Best Play Kitchens For Toddlers Who Love To Role Play

With so many to choose from, finding the best play kitchen for toddlers to enjoy role playing and imaginary play is not an easy task.

But our team has done extensive research to simplify things and make that choice a whole lot easier for you.

Toys that allow your child to engage in pretend play are important for your toddler’s development. These types of toys help them expand their minds creatively in so many ways.

Toy kitchen sets are one such toy that can really help your child to explore their creativity, while developing their communication, storytelling, and sharing skills.

We’ve selected only the best toy kitchens for toddlers to enjoy and play with, so they can mimic mom or dad in the kitchen, and cook up a storm for their friends, dolls or stuffed animals!

Each of the child play kitchen sets included in our list meets our strict criteria of safety, quality, and value for money. So you can have peace of mind and confidence when shopping.

So have a look around. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect toddler toy kitchen for your child!

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Editor’s Choice – Our Top Pick Of The Best Play Kitchen Set For A Toddler

Here’s why the Step2 Fun With Friends Play Kitchen is our top toy kitchen for a toddler:

  • Kids love all the awesome things they can do with this play kitchen!
  • Electronic sounds and lights make your child’s play more fun and realistic
  • Full of pretend appliances to encourage imaginary play and role playing
  • Lots of hanging spaces for all the toy utensils
  • Helps build your child’s self confidence through interactive play
  • Encourages your child to express themselves while improving their social and communication skills
  • Keeps your child engaged for hours
  • Great toy for both independent and shared play

Check out our detailed review below if you’d like to know more about the Step2 Fun With Friends Play Kitchen.

Step2 Fun With Friends Play Kitchen

This delightful interactive Step2 Fun With Friends Kitchen is jam-packed with lots of fun features for your toddler to enjoy, including appliances, lights, sounds, and so much more!

Kids love the stove top burner that gets activated with lights and sounds when your toddler places the special frying pan or boiling pot on it.

This toy kitchen also comes with toy utensils, a toy microwave, refrigerator, and a toy oven for those pretend baked goodies!

The oven has a clickable knob and there is a built-in sink with a faucet that swivels.

There’s even a cute single-serve pretend coffee maker with a travel mug for your toddler. How cool is that!

With ample hanging space for all the important utensils your budding chef needs, all the features combined make for very realistic play for your child.

And there’s plenty of storage space for pretend vegetable, fruit and whatever other play food your child wants to make.

The Step2 Fun With Friends Play Kitchen comes with over 30 different accessories to make playtime a whole lot of fun.

These accessories include the all important pretend smartphone so your toddler can look up delicious recipes or take an important call while cooking up a storm!

Available in tan, brown and blue, or pink, this play kitchen screams fun for any toddler and we’re certain your child will not be disappointed!

Why We Recommend The Step2 Fun With Friends Kitchen

  • Toddlers absolutely love this fantastic play kitchen and have endless fun with it!
  • Comes with over 30 fun accessories to make play more realistic
  • Has fun electronic sounds and lights, which little kids love
  • Comes with a host of fun features for your toddlers, including pretend appliances, utensils, a smartphone, storage sections, and more
  • Encourages your child to actively engage in role playing and imaginary play
  • It’s big enough for more than one toddler to fit inside it and play comfortably
  • Great way to help teach your little one about shared and cooperative play
  • Allows your child to expand and grow their social and communication skills through play
  • Teaches your child about cause and effect
  • Extremely well made and built to last
  • Will grow with your toddler, giving you real value for your money
  • Encourages your child to create their own stories and adventures


Step2 Best Chef Toy Kitchen Play Set

The Step2 Best Chef Toy Kitchen Play Set is a great little kitchen for toddlers who want to play ‘chef’.

This play kitchen has a pass-through window where the cook can pass orders through so the waiter or waitress can serve the restaurants guests.

Besides the pass-through window, it also features clicking knobs on the stove top and oven, a refrigerator door, and hooks for utensils and tea cups.

There are also hooks for cups and cooking utensils.

There is a stove top, oven and sink with a faucet, as well as a small shelf and a fake clock.

This pretend kitchen also features lights, cooking sounds and a recycling bin.

Made of hard plastic, it has a counter top 19 inches off the floor.

This kitchen set comes with 25 accessories, including a recycling bin, coffee pot, dishes, pot, pan, salt and pepper shaker, and cooking utensils.

Toddlers love stirring up their pretend meals in this cute little kitchen and serving them to you and other family members, as well as to their assorted dolls and even stuffed animals.

A number of parents we know shared that their toddler loved this play kitchen, loved all the cool sounds, turning the knobs, and opening doors.

They also mentioned that their little one played with it for hours at a time, absorbed in their own imaginary world.

If your child wants to play chef, then this Step2 Best Chef Toy Kitchen Play Set with its pass-through window may fit the bill.

Why We Recommend The Step2 Best Chef Toy Kitchen Play Set

  • Provides your toddler with hours of fun, and they especially like the burner sounds
  • Parents find that this kitchen is easy to put together, which means if you are assembling for Christmas, you won’t spend the entire night putting it together
  • Offers your child plenty of space to store those dishes and play food products
  • If you don’t want your child to use the pass through window this kitchen will fit nicely against the wall
  • Should last until your child outgrows it, making it an excellent value for money
  • Allows your child to let their imaginative juices flow, providing plenty of opportunities for creative play
  • Serving you or their toddler friends will help your child develop important social, sharing and communication skills
  • Great for your child to play with on their own, but even more fun if they play pretend kitchen with their friends
  • Helps improve your toddler’s dexterity, fine and gross motor skills






KidKraft Vintage Play Kitchen

The KidKraft Vintage Play Kitchen is a great old fashioned looking kitchen that your toddler will love playing with.

This toy kitchen comes with a stove, a removable sink, a fridge, an ice dispenser, a cordless phone, and a microwave.

The kitchen has doors that open and close and knobs that click when they are turned, which makes for more realistic play for your child.

The kitchen comes made from particle board with an attachment that allows you to attach the kitchen to the wall.

It does take a bit of time to assemble, but parents shared that it is time well spent, as the kitchen is sturdy and great looking once assembled.

Once completed, this play kitchen measures 33″ X 13″ X 35.75″, making it a great kitchen for homes that have limited space.

One of the great things about this kitchen is that the style and color reminds one of a 1950’s diner, which can really inspire a lot of imaginative play as your child plays homemaker, chef or short order cook.

Most parents also mentioned that they love watching their little one play at ‘cooking’ and serving them meals!

This KidKraft Vintage Kitchen is sure to be a hit with any aspiring little chef!

Why We Recommend The KidKraft Vintage Play Kitchen

  • Has enough features to make this a fun kitchen for your child to play with
  • Durable and sure to hold up to rough and tumble play
  • Ideal for apartments and smaller homes
  • Made from good quality materials and sure to last until your child outgrows it
  • Perfect for imaginative play, encouraging your child to allow their creative juices to flow
  • Parents like the attachment that allows them to attach the kitchen to the wall, making it safer for their child.
  • Has great details even though small children may not notice, but parents love them
  • Perfect for group play for your toddler to enjoy with toddlers friends or siblings
  • Your child can play with it on their own


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