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Are you looking for the best farm animal board books to read to your child or children?

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3 Great Farm Books For Toddlers

These books make it enjoyable for your child to learn all about farm animals, the sounds they make, and lots more.

Any of these books are a perfect compliment to all of the wonderful farm toys!

Open The Barn Door by Christopher Santoro

Open the Barn Door By Christopher Santoro is a simple book that holds an exciting surprise for your child to discover behind every flap!

A wonderful chunky book, each page asks a question and then your child lifts a flap to find out the answer. Not only do kids love lifting the flaps, it’s also a great way to help your child learn the names of common farm animals and the sounds that they make.

It should be noted that this book measures only about 4 inches, which can make it difficult for smaller children to work the flaps. However, kids who are 14 or 15 months or older seem to have no difficulty looking at the book and opening the flaps by themselves.

The upside of a smaller book is that it’s the ideal size to throw into a purse or diaper bag so your child can have it wherever you go.

Although this book is recommended for children ages 2-6, parents find this book is fun to read to their infants also.

Open The Barn Door is an enjoyable interactive book that will introduce your child to different farm animals in a peek-a-boo kind of way. It’s a perfect book for you to read to your child or for beginner readers to read on their own.

Why We Recommend Open The Barn Door

  • Lots of fun to read!
  • Kids love opening the flaps to see what’s behind them
  • Helps your child learn animal names and sounds
  • Simple text
  • Good graphics
  • Easy to take with you wherever you go
  • Wipes clean

Touch and Feel: Farm

Young children love to explore the world around them by using all 5 of their senses. This Touch And Feel:Farm board book will allow your child to learn a bit about different farm animals through their sense of touch as well as their sight.

Each page of this cute book features a different farm animal that has a different texture to explore. Kids love feeling the animals and learning to associate that feeling with the animal’s name.

While this book is recommended for children ages 2-5, younger children will enjoy looking at the different animals and feeling the different textures also.

The book is about 6 inches by 6 inches, which is a nice size for small hands to hold and handle and makes it a great on-the-go book.

It comes in both hard cover and as a board book, with a board book being ideal for younger children as the pages are sturdier and easier to turn.

This Touch and Feel: Farm book along with other books in the Touch And Feel series makes a great addition to any toddler’s library.

Why We Recommend Touch and Feel: Farm

  • Kids love feeling the different textures of all the animals
  • Beautiful animal pictures
  • Each page has a different animal with a different texture
  • Introduces your child to farm animals in a unique way
  • Board book is sturdy with easy to turn pages
  • Encourages your child to love books and reading
  • Durable

Big Red Barn By Margaret Brown

What do animals on a farm do all day and night?

The Big Red Barn attempts to answer that question and give your child some beginner insight into the behavior of various farm animals.

Written in a simple rhyming text with nice pictures, Big Red Barn is a delightful way to introduce animals and reading to your toddler.

The book comes in hardcover, paperback and a board book and it’s recommended for children 2 to 3 years of age, but even much younger children can enjoy looking at the pictures and listening to the soothing rhythm of the rhymes.

Rhyming books make for a great introduction to poetry and music without your child being aware of it.

They also make great books for beginning readers as well.

Big Red Barn is especially nice because the text is simple enough for young readers while the pictures of the various animals and scenes of a farm are sure to hold the attention of children not yet ready to read.

And what child wouldn’t love a glimpse into how animals play and where they sleep?

A fun and interesting book for toddlers, Big Red Barn is sure to get your child excited about the world of books and what can be discovered within their pages.

Why We Recommend The Big Red Barn Book For Toddlers

  • Simple text and beautiful simple illustrations makes this an ideal book for both beginning readers and for smaller children not yet ready to read
  • Calming Rhyme in this book make it a perfect bedtime story for children, helping them to relax and get ready for sleep
  • Introduces children to what common farm animals look like and can be used to teach the sounds various animals make
  • Helps to develop your child’s reading skills from the basic handling of a book, to seeing and following and then reading the written word on the page
  • With so many different things to look at on each page, your child will notice something new each time they look at this book, sharpening their observation skills
  • Great little story for your toddler to enjoy
  • Perfect for small hands and quite durable

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