Best Toy Kitchens for 3 Year Olds

Toddlers love pretend play and any of our top picks for the best toy kitchen for 3 year old kids is a great way to encourage them to use their imaginations!

At age 3, your child is taking in everything that happens around them, and that includes watching mom and dad cooking in the kitchen.

And sometimes your little ones love to help you out when your baking, especially when they’re allowed to lick the spoon if there’s any kind of yummy batter or chocolate sauce involved!

So giving your toddler a play kitchen of their own will allow them to mimic what they see on a daily basis and create their very own role playing adventures.

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A Word from a Psychologist

Written By: Psychologist Natasha Tanic

  • Toddlers love pretend play and benefit from it developmentally 
  • Toy kitchens encourage imaginative play 

The Importance of Imaginative Play

Toy kitchens for 3 year olds are a perfect imaginative play tool as they encourage imagination and creativity.

In addition, they are typically designed to be used for several years, allowing your child to build upon their creativity as they develop and grow.

Imaginative play provides an opportunity for 3 year olds to practice their language, social skills, and self-regulation by engaging with other children.

Pretend play with others allows kids to build their communication and social skills, learn about cooperation and patience, and practice their problem-solving skills. 

In addition, a play kitchen can help your child develop hand-eye coordination, improve motor skills, learn new words, and much more. 

Top Toy Kitchens Your 3 Year Old Will Love

Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen And Grill

The Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen And Grill is a great kitchen playset that comes with a whopping 103 accessories!

This toy kitchen features a stove top, grill, sink, fridge, microwave, oven, phone, storage bins and lots more. Plus it makes cool boiling and sizzling sounds, which kids really love.

And to add to round out the cooking experience, there are lots of accessories, including toy dishes and utensils, pots and pans, a kettle, a large selection of play food, and much more.

The attached counter top dining area allows your child’s guests to pull up a chair and join in the pretend play fun as they enjoy a delicious meal.

Once assembled, the Step2 Walk-In Kitchen measures 36.4 inches X 50 inches X 27 inches and can be used inside and outside. It also requires 2 AA batteries, which are not included.

This awesome kitchen is designed to offer your child a number of enjoyable play scenarios, from cooking dinner to having an outdoor BBQ to serving guests or customers at the counter top.

Parents mention that although it takes time to put together, assembly is easy and feel that it’s time well spent because their child loves it so much. However, if you are planning on giving this as gift, you may want to assemble this kitchen a head of time.

The Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen And Grill is the perfect kitchen if you want your child to have an enjoyable 2-in-1 toy kitchen and grill experience that will give them hours of imaginary play fun!

Why We Recommend The Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen And Grill

  • Kids love all the features it has!
  • Comes with lots of useful accessories
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Lots of room for more than one child so helps develop your child’s social and sharing skills
  • Sturdy and well made
  • Easy to assemble


KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

The Kidkraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen is a great play kitchen loaded with cool features that will encourage your little 3 year old chef to cook up a storm.

This kitchen features a refrigerator, a freezer, a microwave oven, and a dishwasher, all with opening and closing doors for more realistic play.

There is a chalkboard on the freezer so your little can keep their grocery list.

There is a removable sink, a speckled counter top and above the sink storage, as well as raised burners on the stove and a cordless phone.

There is also a see-through window on the oven and microwave, giving them a more realistic look. There are pegs above the sink to hang utensils and even a towel rack.

Complete with a little ice maker, this toy kitchen measures 42.5 inches X 17.1 inches X 41 inches, so there’s plenty of room for your child to cook with a friend or sibling.

Made from wood, this play kitchen does come with a lot of bits and pieces, and parents say it does take a few hours to assemble, but they feel it is worth it since the finished product turns out to sturdy and looks really great.

The Kidkraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen is a great kitchen for kids, and sure to bring them years of enjoyment.

