Best Dragon Toys & Birthday Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Watch your child’s imagination kick into high gear with one of the best dragon toys for toddlers to creatively play with, making up their own stories and adventures.

Kids are fascinated with dragons and love engaging in fantasy play and storytelling adventures.

Getting your child one of these amazing toddler dragon toys is a great way to nurture and encourage them to explore pretend play, role playing and so much more.

We know how important toy quality and safety are, so we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure you have peace of mind when choosing the right dragon toddler toy for your little one.

Editor’s Choice – Our Top Pick Of The Best Dragon Toy For A Toddler

Here’s why the Douglas Aragon Navy Dragon Plush Toy is our top toddler dragon toy:

  • Toddlers just love Aragon the Dragon and how soft and cute he is!
  • Encourages your child to express their emotions through play
  • Huggable stuffed dragon toy that helps your child engage in imaginative play
  • Helps your child to engage more in pretend and storytelling play
  • Made from high quality plush material for durability



Fisher Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Dragon

Let your toddler’s imagination soar with Fisher Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Dragon for them to play with!

With an attractive, orange-red and yellow color with gray accents, this dragon features various cool sound effects: a defiant roaring sound, varied screeches, and a chewing noise guaranteed to give your child a great time.

Children also enjoy its fascinating light-up features like glowing eyes and an illuminated stomach.

There is a handle conveniently located on the Castle Dragon’s back that allows your child to control the action.

When the dragon is lifted by the handle, the wings spread out, getting ready for flight.

The wings retract again when it is placed on a flat surface.

With a quick squeeze of the handle, the dragon lets out a big roar!

When squeezed again, the dragon quickly lunges forward and grabs dinner with its mouth with a quick chomping action.

Give it one last squeeze and the dragon “spits” out the remains of its food. Another cool thing about this toy is that it has rotating rear legs and a tail that can be moved up and down.

This toy is marketed as a perfect addition to the Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle.

It has Action-Tech technology, an interactive feature that allows the dragon to communicate with the castle.

The castle detects the incoming dragon with different sounds and words, and with a quick squeeze of the handle, it sends a warning signal to the castle of its approach.

However, you don’t need to purchase the castle for your child to have a great time.

This dragon toy can stand on its own and will provide hours of imaginative and creative play for toddler boys and girls alike.

This toy is recommended for children 3 to 8 years old.

Why We Recommend The Fisher Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Dragon

  • Toddlers love this interactive dragon toy and have hours of fun playing with it
  • It has a fantastic character design that is destined to be a classic childhood favorite
  • Helps develop your child’s imaginative play through make-believe and fantasy
  • Stimulates creative thinking, allowing toddlers to create various made-up characters and stories depicting good and bad characters, the use of power, or taking care of pets
  • Children practice social and verbal skills through creative self-expression and conflict resolution
  • Increases muscle dexterity and hand-eye-coordination as the dragon is manipulated in various ways
  • Built to last, it is sturdy and durable
  • A fun and awesome toy for the whole family to enjoy

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12 Piece Assorted Realistic Looking Dragon Toy Figures

This 12-piece Assorted Realistic Looking Dragon Toy Figures is a box of dragon toys that will fascinate toddler boys and girls for hours of fun and imaginative play.

Castle wars and kingdom-themed pretend play will never be the same again!

The box contains 12 dragons with various designs.

Kids who are into dragons, or even those who are not interested in it, will be very engaged with all the creative details.

All dragons have different realistic designs and come in various colors and color blends.

Your child will be captivated with well-detailed scales, horns, and tails.

The 4-inch dragons are made from ABS plastic with non-toxic paint.

The paint will not rub off or chip.

ABS is a kind of opaque plastic that is known to be resistant to chemicals, heat, and impact.

Children will be in awe when they receive this as a gift since the dragon set comes in a 3D box.

In fact, with a little imagination, the box itself can be transformed into a hideout or base for the dragons.

It is also ideal as a give-away when you throw a dragon-themed party.

It will surely excite kids when they get this dragon as a party favor.

Teachers can even use this in the classroom for a themed sensory table or pretend play area.

The small size of the dragons is just right for toddler’s hands, and they are interesting enough even for bigger children, but does not scare away little ones.

Since there are 12 pieces, the price of this box of dragon toy figures is a steal and you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Why We Recommend The 12 Piece Assorted Realistic Looking Dragon Toy Figures

  • Toddlers are fascinated with these dragon figures and play with them for hours
  • Plastic is durable and of good quality, can withstand hours of play
  • Being made from non-toxic materials, the dragon toy figures are safe to play with
  • Your child’s imagination will develop as they create different scenarios and stories with the dragon figures
  • Fantasy play with these dragon figures will help your child process ideas and nurture abstract and representational thinking
  • Social skills will be nurtured as toddlers experiment with various roles
  • Your child will learn to share, as they quickly realize that these toys are not fun to play with alone
  • Creativity will be stimulated as your child discovers different designs and colors of dragons
  • Toddlers will learn to sort, count, and group the dragon toy figures
  • These small dragon toys help develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination

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Safari Ltd. Guardian Dragon

This Safari Ltd. Guardian Dragon is so richly detailed and awe-inspiring that it will surely develop your toddler’s imagination.

