Best Bouncy Toys For 1 Year Olds

From beach balls, to pogo sticks and trampolines, kids of all ages love to play with toys that bounce, and one year olds are no exception. They always find ways to have an absolute blast with toys that help them move around in really fun and exciting ways!

With that in mind, we’ve done a ton of research so that we could come up with an awesome list of the best bouncy toys for 1 year olds.

Any of the toys on this list make great birthday, Christmas or anytime gifts and are sure to put a smile on your little one’s face.

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A Word from a Psychologist

Written By: Psychologist Natasha Tanic

  • Bouncy toys are great for improving a baby’s balance and motor skills 
  • Bouncy toys make exercise fun, keeping your child occupied for hours

Bouncy toys for one year olds are great for pretend-play, as they promote creativity and imagination.

Some bouncy toys come with sound, encouraging conversation skills and language development.

Bouncy Toys are a Great Exercise for Toddlers

Whether they use them indoors or outside, bouncy toys are an excellent way to help your child burn endless energy while improving their balance, leg muscle strength, and gross motor skills.

They can be shared with siblings and peers, providing a great opportunity to practice turn-taking, sharing, and cooperation and boosting your child’s social and emotional skills. 

Top Bounce Toys For 1 Year Old Toddlers

Fisher Price 3-in-1 Bounce, Stride and Ride Elephant

This cute Fisher Price 3-in-1 Bounce Stride and Ride Elephant is a versatile 3 in 1 toy that’s sure to please one year toddlers and parents alike.

This elephant has colorful light up buttons, plays 30 songs, has bee on his head, and a roller ball to add to the ways your child can play him.

Toddlers love his big red floppy ears made from soft fabric and are fascinated with all the lights, sounds and music.

Using this elephant as ride on toy and as walker will help your child develop their leg muscles and gross motor skills which will help them walk and later to run, jump and play.

Pushing the light up buttons, spinning the roller ball on top of the elephant’s head, and hitting the bouncing bee can help your child develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The bouncing aspect of this cute little elephant bounce, stride and ride on toy helps your child improve their balance.

The elephant goes from a stationary toy to one that your one year old can bounce on, to a foot propelled ride on toy, to a walker with a handle that will help steady your child’s first steps.

Why We Recommend The Fisher-Price Bounce, Stride and Ride Elephant

  • Toddlers just love this cute bounce and ride elephant!
  • Music, lights and sounds keep your little one engaged for hours of fun
  • Fantastic toy for imaginative play as your toddlers creates their own adventures
  • Improves your child’s gross motor skills
  • Helps to develop and fine tune your child’s fine motor skills
  • Great for helping your toddler to develop and improve their balance
  • Parents love how versatile this 3 in 1 toy is
  • Grows with your toddler offering great value for money
  • Easy assembly which parents love!

ToysOpoly Inflatable Bouncer Seat

This soft rubber Phthalate Free ToysOpoly Inflatable Bouncer Seat should provide most 1 year olds with plenty of fun.

Measuring 23” long with an 11 inch high seat this little bouncing horse comes in Pink, Red, Blue and Green and there is even a free foot pump included to easily inflate the horse.

This bouncing horse is designed to help your one year old improve their balance and coordination and to help develop leg, arm and trunk muscles in young children.

Parents find that this bounce toy helps their toddler burn off excess energy as they enjoy the bouncing effect of this bouncer, especially once they get it bouncing across the floor.

It is also great for children to sit on while watching television.

Why We Recommend The ToysOpoly Inflatable Bouncer Seat

  • Fun: The next best thing to bouncing on grandpas knee!
  • Great Exercise: Builds your one year old’s muscles, balance and stamina
  • Perfect For Imaginative Play: From riding the range, to taming that rodeo bucking bronco, to delivering mail for the pony express, this horse bouncer will provide your child with hours of imaginative and fun play
  • Inflates Easily: Parents like that this inflatable horse comes with its own pump and inflates extremely easily
  • Easy To Clean: Just wipe with a damp rag
  • Grows With Your Toddler: This inflatable horse bouncer will grow with toddler lasting them at least a couple of years with proper care
  • Durable: With proper care, this horse bouncer is sure to give you your money’s worth

Waliki Toys Bouncy Kent Inflatable Rhino

The Waliki Toys Bouncy Kent Inflatable Rhino is a cute little Pink Rhino that’s PVC and Phthlate Free and comes with a pump to inflate the Rhino.

