Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 2 Year Olds

Are you looking for the best toys for 2 year olds?

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Best Puzzles for 2 Year Olds

Melissa & Doug Tools Wooden Chunky Puzzle (7 pcs)

If you have a toddler with an attraction to work tools or you are looking to introduce your little one to simple work tools, then the Melissa & Doug Tools Wooden Chunky Puzzle (7 pcs) is the perfect educational puzzle toolset for your adorable child’s early development.

Perfect for children between age 24 months and above, this puzzle is designed to help your little one learn about the different working tools and how each of these components works.

With 2 screwdrivers, a saw, a hammer, a wrench, set of pliers, and a measuring tape, this puzzle offers amazing learning and fine motor activities for your toddler.

This will help to enhance their knowledge of working tools, their storytelling skills, and their imaginations as well.

Your child is sure to get excited at the prospect of playtime with this wonderful interactive puzzle!

This extra thick wooden puzzle comes with 7 easy-grasp chunky tool-like pieces with each tool having a full-color matching picture beneath it – all designed to make playtime as fun as it is educational!

Some parents who bought this puzzle for their children said their two year olds were instantly attached to this educational puzzle and spent countless hours of pretend play on the puzzle from the moment they saw it.

Why We Recommend The Melissa & Doug Tools Wooden Chunky Puzzle (7 pcs)

  • This tool puzzle is designed to give your little child a fun-filled playtime
  • Can be shared by your child to work on an imaginary ‘mini-project’ with their friends thus building better social skills
  • Will help improve your cute toddler’s fine motor and self-help skills
  • Puzzle is safety tested and approved which means your little one is not exposed to any potential safety and choking hazards
  • By learning the names and functions of each piece of this puzzle as you point them out, your child will be developing better cognitive skills
  • Encourages imaginative play and storytelling which will help your child learn to be more expressive
  • Each piece of this colorful puzzle fits each slot/hole perfectly thus making it a great tool for visual stimulation and better hand-eye coordination
  • Puzzle is durable and well-worth its price

Plush Toys for 2 Year Olds

Aurora Plush 14” Blue Dragon with Sound

This adorable dragon plush toy is ideal for toddlers from the age of 3, guaranteeing hours of imaginative fun play.

Your little knight, dragon-tamer or princess, will simply love this!

The Aurora Plush 14” Blue Dragon is manufactured by Aurora, an American company that is known the world over for their high-quality plush toys.

Just looking at this cute bean-filled plush toy will bring a smile to your face.

It is a dragon with charming green and black eyes and a quirky, endearing expression.

It is styled realistically but does not look intimidating.

Hear this blue and purple dragon roar, which lasts for about 5 seconds, when your child squeezes its body.

It is also adorned with soft metallic silver back scales, which runs from its back down to its tail.

The backside of its flappable wings is also made of the same silver material, along with the softest purple plush material.

It is just the right size, measuring 14” long, which is perfect for hugging and squeezing.

The sound and volume of the roar is muted, which is suitable for toddlers, and would not startle or frighten them.

Its surface is washable.

If your child is fascinated with dragons, they will surely love this Aurora plush dragon.

Expect this toy to be a household favorite, as it has been for many little boys and girls.

It is so soft and perfect for those nightly snuggles, that children will probably take this as a bedtime companion.

Why We Recommend The Aurora Plush 14” Blue Dragon With Sound

  • Toddlers adore this gorgeous blue dragon as they can hug and squeeze it during play
  • Well-constructed and durable plush toy, so it will stand up to wear and tear
  • Encourages the development of your child’s imagination through make-believe and fantasy play
  • Safe to play with for toddlers because there are no plastic pieces that could easily be unfastened
  • Eyes are embroidered, making it safe and durable for children
  • An endearing and lovable plush toy that your child can bring everywhere they go, becoming their comfort and security in unfamiliar situations
  • Will become a beloved stuffed companion that your toddler can interact with and act out scenarios where they can explore different emotions
  • Your child can practice language skills through imaginary conversations with this stuffed dragon
  • All materials are guaranteed child-safe, exceeding both United States (CPSIA) and European (EN71) safety standards
  • Because of its washable surface, it is easy to clean

The Learning Journey My First Match It, Head and Tails

The Learning Journey My First Match It, Head and Tails puzzle set consists of 15 two-piece puzzles that encourage your child to match the animals front end (head) with its back end (tail).

The colorful puzzles are large enough for your 2 year old boy or girl to put together easily and small enough to take along on your travels.

