Best Building Toys for 3-4 Year Old Kids – Blocks, Sets and More

Are you looking for the best building toys for three-year-olds?

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A Word from a Psychologist

Written By: Psychologist Natasha Tanic

Kids are naturally curious problem-solvers, always trying to figure out how things work or what they are made of.

  • Building toys provide boundless opportunities for manipulative play 
  • Manipulative play fosters cognitive abilities, fine motor, and social-emotional skills

Why Your Child Needs Building Toys?

Building toys are a great way to spark your child’s imagination and creative thinking.  

Besides, building toys for three year olds promote gross and fine motor skills, balance, and coordination. 

In addition, building blocks can be an excellent tool to develop social and emotional skills such as cooperation, empathy, and self-control, as kids learn to take turns, negotiate, cooperate, and share with friends while playing with building toys together. 

Popular Building Toys

Mondo Bloxx 40 Pack Cardboard Block Brick Set

If your 3 year old toddler loves large building blocks, they’ll be thrilled to receive this Mondo Bloxx Cardboard Block Brick Set as a gift as it allows them to really express themselves creatively.

With 40 cardboard building blocks in all, this set is wonderful for any toddlers who love building extra large structures!

Once assembled, these large cardboard building blocks can provide your toddler with hours of playtime fun.

Many parents and grandparents remember these gigantic blocks from their childhood, and most people shared with us that they are still the same sturdy build and tons of fun!

Each super strong block is 12″ X 6″ X 3″ and they’re made in the USA from recycled materials.

Your two year old will love building everything from towers to tunnels, hi-rise building, farm buildings and everything in between, limited only by their imagination!

You’ll find your child will thoroughly enjoy building a large structure that they can then crawl into and play inside!

With the Mondo Bloxx Brick Set, there are endless construction possibilities.

And your child can keep adding to the set so that they can be even more adventurous with their building creations.

Although some assembly is required, several parents shared that the blocks are easy to put together.

Loved by kids and adults alike, these blocks are perfectly suitable for kids 2 years and up.

Why We Recommend The 40 Pc Mondo Bloxx Cardboard Block Brick Set

  • Kids love that these large building blocks can build huge structures that they can play in and crawl through!
  • Very sturdy and built to last so will be around for many years
  • These blocks can really fire up your child’s imagination
  • Great way to develop your toddler’s problem solving skills
  • Really helps your child expand their imaginative and creative thinking
  • Suitable for independent play or cooperative play
  • Your child can build a variety of different things using these blocks including forts, roads, bridges and lots more
  • The cardboard building blocks are strong enough to even hold your toddler’s weight!
  • Great way to develop your child’s gross motor skills, flexibility, balance and coordination
  • Easy for parents to assemble so your child can get started right away

LEGO DUPLO Airport (10590)

With this colorful LEGO DUPLO Airport 10590 your toddler will be set for tons of airport fun!

This awesome little set comes with everything your little one needs to check in and fly away.

With 29 pieces in all, this LEGO DUPLO set can be used to build a plane, a refueling truck and a luggage check-in section. There’s even landing gear for the bottom of the plane – how cool is that!

Other pieces include a pilot, a passenger, 2 suitcases, a luggage basket and an airport worker to drive the refueling truck.

Ideal for kids between the ages of 2 and 5 years old, this fun DUPLO Airport set is great for boys and girls.

Why We Recommend The LEGO DUPLO Airport 10590

  • Kids love pretending to play pretend airport with this DUPLO set!
  • Great for developing your child’s hand-eye coordination
  • Chunky DUPLO pieces are just the right size for small hands to hold and manipulate
  • Will grow with your toddler, as they can continue adding to it to build out an impressive set
  • Great way to develop your child’s fine motor and problem solving skills
  • A wonderful toy for encouraging role play as your child can pretend to be the pilot, the passenger or the airport worker who fuels the airplane
  • This LEGO Duplo set can be combined with other DUPLO building sets for even more building fun
  • There is an ideal number of pieces with this set to make a great starter building set
  • All the pieces help encourage imaginative play and creative fun

Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set

This Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set is perfect for 2 year old girls and boys who love to build things.

Your toddler will get 100 brightly colored blocks in 9 different shapes and various sizes so that they can create different types of structures.

There blocks come in 4 colors creating using non-toxic enamel paint and they are made from solid wood, making them very safe for your child to play with.

Your child will be able to build all kinds of things, such as castles, towers, bridges, houses and more! Whatever they dream up, they can create!

As well as building different things, your two year old might enjoy sorting the blocks by color, shape or size, or stacking them up and knocking them down again.

A number of parents shared that their daughter loves this building toy set so it’s definitely suitable for girls as well as boys.

They also mentioned that this Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set is very educational as their child learnt all about sorting, counting, colors, shapes and more.

Why We Recommend The Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set

  • Girls and boys love this building toy set with it’s vibrant colors and different shapes
  • Toddlers have great fun playing with it and creating their own building structures
  • Great for encouraging your child to be creative and think outside the box
  • Educational as it can be used to teach your child colors, sorting, shapes and more
  • Enough pieces for your child to play with others for even more fun
  • Perfect size pieces for tiny hands to hold and manipulate
  • Aid in your child’s development and strengthens their core skills
  • Safe for your toddler as the paint used is non-toxic
  • Great travel toy to keep your toddler engaged at restaurants or visiting

DreambuilderToy 60 Piece Magnetic Tile Set

If you’re looking for a toy that will fire up your toddler’s imagination while allowing them to explore their creativity, then check out the awesome DreambuilderToy 60 Piece Magnetic Tile Set!

Included in this set are 60 colorful tiles, 4 large squares, 24 small squares, 8 right triangles, 6 tall triangles, 18 small triangles, and an ideas booklet.

Made from high quality ABS plastic, the edges of each tile are smooth so they’re safe for young kids.

One of the great things about these tiles is that they work extremely well with the PicassoTiles, Playmags and Magna-Tiles, so your child can mix and match to build all kinds of cool things!

Parents we know shared with us that they love that these tiles keep their kids entertained and happily playing for hours at a time.

They also mentioned that they find the magnetic tiles are very educational and they’ve used them to teach their kids colors, shapes, dimensions and more.

Recommended for kids 3 and up, your child will have great fun creating all kinds of 2D and 3D structures from their own designs.

Why We Recommend The DreambuilderToy 60 Piece Magnetic Tile Set

  • Fantastic selection of colorful magnetic tiles that toddlers get hours of fun play with!
  • Your child get 60 tiles that are compatible with other big name brands, including Playmags and Magna-Tiles, and PicassoTiles
  • Encourages your child to allow their imagination and creativity to soar without limits!
  • Tile edges are smooth to keep your child safe during play
  • Can be used to teach your child shapes, colors, geometry, dimensions and more!
  • Enough pieces to provide loads of fun creative play
  • Can help develop your child’s fine motor skills
  • Wonderful way to encourage your child to engage and develop their critical thinking skills
  • Introduces your toddler to basic architecture and structural design
  • Great value for money

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