting ways.

It can be filled with Easter treats making an Easter basket that is also a toy, or filled with birthday party favors for your child’s second birthday.

No matter how this truck is presented, it makes a really great gift for your two year old.

This Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump truck is the perfect toy for any little boy or girl who is interested in construction vehicles.

Why We Recommend The Tonka Dump Truck

  • Kids enjoy hours of fun loading the dump truck with objects and then dumping it out
  • Truck is sturdy and will hold up to the rough and tumble play of any young child
  • This is a big truck capable of handling those heavy loads while building those ‘roads’ on the beach or in the sandbox
  • Because of the durability of this truck, it will grow with your child, allowing them to play with it for many years
  • Encourages your child to engage in imaginative play
  • Extremely well made truck for the price, giving parents great value for the money they spend

Mega Bloks Caterpillar Lil’ Dump Truck

Most two year olds love vehicles and building blocks, and this Mega Bloks Caterpillar Lil’ Dump Truck combines a cute little dump truck vehicle with 6 building blocks.

The Mega Bloks Caterpillar Dump Truck also comes with a little figure that can be played with separately or with the truck.

This truck is also compatible with other Mega Bloks for even more fun for your child and their siblings or friends.

The truck measures 9” X 6” X 6.5.” and can be used for inside or outside play which makes it really versatile.

If your child has other Mega Bloks, they will have great fun loading up blocks in the back of the dump truck, driving the blocks to a new location, dumping the blocks out and going back for another load!

You may be surprised at just how long your young child will stay entertained, simply loading and dumping bloks.

When used outside, your little one will have a great time hauling sand or even small sea shells from the beach.

There is also a larger version of this truck with 25 bloks..

Either the Lil’ Dump Truck or the larger version should provide your child with hours of construction fun.

This Mega Bloks Caterpillar Lil’ Dump Truck is a great toy to encourage your child to enjoy building while engaging in creative play.

Why We Recommend The Mega Bloks Caterpillar Lil’ Dump Truck

  • Your child will have a great time using this dump truck to load up the back and dump it over and over
  • Perfect size for the smaller hands of a 2 year old
  • Made of durable plastic designed for the rough and tumble play of young children
  • This simple toy truck is perfect for encouraging your child to engage in imaginative and creative play
  • Pushing and loading this truck will help develop your child’s hand-eye coordination
  • Truck has nice quality wheels making it easy for kids to push

Green Toys Fire Truck

This Green Toys Fire Truck comes in either red or pink and is a durable truck designed for two year old children’s active play.

The firetruck, like all Green Toys, is made in the USA from recycled milk cartons and is Phthalate and BPA FREE.

Made for either indoor or outdoor use, this fire truck comes with a roof ladder that pivots 360 degrees, as well as two removable side ladders.

This fire truck is made for children age one and up, which is one of the reasons why Green Toys choose not to make it with metal axles that can poke or injure a young child.

The truck measures 10.5″ X 6.2″ X 7.5″ and is lightweight with no sharp edges. It’s easy to clean and can even be thrown in the dishwasher.

This toy fire truck makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for any 2 year old who loves vehicles or fire trucks.

Pushing this truck is easy, and makes for a fun toy for children, as they raise and turn the roof ladder and remove the other ladders and put them back.

This fire truck makes a great stand alone vehicle or goes well with an entire fleet of Green Toys vehicles for hours of imaginative play.

This Green Toys Fire Truck is a fun toy for children that parents feel good about purchasing.

Why We Recommend The Green Toys Fire Truck

  • This Green Toys fire truck provides plenty of fun for kids to drive around, creating their own fireman stories
  • Sure to hold up through the few years that your child is likely to play with this truck as it’s quite durable
  • Rolls easily and the ladders are easy to take off and put back on
  • Extremely easy to clean by either spraying off or throwing it into the dishwasher
  • Will encourage your child to engage their imagination while playing – from siren sounds to pretending to put out the fire
  • Environmentally friendly which make parents feel good about buying their child toys that are recycled and good for the environment
  • Made in the USA

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