The Best Beach And Sand Toys

There’s nothing better than a family day at the beach and having the best beach and sand toys for your kids will make that time even more memorable and enjoyable.

Kids of all ages love playing in the sand and paddling or swimming in the water. There’s just something magical and uplifting about playing on a beach with some awesome beach toys.

Not to mention creating wonderful masterpieces with cool sand toys or digging a gigantic hole and filling it with water. Children just love being at the beach because of the sense of freedom it gives them.

We’ve spend a lot of time researching the best sand and beach toys for kids of all ages and we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect toys for your trip to the beach on our list.

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A Word from a Psychologist

Written By: Psychologist Natasha Tanic

  • Beach and sand toys play boosts sensory development
  • These toys promote creativity and imagination

Developmental Benefits of Sensory Play

Beach and sand toys encourage children to engage in sensory play while enjoying their time at the beach.

Sensory play enhances brain and cognitive development, improving brain plasticity and flexibility, which are essential for the child’s ability to complete more complex cognitive tasks.

Moreover, sensory play with beach and sand toys teaches kids sensory attributes such as dry, wet, sticky, cold, smooth, etc.

It can improve your child’s problem-solving skills and boost fine and gross motor. 

Also, engaging in sand play has a calming effect and can help children relax.

Best Sand And Beach Toys

Kangaroo 23 Piece Kids Beach And Sand ToysSet

Younger children are drawn to playing in the sand at the beach (some teens and adults love it too!). This Kangaroo 23 Piece Kids Beach And Sand Toys Set comes neatly packed in a zippered storage bag great for transporting the toys to and from the beach.

The set also comes with a mesh bag that makes cleaning the toys and removing the sand easy.In the set you have the standard water can, sand shifter, shovels, and a rake.

There are also a number of different molds including a fish, seahorse, crab, butterfly, octopus, shell, starfish, castle molds and more.

Everything your child could want or need for playing in the sand is included in this handy beach toy set. With 23 different pieces to play with, there are plenty of sand toys for your child to share with other children, siblings, or even parents and grandparents.

These sand toys encourage your child to engage in imaginative play and help them learn more about different animals and insects, mainly animals you are likely to find to find in the sea or other bodies of water.

They can be purchased for an exceptionally good price making them excellent value for those summer days at the beach or for playing in the backyard sandbox.

These beach toys comes in bright primary colors making them easy to find in the sand at the end of an afternoon. The bright colors are also appealing to younger children, making them more eager to play with these toys.

Your kids will enjoy creating sand statues using the really cute molds. Not only are these molds great for the beach, but they can also be traced around for making cute drawings!

If you want a great beach and sand toy set that will keep your child occupied and having fun, then this set is well worth considering.

Why We Recommend The Kangaroo 23 Piece Kids Beach And Sand Toys Set

  • Plenty of great toys for your child to share with friends and siblings
  • Lots of cute molds to engage your child
  • Very durable and made to last
  • Wonderful for encouraging your child to engage in imaginative play
  • Children are attracted to and love all the bright colors
  • Great value for money as they can be used at the beach but also at home in a sandbox

Stephen Joseph Beach Tote

Trips to the beach are fun but as a parent, you can get bogged down having to carry all your beach paraphernalia from the car to the beach.

To lighten the load, you can give your child their own Stephen Joseph Beach Tote so they can carry their own things.

This awesome beach tote is made of polyester and has a mesh backing to help air out damp clothing and allow sand to fall from toys. It comes with two small beach shovels and several fun molds.

In addition to the toys it comes with, it will also hold quite a bit of other stuff, such as a small towel, a change of clothes, and some sunscreen.

The Stephen Joseph Tote is available in a wide variety of styles and colors, including a shark, a mermaid, an alligator, a butterfly, a dolphin and more. So it’s great for both boys and girls.

Designed for children ages 3 to 8 years old, this tote is perfect for taking to the beach or pool. It’s the ideal tote for a young child since it is a good size, holds lots of things, and is cute as cute could be.

Why We Recommend The Stephen Joseph Beach Tote

  • Kids love it!
  • It holds quite a bit of stuff
  • Comes in lots of different colors and styles, so great for girls and boys
  • Mesh backing makes it perfect for beach or pool use
  • Good size for younger kids
  • Comes with some fun beach toys
  • Made from high quality material
  • Easy to clean

Prextex Beach Toy Set

With the Pretex Beach Toy Set, your toddler will have everything they need to keep them happily playing in the sand for hours!

All kids love building sand castles and your child will love building their own with the two sand castle molds included in this set.

Your toddler will also love the cute dinosaur, alligator, turtle, bunny, and crocodile molds. And for even more fun, there’s also a rake, a shovel, a watering can and a sand sifter.

This set comes in a reusable zipper bag that everything convenient fits into when your fun-filled day at the beach is done. Plus there’s also a mesh bag for rinsing and drying the toys before you pack them back up.

If your family spends a lot of time at the beach, this awesome beach toy set will make beach time a lot more fun for your toddler!