The 5-inch tall Safari Guardian dragon with a wingspan of about 6.5 inches is created with such vibrant detail.

Its body is varying hues of lavender and purple, and its scales, horns, and talons are metallic gold.

Perhaps the best thing about this Guardian Dragon and guaranteed to be everyone’s favorite feature is its armor.

The Guardian Dragon actually wears a chest plate and face armor.

Manufactured by American toy company Safari Ltd, it is part of their extensive range of dragon toys, which includes about 40 different kinds.

Each of these dragons has a story to tell.

The Guardian Dragon is loyal, and its main duty is to keep a watchful eye on kings or brave knights.

The dragon was specifically bred to be tame enough to be trained but will be a formidable foe for invaders.

The Dragon Warrior is a combination of the cloud dragon, the happy dragon, and the meek forest dragon, expertly formulated by the Wizard.

It is never kept as a pet. It is actually considered part of the royal guard.

Part of its lore it is also a rare, mild-mannered but imposing breed.

The Guardian Dragon is tested thoroughly and it is Phthalate-free, so your child can play with it safely.

This toy is recommended for toddlers and old children to play with.

Why We Recommend The Safari Ltd. Guardian Dragon

  • Toddlers are captivated by this gorgeous Guardian Dragon and enjoy making up their own adventures during play
  • Has an intricately detailed design that is not only a good toy but also a collector’s item
  • Helps develop imaginative play through make-believe and fantasy
  • Stimulates creative thinking, allowing your child to create various made-up characters and stories depicting Guardian Dragons
  • Toddlers are made to realize that dragons, just like people, can also be good and bad and create various scenarios in which Guardian Dragons do their duty
  • Your child will begin to attribute good characteristics of the Guardian Dragon such as calmness, restraint, and loyalty and symbolize it in their play
  • Sturdy and high-quality toy, built to be enjoyed for years
  • Background story of the Guardian Dragon is very engaging and gets the imagination rolling
  • Develops innate curiosity in children
  • The product is safe and non-toxic, passing worldwide regulations and safety standards
  • Fantasy play is a fertile ground where your child’s ideas are nurtured and develops into representation thinking

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Safari Ltd. Sea Dragon

Picture the Safari Ltd. Sea Dragon majestically flying over water, or slowly rising over the water’s surface.

This is the stuff that legends are made of, and will keep your child’s mind engaged and active.

This hand-drawn Sea Dragon is so intricately detailed and realistic that it will surely advance your toddler’s imagination.

The vibrant colors and the action-packed stance of this dragon bring fantasy and adventure to life.

Its color is truly gorgeous, a stunning blend of seawater greens and blues, to match its habitat.

But it looks at you with fierce red eyes.

The Sea Dragon measures 7 inches in length and 4.75 inches in height.

This big dragon has reptile-like features and has prominent razor-sharp teeth and claws and a long tail that makes it easy to propel itself on the water.

And just like all other figurines made by Safari Ltd, it is guaranteed Phthalate and BPA free, passing all safety standards in Europe and America.

Created by industry-leading figurine and toy-maker Safari Ltd, it is part of the Dragon Toy Collection, with a wide array of dragons, each with a story to tell.

The Sea Dragon has an interesting, mythological background based on Ancient Greek mythology.

It has the ability to control wind and water, and usually takes a ship’s cargo.

Recommended for toddlers and old children, this is a wonderful dragon toy to encourage interactive imaginary play.

Why We Recommend The Safari Ltd. Sea Dragon

  • Toddlers simply love this Sea Dragon and enjoy making up all kinds of playful stories
  • Designed to engage and enthrall children and collectors alike
  • It can be used in a variety of ways – for playing with, as decoration or cake topper, as part of a costume, or to add to a collection of dragons
  • Your child will enjoy hours of imaginative play with the Sea Dragon
  • Because of the Sea Dragon’s back story, your child will learn about Greek mythology and become more interested in more mythical creatures
  • Helps develop pretend play through make-believe and fantasy
  • Also helps develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  • Stimulates creative thinking, allowing your toddler to create various made-up characters and stories depicting Sea Dragons
  • It is a sturdy and high-quality toy, very well made and built to be enjoyed for years
  • The Sea Dragon figurine is safe and non-toxic
  • Will only increase in value over the years because it is a highly-prized collectible item

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