These fun Learning Journey Puzzles feature different animals and they’re suitable for both boys and girls.

Guaranteed to keep your little toddler busy and engaged, these puzzles are great to helping your child develop problem solving, critical thinking and fine motor skills.

These engaging puzzles make a wonderful gift for Christmas or a special birthday and several parents shared that their kids just loved them!

Why We Recommend The Learning Journey My First Match It, Head and Tails

  • These puzzle sets encourage your child to learn how to match pieces together
  • Helps your child learn how to recognize different animals
  • Puzzle pieces are self correcting so only the correct head will fit together with the correct tail
  • The pieces snap together easily and are the perfect size for your toddler’s little hands
  • The puzzles are fun and will keep your child engaged for long periods of time
  • Parents and children can invent games to play with these puzzle cards
  • Putting the puzzles together helps develop your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Well made and durable so can be used over and over
  • A great way to encourage pretend and imaginative play for your child

Best Car & Truck Toys for 2 Year Olds

WolVol Big Dump Truck For Kids

Moving piles of sand or dirt can be a big job that requires large equipment and the WolVol Big Dump Truck for kids can handle moving those larger loads your child wants to be moved.

This dump truck is friction powered and is 15 inches long, so plenty large enough for handling those large loads your 2 year old child wants to haul.

Well made with sturdy plastic, this red and yellow dump truck has a button on the side that operates the dump bed.

This simple toy does not require any batteries, nor does it have any of the bells and whistles that so many of today’s toys are loaded with.

The very simplicity of this truck makes it the perfect toy to encourage imaginative play.

Kids love the fact that you simply give the truck a push and it will continue on by itself for quite a distance.

The dump bed is large enough for your child to pile in all sorts of different objects, including other toys.

This truck is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and is sure to be a hit with most little boys two years and up, as well as several little girls as well.

If your child wants a big vehicle to engage in imaginative play, this WolVol Dump Truck for kids may be a great option.

Why We Recommend The WolVol Big Dump Truck For Kids

  • Children love this truck and will load the dump bed and use the lever on the side to dump out the contents over and over again
  • This is an extremely large dump truck, capable of hauling pretty large loads which kids love!
  • Simple and really allows your child to engage in creative play
  • Extremely sturdy and is bound to last your child for years of play
  • Many children will play with this dump truck until they out grow the sandbox and perhaps beyond
  • Encourages your child to use their imagination in creating their own play scenarios

Top Bouncy Toys for 2 Year Olds

Trumpette Howdy Bouncy Cow

Your toddler is going to love Trumpette Howdy Bouncy Cow and have great fun bouncing around the place on him!

He comes in 5 different colors including black, grey, cobalt blue, white, and pink, so lots of great choices for boys and girls.

Howdy is really popular with kids as they make up all kinds of adventures they can play with him. He’s a wonderful toy for encouraging imaginative and creative play while keeping your toddler active.

Some parents said they did receive a pump to inflate Howdy, but others said they didn’t. But the good news is that even if you don’t receive a pump, lots of parents said he is very easy to inflate.

For some, this was the best bouncy toy ever and they said Howdy lasted for several years and is still going strong!

Phthalate Free, with a maximum weight recommendation of 110 pounds, Howdy is a wonderful rubber cow that’s sure to delight your toddler and provide them with hours of engaging fun.

Why We Recommend The Trumpette Howdy Bouncy Cow

  • Fantastic Fun : Bouncing around on Howdy is terrific fun for toddlers, even when they had the odd spill
  • Aids In Improving Balance: Playing with Howdy will help your child develop and improve their balance and coordination
  • Encourages Imaginative Play: Toddlers love creating their own stories and adventures and who better to create them with than Howdy!
  • Strengthens Core Muscles: Bouncing around on this rubber toy helps to strengthen your one year old’s leg and arm strength and improve their gross motor skills
  • Encourages Your Toddler To Exercise: Kids love playing with Howdy and he helps them to exercise in a fun and creative way
  • Very Durable: Several parents confirmed that Howdy has stood the test of time and rough play from their kids so he’s quite durable

Best Toys for 2 Year Old Girls

One of the Best Dollhouses for 2 Year Olds

Fisher-Price Disney Minnie’s Happy Helpers Home Sweet Headquarters

If your toddler enjoys pretending they’re a business owner, they’ll love the Fisher-Price Disney Minnie’s Happy Helpers Home Sweet Headquarters!

This 4 level colorful playset doubles as a house and business headquarters and comes with 3 cute little figurines: Minnie, Daisy, and Figaro the lovable cat.