Perfect for one year olds, this bouncing Rhino holds up to 150 pounds. Smaller toddlers can bounce up and down on this bounce toy and slightly larger toddlers can actually get hime to bounce along the floor.

Made from extra thick material, it helps your 1 yr old strengthen their legs, arms and trunk muscles, while at the same time helping to improve their overall balance.

Why We Recommend The Waliki Toys Bouncy Kent Inflatable Rhino

  • Fun: Whether sitting and watching television on this inflatable Rhino or hopping across the house or yard, your one year old is sure to have tons of fun riding this cute toy that they themselves control!
  • Stimulates Imagination: This Rhino is great for imaginative play, from riding it, to hunting it while on safari, or pretending to be a zoo keeper and feeding this Rhino, your child will spend hours in imaginative play
  • Makes Exercise Fun: Bouncing on this Rhino will provide your toddler with exercise, helping them to develop their leg muscles.
  • Easy To Inflate And Holds Air Well: Parents like that this Rhino comes with its own air pump and is easy to inflate and holds air exceptionally well.
  • Durable: Comes with a 2 year warranty

Trumpette Howdy Bouncy Cow

Your one year old toddler is going to love Trumpette Howdy Bouncy Cow and have great fun bouncing around the place on him!

He comes in 5 different colors including black, grey, cobalt blue, white, and pink, so lots of great choices for boys and girls.

Howdy is really popular with kids as they make up all kinds of adventures they can play with him. He’s a wonderful toy for encouraging imaginative and creative play while keeping your toddler active.

Some parents said they did receive a pump to inflate Howdy, but others said they didn’t. But the good news is that even if you don’t receive a pump, lots of parents said he is very easy to inflate.

For some, this was the best bouncy toy ever and they said Howdy lasted for several years and is still going strong!

Phthalate Free, with a maximum weight recommendation of 110 pounds, Howdy is a wonderful rubber cow that’s sure to delight your toddler and provide them with hours of engaging fun.

Why We Recommend The Trumpette Howdy Bouncy Cow

  • Fantastic Fun For 1 Yr Olds: Bouncing around on Howdy is terrific fun for toddlers, even when they had the odd spill
  • Aids In Improving Balance: Playing with Howdy will help your child develop and improve their balance and coordination
  • Encourages Imaginative Play: Toddlers love creating their own stories and adventures and who better to create them with than Howdy!
  • Strengthens Core Muscles: Bouncing around on this rubber toy helps to strengthen your one year old’s leg and arm strength and improve their gross motor skills
  • Encourages Your Toddler To Exercise: Kids love playing with Howdy and he helps them to exercise in a fun and creative way
  • Very Durable: Several parents confirmed that Howdy has stood the test of time and rough play from their kids so he’s quite durable

Rockin’ Rider Legacy Grow With Me Pony

The Rockin’ Rider Legacy Grow With Me Pony is a versatile bouncing toy that goes from a simple bouncer to a rocker to spring horse.

When you press the right ear of this horse, your one year old can hear the “Little Pony Song”. Press the left ear and there are cute phrases and sounds for your little toddler to enjoy.

The horse’s mouth actually moves as he sings or talks which adds to the fun of this pony who comes with beautiful embroidered eyes.

The seat of the bouncer and rocker measures 11 inches and when you change to the spring, the seat is 18 inches high.

The bouncing horse for toddlers has a motion activated galloping sound that your little one is sure to love.

It also comes with a volume control, so your 1 year old can ride the range all day long with driving you the parent nuts!

It does take 3 AA batteries that are included with the pony.

Why We Recommend This Rockin’ Rider Legacy Grow With Me Pony

  • Great For Imaginative Fun: Your toddler will enjoy playing cowboy or cowgirl on this cute talking horse
  • Encourages Communication: Kids love that this horse talks and it encourages your toddler to talk back and have their own imaginary conversations with the pony
  • Realistic Looking: Unlike many toy rocking or bouncing horses, this one looks like a real pony
  • Great Quality: Overall, this bouncing horse is made well and from good quality materials
  • Easy to Assemble: Parents find that this bouncy rocking pony is pretty easy to assemble
  • Versatile: With 3 different ways to use this horse, it is a versatile toy that most young children love.
  • Grows With Your One Yr Old: This Grow With Me Pony will grow with your toddler, lasting your child a number of years depending on the level and type of usage it receives

iPlay iLearn Hopping Horse

Isn’t the iPlay iLearn Hopping Horse the most adorable bouncy horse you’ve ever seen! He is sure to be a huge hit with your one year old toddler who’ll just fall in love with him the minute they see him.

