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Are you looking for the best horse farm & stable toys?

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A Word from a Psychologist

Written By: Psychologist Natasha Tanic

  • Horse farm and stable toys are great open-ended toys that promote creativity, empathy, and language
  • These toys are perfect for dramatic play because they inspire imagination 

How Horse Farm and Stable Toys Nurture Social and Emotional Development?

Horse farm and stable toys are perfect for imaginative play, allowing your child to make up stories as they play along alone or with siblings and friends. 

These toys are gender neutral and great for horse lovers, teaching kids about animals and nature. 

Farm playsets are great to share with friends, promoting communication, sharing, cooperation, and other essential social skills.

In addition, such dramatic play sets improve memory and abstract thinking, helping kids reconstruct past experiences and various social situations. 

Melissa and Doug Take Along Show Horse Stable

This Melissa and Doug Take Along Show Horse Stable is the perfect toy for any little girl or boy who love horses.

The stable is made from wood and has a handle that makes it easy to transport from one room or location to another.

Each of the stable doors close and latch.

The set also comes with 8 horses, with each horse being of a different breed.

The stable also comes with some basic facts regarding the horses, and name tags that allow your child to name each of their horses.

Although made from plastic, the horses have a slightly fuzzy coating.

The stable is designed to fit horses that range in size between 3.5 inches and 4 inches (Fits Beyer Stable Mates).

This Show-Horse Stable is sure to inspire different activities. Your child can use their building blocks to build a fence, put their horses out to graze, or pretend that their horses are wild horses racing across the plains.

These horses are great for children of both sexes, and with 8 horses available, this stable set is fun for your child to play with another child or two.

This cute little stable with 8 horses is a great toy for any toddler or pre-schooler who loves horses and wants to engage in imaginative play.

Why We Recommend The Melissa And Doug Take-Along Show-Horse Stable

  • These different horses will provide hours of fun for any little horse lover you know
  • Perfect for imaginative play because your child can make up their own play story as they go along
  • Stable has doors that are easy to open and they also latch well holding the horses in when transporting
  • Both the wooden stable and the horses are durable and sturdy, which means your child can enjoy them for as long as they would like
  • Parents like that this stable is a simple toy. It doesn’t need any batteries or have any sounds or lights
  • Perfect for both boys and girls as long as they love horses
  • Great farm playset for your child to share with others for group play
  • Helps your child improve their communication skills as they engage in their own storytelling adventures

Melissa & Doug Latches Barn

If you’re looking for a cute toy farm for your toddler, then check out this delightful Melissa & Doug Latches Barn!

This eye-catching wooden barn is beautifully painted inside and out with colorful farm scenes that are sure to capture and hold your child’s attention.

The painted scenes feature animals that you’d find on a farm. Toddlers have lots of fun finding and naming all the animals!

Along with the barn in the set, your child will also get four animals to play with – a horse, a pig, a goat, and a cow.

Best of all, the animals fit neatly inside the barn, making clean up and storage quick and easy.

There are six doors in total and each door has a bronze latch, allowing your child to open and close the doors as many times as they want.

There’s also a brass handle on the roof of the barn so your toddler can carry the barn anywhere they go, making this a very portable toy.

This interactive barn is a great way to develop your child’s fine motor skills, imagination, and role playing.

Your toddler will love making up all kinds of pretend play scenarios as they play with this awesome barn and all the animals that go with it!

Why We Recommend The Melissa & Doug Latches Barn

  • Toddlers love playing with this delightful barn toy set and have loads of fun putting the animals inside!
  • The colorful painted scene inside and out are very educational for your child
  • Comes with four animals that your toddler can play with as part of the farm or on their own
  • Has six doors with brass latches that your child will enjoy opening and closing
  • You can easily add more farm animals and other farm toys to this playset for even more fun
  • Keeps your child engaged in pretend play, role playing and creative fun
  • Helps your child to improve their grasping and holding skills
  • Great size for small toddler hands to manipulate and play with
  • Your little one can play with this farm toy on their own or with friends or siblings for even more fun!
  • You can use this toy to teach your child all about farms, colors, numbers and more!
  • Has a handle so your child can carry the barn with the animals inside, making it very portable
  • Made from wood and built to last
  • Gives you great value for money

Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Horse Stable Dollhouse

This Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Horse Stable Dollhouse is the perfect toy farm for any 3 year old that loves horses!

