These LEGO DUPLO sets are perfect for 18 month olds and up.

What makes each of these special?

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LEGO DUPLO All-in-One-Box-of-Fun Building Kit 10572

If your child shows any interest in building things, then this LEGO DUPLO All-in-One-Box-of-Fun Building Kit 10572 is a perfect toy to encourage their creativity.

This set of DUPLO blocks has 65 pieces and has some nice blocks that are not available in other DUPLO sets.

Your child will get a boy and a dog figure, as well as two window pieces, numbered pieces, and a wagon base with wheels. So there are lots of interesting LEGO pieces to get your three year old engaged more in creative play.

These blocks are perfect for helping your toddler identify their colors, practice their sorting, identify numbers, and practice counting.

There are enough blocks in this set for three year olds to build quite a variety of different things to play with. And with so many blocks, you can build with your child, which makes for a great parent/child bonding experience.

The boy and dog figures that come with this set are great for encouraging imaginative play after your child has completed building as they can play with them separately. Plus kids get a kick out of the fact that the wheels really turn!

The blocks in this set can easily be combined with other DUPLO brick sets, and the storage box makes clean up quick and easy.

If you’re looking for a set of Duplo that encourages free play and creativity, then this LEGO DUPLO All-in-One-Box-of-Fun is definitely worth checking out!

Why We Recommend The LEGO DUPLO All-in-One-Box-of-Fun Building Kit 10572

  • Kids have great fun building all sorts of things with these LEGO blocks!
  • Makes an excellent starter set or add on for other DUPLO block sets
  • Can help your child practice counting, identify numbers, practice sorting, and identify colors
  • Good number of pieces to keep your child entertained
  • Blocks will help your child develop both their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Each block is a great size for smaller children’s hands to handle
  • Can help your child improve their creativity as they think up more and more things to build
  • Building with these blocks will help your child develop their problem solving skills
  • Blocks are reasonably sturdy and will hold up to toddler’s play
  • Comes in a handy storage box that makes clean up quick and easy

LEGO DUPLO My First Cars And Trucks

This LEGO DUPLO My First Cars and Trucks Building Set comes in 36 pieces and features 3 wheel bases, a crane, different window bricks with different drivers and passengers, a water filling station and 3 building cars to inspire your child’s imagination.

Although there is a limited number of LEGO bricks, there are enough to allow your 18 month old several building options so they can really expand their creativity.

Children really like playing with vehicles they build themselves, so they will get hours of fun out of this car and truck building set.

You can add more blocks so your child can create even more fantastic vehicles to drive around the table or floor.

Your child can build a dump truck, wrecker, or car carrier, as well as many other types of cars or trucks, giving them a new automobile to play with every day.

Even beginner builders will be able to build some of the cars and trucks themselves, and parents and older children love helping to build the harder trucks with their siblings or child.

This LEGO My First Cars and Trucks set is the perfect building set for any 18 month old who loves playing with a variety of cars and trucks.

Why We Recommend The LEGO DUPLO My First Cars and Trucks Building Set

  • Fun and intereactive toy for your child to build and play with!
  • Car and truck building encourages your child to engage in creative play
  • Building with these blocks will improve your child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Your toddler will actually be able to play with their creations
  • Picture bricks are great for giving your child new building ideas
  • Great size for small hands to handle and build with
  • Encourages your child to role play and create their own adventures and stories
  • Comes with a picture building card to help spark new building ideas for your child
  • Aids in your toddler’s development through improving their dexterity and spatial awareness
  • Colorful bricks can be used to teach your child various colors
  • Suitable for boys and girls and set can be added to

LEGO DUPLO SpiderMan Web-Bike Workshop

The LEGO Duplo SpiderMan Web-Bike Building Set may only have 13 pieces, but it allows your toddler to bring the world of super heroes to life.

This set comes with a spiderman figure, a spider man web-bike, and the blocks to build the workshop with ramp and storage cupboard.

The motor bike stands on its own and the set also has a wrench, engine and oil can as special objects.

While 13 pieces might not seem like a lot of pieces to work with, it is actually a nice amount for any child who has not had any building experience with DUPLO blocks.

This Spiderman kit can be easily added to with other DUPLO building kits and blocks, so your toddler can create even bigger projects once they get the hang of building with these blocks.

Most kids love to play with Spiderman and his web bike, making up their own stories and adventures of how Spiderman saves the day!

These LEGO blocks go together well and stay together for play, but are still easy to take apart.

Several parents shared that while this is a small set, their toddlers love it, especially the combination of their favorite super hero with LEGO building blocks and they play with it for hours on end!

They feel it gives their toddler the best of both worlds when it comes to imaginative play and the set can easily be added to as they grow in confidence building it.

While this Duplo Spiderman kit does not have a lot of pieces, it is ideal for young children just developing their building skills.

Why We Recommend The LEGO DUPLO Spiderman Web-Bike Workshop Set

  • It’s Spiderman! Most toddlers love superheroes, so a building set featuring Spiderman is sure to be well loved!
  • Putting these blocks together will help your three year old develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in a creative way
  • Has some interesting pieces to encourage pretend play, like pretending to fill up Spiderman’s bike with gas
  • Great set for encouraging your child’s imagination, allowing them to make up their own stories and adventures!
  • Well sized blocks for toddler’s hands
  • Easy for your child to manipulate and build with
  • Great starter LEGO building kit
  • You can add other DUPLO block kits to this building set for even more fun for your toddler!
  • Perfect gift idea for any toddler who loves Spiderman!

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