Measuring 19.5” X 19.5” X10”, he is made from Phthalate Free PVC and contains no heavy metals.

He is covered with a soft touchable material that children enjoy hugging and comes with a pump for easy inflation.

This Bouncy Hopping Horse is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. We would suggest though that if you use this horse out of doors, you use him on the grass and make sure that there are no sharp sticks or rocks, as children can actually make this horse hop across an area.

This cute Hopping Horse will help your 1 year old develop balance, coordination and stamina, and also gives them a fun way to exercise.

Why We Recommend This iPlay iLearn Hopping Horse

  • Tons Of Fun: Your toddler is sure to have tons of fun riding this horse and imagining themselves riding the range wrangling cows or chasing after buffalo.
  • Easy To Inflate: Parents find this Hopping Horse easy to inflate making it ready for your child to use within minutes of opening the package
  • Durable: This little horse is extremely durable and should hold up well until your 1 yr old outgrows it
  • Improves Your Child’s Balance: Bouncing on this horse helps to improve your child’s balance and gives them an opportunity to burn off excess energy while giving them healthy exercise
  • Can Actually Move Across The Floor: Slightly lbigger children can actually make this horse move across the floor while bouncing on it

Bouncing Inflatable Real Feel Hopping Horse

With it’s ears cut long for a better hold, and it’s legs cut short for a better bounce, this Bouncing Inflatable Real Feel Hopping Horse should provide tons of fun for your one year old.

Unlike those plastic feeling bodied bouncing toys, this Hopping Horse has a plush covering that makes him feel “real” to small children, and makes him extremely huggable, as well as more fun to ride.

He comes in 3 beautiful colors: black and brown, white and black, and orange and brown. So there are some nice choices for your toddler.

This horse will help your toddler improve their balance and coordination, while strengthening their gross motor skills.

It does come completely deflated, but the accompanying air pump makes it easy to inflate.

Why We Recommend The Bouncing Inflatable Real Feel Hopping Horse

  • Sitting And Riding Fun: Don’t be surprised if this Hopping Horse becomes your little one’s favorite seat in the house. Not only is it fun to ride, it is also fun to sit on while watching television or listening to a story
  • Feeds The Imagination: Every toddler goes through the cowboy or cowgirl phase and this horse will lead to hours of imaginative play riding the range or playing rodeo
  • Easy To Inflate: This Hopping Horse is easy to inflate which parents love, especially at Christmas!
  • Durable: This bouncy horse is durable and with proper care should last for 2 or 3 years
  • Improves Your 1 Year Old’s Balance: Bouncing on this Hopping Horse will help to improve your child’s balance
  • Plush Covering: Small children love the feel of the horse’s plush covering and think he’s ‘real’!

Inflatable Bouncer Reindeer

What 1 year old doesn’t love a reindeer thanks to Rudolph, so what would make a better Christmas gift for a small child than this Inflatable Bouncer Reindeer!

This cute little wide-eyed reindeer is made by ToysOpoly and it’s 23 inches long and the seat is 11 inches from the floor. It’s also Phthalate Free.

This inflatable Reindeer is a great way to help your toddler improve their balance and coordination while providing them with a fun way to exercise.

It comes completely deflated, but inflating it should be easy since it comes with its own two-way pump.

Your one year old will have great fun naming their reindeer and will enjoy hours of imaginative and pretend play as they go on many adventures with their new buddy.

Why We Recommend The Inflatable Bouncer Reindeer

  • Fun, Fun, Fun! What could be more fun for a one year old toddler than having their own Reindeer ride!
  • Great For Imaginative Play: Whether pretending to be an Elf at the North Pole, or simply riding the range on a Reindeer instead of a horse, your child will spend hours in imaginative play as they bounce themselves across the floor on this Reindeer
  • Easy To Inflate: Parents like that this adorable little Reindeer is easy to inflate
  • Improves Balance And Stamina: Bouncing on this cute Reindeer increases your toddler’s ability to balance and helps them to improve their stamina and motor skills
  • Durable: This little Reindeer is extremely durable and should last until your child outgrows it if cared for properly

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