Best Letter and Alphabet Learning Toys

Are you teaching your child to read? Letter recognition games can speed up learning a lot.

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Matching Letter Game

For a fun learning experience, consider getting your 4 year old this brilliant Matching Letter Game by Sinrida!

Your child will get a blue tray to hold the letter cubes and picture cards, eight letter cubes, thirty picture cards and sixty three and four letter words cards.

To play the game, you place a picture card in the tray in a way that your child can see the name of the object on the card underneath the picture. Your child then uses the letter cubes to spell out the name of the object and places the letter cubes in the right order into the other section of the tray.

This is a wonderful board game for teaching your child letters, words, how to sound out letters and words, spelling, and so much more!

One of the great features about this educational toy is that as your four year old becomes more familiar with the names of the objects, you can actually place the picture cards in the tray in a way that your child cannot see the name of the object. And that’s how they’ll learn the connection between the objects pictured on the cards and what the names of those objects are.

Several parents shared with us that this game makes letter recognition and spelling fun for their kids and they like that there’s an advanced element to it so it grows with their child.

Designed for up to two players, your child can play this educational board game alone or with family or friends for even more fun.

Why We Recommend This Matching Letter Game

  • Kids think this is a super fun letter matching game and love playing it again and again!
  • Can help your child learn object, letter and word recognition in a fun and playful way
  • Pictures of objects on cards are eye-catching and colorful
  • Your child can play on their own or with family and friends for even more fun
  • Kids can use the letter cubes to form words that are not on the cards
  • Great educational toy for helping your child learn to spell and read
  • Wonderful way to help your child to develop and improve their memory skills
  • Can help your child improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • All parts of the game are a good size for toddlers and easy for them to hold
  • Playing with another child or family member helps increase your child’s social and communication skills
  • Great value for money as the advanced version of the game means it can grow with your child

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