Why We Recommend The Kidkraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

  • Offers plenty of fun activites for your child to engage in
  • Once put together, this kitchen is extremely sturdy and should last for years of normal use during play
  • Instructions are easy to follow which parents love
  • Whether playing house or chef, your three year old will have plenty to encourage their imagination
  • Lots of storage space in this kitchen so your child can keep pans, play food and utensils, all neatly in one place
  • Goes with most home décor so it won’t stand out like a sore thumb
  • Designed to be used with children for several years, so it grows with your child as they develop more creative play
  • Helps your child to develop and improve their motor skills, hand-eye coordination and more
  • Encourages your child to engage in storytelling play, building their communication and social skills
  • Ideal for independent play but also fantastic for group play with your child’s toddler friends

Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Toy Kitchen

This Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Toy Kitchen comes in an attractive charcoal gray (as well as pink) and has a lot of features your child is sure to love.

This wooden play kitchen features an oven, a stove, a microwave, a sink and a refrigerator with an ice dispenser with two ice cubes, a freezer, and storage space.

The handle on the sink as well as the oven knobs actually turn for more realistic play for your three year old.

The counter tops in this kitchen look like granite or marble.

There are movable hooks and a reusable grocery check list. The microwave table also spins.

This kitchen measures 43 1/4 inches X 39 inches X 15.5 inches.

It does take some time to assemble, but parents shared that the effort is worth it, because this a cute and sturdy kitchen.

This toy kitchen does have several plastic pieces as well as the pressed wood construction. It is quite sturdy and goes well with different pots and pan sets as well as play food sets.

The play kitchen is large enough for your child to play with a sibling or friend when cooking up a storm.

The Melissa and Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Kitchen is a fun and durable kitchen that your child will enjoy for several years.

Why We Recommend The Melissa And Doug Chef’s Pretend Kitchen

  • With so much ‘cooking’ to do, your little one will find this kitchen great fun to play in!
  • Although it does take take a bit of time to assemble, assembly is easy
  • Comes with good instruction for you to assemble correctly
  • Once assembled, this toy kitchen is sturdy and sure to hold up well
  • Faucet handle really moves so that your child can pretend to run water
  • Has lots of storage space so your child can store all those little kitchen accessories
  • Parents feel that this kitchen is made of high quality materials
  • Realistic looking, which parents like
  • Encourages your 3 year old to engage in pretend play, creating their own stories and adventures
  • Your child will enjoy playing with the toy kitchen on their own or with siblings and friends
  • Helps to enhance your child’s social and communication skills
  • Can be used to teach your child about sharing when playing with others

KidKraft Deluxe Big And Bright Kitchen

The KidKraft Deluxe Big And Bright Kitchen is sure to be a hit with any child who wants to mimic mommy and daddy in the kitchen and explore the world of cooking!

With knobs that click and turn, and appliance doors that open and close, this interactive kitchen has lots of fun things to engage your child.

It comes with an easy to clean sink, a fridge, a freezer, a stove top and oven, and a microwave. Both the oven door and the microwave door have see though windows, which kids really love.

Although the Big And Bright Kitchen doesn’t come with as many accessories as other toy kitchens, it does come with a pot, a spatula, a spoon, a bowl, some toy dishes, and a phone.

Best of all, there’s plenty of storage space so when playtime is over, everything fits neatly into the cupboards for easy and convenient clean up and storage.

Made of sturdy particle board, this KidKraft kitchen measures 48 inches X 20.1 inches X 7.5 inches. It comes with a wall anchor to make the kitchen safer should your child decide to climb on it.

Parents find that assembling this toy kitchen can take between 2 – 3 hours. But, as with the other kitchens on our list, they find the time spent is well worth it for the enjoyment their kids get playing with it and the fact that most kids can use this play kitchen for several years.

This kitchen is roomy enough for two kids to play together which makes cooking those yummy meals much more fun!

Why We Recommend The KidKraft Deluxe Big And Bright Kitchen

  • Kids love the knobs that turn and doors that open and close and find this toy kitchen lots of fun to play with!
  • Wonderful way to encourage pretend play
  • Can be used by two kids at once so helps develop your child’s social skills and is great for cooperative play
  • Kids love the bright colors
  • Lots of storage space for accessories
  • If you use the included wall anchor, it makes this play kitchen extra safe
  • Plenty of room to store everything, making clean up easy and convenient
  • Made from good quality material that’s designed to last

Little Tikes Cook ‘n Grow Kitchen

This made in the USA Little Tikes Cook ‘n Grow Kitchen is specifically designed to grow with your child, from toddler to preschool ages.