This beautiful wooden stable comes with four toy horses, four bales of hay, a wooden ladder to reach the loft in the stable, and a folding corral to keep the horses fenced in so they won’t wander off.

It opens up into a beautiful two-storey stable with stall for all four horses and has lots of sliding and swinging doors which your toddler will love!

Your child will be able to pretend they are running their very own horse stables and have great fun feeding them the pretend bales of hay when they think they’re hungry, letting them out of the corral for a run and so much more!

It’s a wonderful toy for feeding your child’s imagination so they can enjoy some creative play.

There is a handle on the roof of the stable to allow your child to carry the entire toy farm around with them and it’s suitable for playing with indoors or outdoors.

A number of parents shared that it’s super cute, very well made and their horse loving three year olds loved playing with it for several hours.

You can always add more toy horses and other farm figures to it for even more fun and excitement for your child!

Why We Recommend The Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Horse Stable Dollhouse

  • Kids have a blast playing with this gorgeous wooden horse stable, rounding up the horses and more!
  • Comes with four toy horses, a ladder, bales of hay and a corral
  • Opens up into a beautiful two-storey stable with sliding doors and room for all the horses
  • Encourages your child to engage in role playing and pretend play which they will enjoy
  • Aids in your child’s development through improving their grasping and fine motor skills
  • Your child can play with the stable on their own or with toddler friends as there are four horses
  • You can use the horse farm to teach your child about horses, parts of a stable and so much more
  • Solidly made from wood so quite durable
  • Comes with a handle which makes it easy to move it around from one place to another
  • Can easily add more toy animals to the playset for even more fun for your toddler!

Schleich Feed Set

This delightful Shleich Feed Set will give your little animal lover everything they need to feed and take care of all their farm animals.

Each of the 16 pieces is hand painted and very realistic looking. The set comes with feed crates, apples, carrots, oats, pellets, a straw bale, a hay bale, a pitch fork, and a broom.

It’s a great addition to any child’s farm toy collection and allows your child to extend their pretend play chores to include feeding the animals. It’s also lots of fun to load the different items into toy tractors, trailers, and trucks so they can be hauled around.

Designed to be an accessory to the Schleich World Of Horses, this set also goes well with other farm toy sets, such as the Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Barn.

This feed set is recommended for kids 3 years and up, quite possibly due to the small size of some of the items. For example the feed sacks are only 1 inch tall and the hay bales measure about 1 inch X 1/2 inch, making them a potential choking hazard for kids who tend to put things into their mouth.

But if you don’t have to worry about that, this Schleich Feed Set is a great accompaniment to any toy farm set, and it’s sure to add loads of fun to your child’s pretend farm play!

Why We Recommend The Schleich Feed Set

  • Great for imaginative play
  • Can make your child’s farm play more fun
  • Helps develop your child’s fine motor skills
  • Can be played with alone or with family and friends
  • Pieces can be loaded into toy tractors and trailers and hauled around
  • Can be used with other toy farm sets, such as the Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Barn for even more pretend farm play fun
  • The pieces are very detailed and realistic looking
  • Well made and durable

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Are Horse Farm And Stable Toys?

Horse farm and stable toys can vary greatly in price.

This is because different horse farm and stable toys can include different qualities, amount of toys, and materials.

Some toys will feature extras like locks and latches.

Some toys will have more parts included than others.

Materials will range from cardboard stables to wooden stables.

Large batch horse farm and stable toys will typically cost less than those that were made by hand.

Because of this wide variety of differences in the quality of toys and what is included, you can expect horse farm and stable toys to range anywhere between about 20 and 100 dollars.

Where Can I Buy Horse Farm And Stable Toys?

There are tons of different places you can find horse farm and stable toys. The toys linked above are great quality and can conveniently be purchased on Amazon if you are an online shopper.

You can also online shop for horse farm and stable toys on Etsy. You can also find toys like this at stores like Walmart, Target, or even your local thrift store.

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