Your child will also get 12 other accessory pieces, including a vanity, 2 beds, a tub, an oven with a door that opens and closes, a kitchen serving cart, and 2 work desks. There’s even a bowl for Figaro!

This adorable Minnie Mouse inspired dollhouse features an elevator that your little one can move up and down and a turnstyle closet where Minnie and Daisy can pick their next outfit.

The hair salon and reception area are on the main level and that’s where Minnie and Daisy greet everyone that comes in.

The second level has the spa tub, turnstyle, and a desk. And when the work day is done, Minnie and Daisy can go to bed in their third floor bedroom.

The fourth level is reserved for Figaro – he gets it all to himself!

Whether your toddler is pretending to be a hairdresser, a baker, a pet sitter, or whatever else they can dream up, the home Sweet Headquarters is the place to do it!

Why We Recommend The Fisher-Price Disney Minnie’s Happy Helpers Home Sweet Headquarters

  • This Minnie Mouse inspired house is tons of fun to play with!
  • Little kids love the working elevator and turnstyle closet
  • Comes with 3 cute figurines: Minnie, Daisy, and Figaro the cat
  • Great for shared play as it has 4 levels of two-sided play
  • Each level has its own unique style and purpose
  • Includes 12 accessory pieces, including 2 beds, a tub, an oven with a door that opens and closes, a kitchen serving cart, and more
  • Helps develop your child’s fine motor skills and dexterity
  • Ideal for independent play
  • Great for role playing and pretend play
  • Bright colors are very appealing to toddlers

Popular Dolls for 2 Year Olds

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love 12″ Brianna Doll

This Melissa and Doug Mine To Love Brianna Doll is a 12 inch baby doll that is designed to look more like a toddler than an infant, which many children like.

This pretty doll has a cloth body, a vinyl face and vinyl hands and feet. She has a sweet face with pretty brown eyes and long brown hair with pigtails.

The doll’s eyes open and close and her hair can be combed and restyled. She comes with a cute pink removable 2 piece outfit and she can suck her thumb.

It is fairly easy to purchase a variety of clothes and accessories that will go with this beautiful baby doll, allowing gift givers to present a toddler with an entire Brianna ‘play set’.

Brianna is the type of doll that your toddler will see as a friend and invite to those tea parties, take for walks in strollers, and want to travel with.

They will enjoy dressing and undressing this doll, as well as combing and brushing her hair.

This Melissa Doug Brianna 12 Baby Doll is sure to make a great companion for your toddler or young school aged child.

Why We Recommend The Melissa & Doug 12-Inch Brianna Doll

  • This doll is extremely pretty with a sweet face, which will appeal to almost any little girl who loves dolls
  • Toddlers like that this doll can suck her thumb
  • Sure to encourage your child to invent imaginative adventures to share with Brianna, from tea parties to pretend camping or road trips
  • By talking to and for this doll your child is sure to improve their language and socialization skills
  • Taking care of this doll will help your child to develop nurturing skills they will be able to use throughout their life
  • Doll is well made and sure to engage your child for a long time to come

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Mariana 12″ Poseable Baby Doll

Amongst an array of options, a great choice for your little one is the Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Mariana 12″ Poseable Baby Doll.

This lifelike baby doll with a soft bendable body is designed to excite your child and be easy to interact with.

It’s also perfect for cuddling and because it’s poseable, it makes a wonderful imaginative play toy.

This 12″ doll features an adorable outfit over its soft cuddly body, an irresistibly cute face, brown eyes that open and close, rotatable arms, and cute little legs.

The smocked romper and matching hat can be removed and the surface of the doll is washable.

Thanks to its rotatable arms, little mommies can put the thumb in this doll’s mouth to comfort and soothe their crying baby.

Alternatively, your child can use the pacifier to help comfort this wonderful little doll.

Most parents who bought this baby doll for their toddlers say it’s perfect for children who love cuddling.

Ideal for toddlers 18 months and older, this adorable baby doll will help improve your child’s sense of imagination and wonder!

Why We Recommend The Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Mariana 12″ Poseable Baby Doll

  • Your child will develop fine and cognitive motor skills by constantly practicing how to remove and put on clothes
  • This baby doll is very durable and well worth its price
  • With this doll, your child will be able to express herself as well as engage in the very beneficial imaginative play
  • Playing with this doll can help develop your child’s language and social
  • The clothes can be removed and the doll is surface washable
  • Simply caring for this baby doll will help improve your child’s nurturing skills and sense of responsibility

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