The delightful red and white kitchen features a fridge, oven, and microwave, all with doors that open and close.It also has a cook top, a sink, fun electronic cooking sounds, a phone, hooks for hanging things and molded slots for dish storage.

It comes with a nice assortment of 25 accessories, including a pot with a shape sorting lid, 2, glasses, 2 cups, a fry pan, spatula, silverware, and some toy food.

Recommended for children 18 years and up, this kids play kitchen measures 37 inches X 42 inches in the compact configuration and 47 inches X 33 inches in the expanded configuration.

When in the compact formation, this Cook ‘n Grow kitchen is the ideal size for smaller spaces.

Parents said that although it takes some time, this Little Tikes toy kitchen is relatively easy to assemble. It requires 2 AA batteries (not included), and since this kitchen is made of durable plastic it can be used either inside or outside.

Suitable for both girls and boys, this cute toy kitchen will grow with your child, so it’s an excellent value since your little on can play with it for several years.

Why We Recommend The Little Tikes Cook ‘n Grow Kitchen

  • Lots of features make it really fun to play with!
  • Adjustable size allows it to grow with your child so they can play with it for several years
  • Encourages your child to engage in imaginative play
  • Comes with a nice selection of accessories
  • Shape sorting lid on the pot helps develop your child’s fine motor skills
  • Compact size is perfect for smaller spaces
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to wipe down and keep clean

Little Tikes Backyard Barbeque Get Out ‘N Grill

The awesome Little Tikes Backyard Barbeque Get Out ‘N Grill will certain cook up some fun for your little one!

You can purchase this Little Tikes grill either with the grill and a few extras, or as a more complete set that comes with additional toy food and some toy dishes and utensils.

Little Tikes has become known for making durable toys that keeps childhood fun and This one is no exception.

The basic set comes with a play gas-like grill comes with a lid, a side sink, side burners, cupboards, a start button, clicking knobs, two pegs for utensils, a towel bar, a hamburger and bun, a hot dog and bun, a spatula, a pair of tongs, and a bottle of ketchup.

If you buy the more complete set, along with everything mentioned above, you’ll also get an extra hamburger and bun, one more hot dog and bun, a couple of pickles, a bottle of mustard, two plates, two sets of silverware, and two napkins.

Designed for children ages 2 to 6, this pretend grill is perfect for any 3 year old on your shopping list and can be played with alone or with other kids, inside or outside. And when your child’s BBQ playtime is over, everything fits neatly inside the cupboards for easy and convenient storage.

The Little Tikes toy grill is a great toy to keep your child cooking year round, no matter what the weather!

Why We Recommend The Little Tikes Backyard Barbeque Get Out ‘N Grill

  • Kids think it’s tons of fun to play with!
  • Great way to develop your child’s social and sharing skills
  • Will make your little one feel like a real grill master as he serves you hot dogs and hamburgers
  • Wonderful toy for encouraging your child to engage in imaginative play
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor play
  • Basic set comes with everything your toddler needs to have their very own BBQ
  • Complete set gives your child additional toy food, as well as toy dishes and silverware
  • Compact design makes it ideal for smaller apartments and homes
  • Sturdy and very well made
  • Easy to assemble

Frequently Asked Questions About Play Kitchens

Are Toy Kitchens for 3 Year Olds Educational Toys?

Yes, toy kitchens can be excellent educational toys. In addition to providing endless fun and keeping toddlers occupied, toy kitchens help children learn and develop.

For example, a toy kitchen can help your toddler develop their language and expand vocabulary.

Also, three year olds enjoy imaginative play. Toy kitchens can promote imagination, assisting kids in employing their creativity.

How to Clean a Toy Kitchen?

Most play kitchens come with plenty of pretend foods and other accessories that can get dirty with everyday use.

However, this should not be a concern as plastic and wooden toy kitchens are easy to clean with warm, soapy water and a damp cloth. 

You can also disinfect your child’s toy kitchen and its parts weekly for extra germ protection.

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