Why We Recommend The Prextex Beach Toy Set

  • Kids love how many different toys there are to play with!
  • Very colorful, which appeals to young children
  • The molds are extremely versatile and can also be used at home with play doh or even to make mud pies
  • Encourages imaginative and creative play
  • Well made and durable
  • Plastic bag makes for easy clean up, storage and transport of all the toys

Best Delta Kite For Kids & Adults

Your kids and you will have a blast flying this awesome Best Delta Kite For Kids & Adults at the beach!

This beautiful, hand-made large kite measures 60″ across and 32″ long with a ribbon tail of 8 ½”.

It’s made from tough, light and flexible material and it’s mold proof so you don’t have to worry about flying it in the damp air at the beach.

The Delta Kite is easy to fly and extremely well balanced. According to the reviews, it seems to just want to catch air and soar, taking only a light breeze to get it air born and then keep it in the air.

Best of all, the company offers what they call a ‘Sea to Tree no loss guarantee’. That means that if your kite gets lost, the company will replace it for free.

The kite comes partially assembled and it’s advised that because of its size, it should be flown using a 50 pound flying line.

If you’re looking for a fun beach activity for both you and your child, this large Delta Kite is definitely worth considering!

Why We Recommend The Best Delta Kite For Kids And Adults

  • It’s easy to fly and lots of fun!
  • Flies well even in light breezes
  • Stays in the air for long periods of time
  • Comes partially assembled so you can have it together and in the air quickly
  • Very well made and durable
  • If you ever lose this kite, the manufacturer guarantees that they’ll replace it for free

Cressi Rocks Kids Fins

Swim fins are great fun for children whether they are snorkeling, or swimming at the beach or pool.

These awesome Cressi Rocks Kids Fins come in four fun colors including pink, cool blue, pink/white, or white/orange. They also come in two sizes small/medium (for toddlers and smaller children) and large/extra large for bigger kids.

An adjustable strap helps them fit better on your child’s feet, and a large thumb loop makes it easier to put them on and take them off.

There are a few key benefits to using swim fins: They make swimming easier and help your child go faster. Fins encourage your child to use their legs while swimming, which strengthens their leg muscles and improves their ankle flexibility.

Finally, swim fins can help keep your child’s legs from sinking, which can make learning to swim much easier.

If your child loves spending time at beach, they’ll be thrilled to have a pair of these Cressi Kids Fins!

Why We Recommend The Cressi Rocks Kids Fins

  • Easy to put on and take off, even for younger kids
  • Adjustable strap helps them fit well and stay on properly
  • Helps your child strengthen their leg muscles
  • Well made and durable
  • Kids find them very comfortable
  • Helps your child swim faster
  • Multiple colors, so ideal for both girls and boys

Hengda Kite Large Easy Flyer Kite for Kids, Octopus

Your child will love flying this awesome Hengda Kite Large Easy Flyer Octopus Kite for Kids!

This huge kite is 31 inches wide and 157 inches long. But despite its size, it’s easy to get off the ground and fly, so it’s ideal for kids of all ages. Plus it’s perfectly balanced, which helps prevent crashes and nose dives.

Made of durable nylon with a 100% lifetime guarantee, this lightweight kite comes with the strings and handle attached, so no assembly is required.

The octopus theme makes it perfect for flying at the beach and this kite folds up small, so it’s really portable and easy to store.

If you’re looking for an easy to fly kite that’s a real show-stopper, this Hengda Octopus Kite definitely fits the bill!

Why We Recommend The Octopus Hengda Kite Large Easy Flyer Kite for Kids

  • Kids think it’s tons of fun to fly!
  • Easy to get off the ground and keep in the air
  • Perfectly balanced, so less chance of crashes and nose dives
  • Can be flown even when there’s not much wind
  • Lightweight
  • No assembly required
  • Huge size makes it very easy to see in the sky
  • Folds up small, so easy to store and transport
  • 100% lifetime guarantee

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Seaside Sidekicks Sand Cupcake Play Set

This awesome Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Seaside Sidekicks Sand Cupcake Play Set lets your child turn the beach or sandbox into their own personal bakery!

It comes with everything your child needs to bake up a storm, including 4 cupcake molds, and 4 cupcake toppers featuring a turtle, a fish, a star and a crab.

There’s also one hinged cupcake mold, an icing tube, and a tray to hold the cupcake molds. And to make clean up, storage and transport easy, this delightful sand toy set all fits into the included mesh bag.

Ideal for kids 3+ years, this Melissa and Doug Sand Cupcake Play Set is great for pretend play and creativity. It’s also a wonderful way to help improve your child’s motor skills.

If your child loves playing in the sand, this unique toy set can make that play more fun, whether in their backyard sandbox or at the beach.

A wonderful set to add to any sand toy collection, your child is sure to enjoy being able to bake and serve up cute little cupcakes to friends and family!

Why We Recommend The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Seaside Sidekicks Sand Cupcake Play Set

  • Kids love playing with it!
  • Great way to develop your child’s imagination and creativity
  • Unique alternative to traditional sand castle toy sets
  • Can be used with Play Doh or Kinetic Sand, so great toy set for year round play
  • Helps improve your child’s fine and gross motor skills
  • Comes with a convenient mesh bag for easy storage and transport
  • Easy to clean
  • Great addition to your child’s sand toy collection
  • Made from thick plastic, so will last for years

Trac Ball Classic Racket Game

This super fun Trac Ball Classic Racket Game will have your child excited about going outside and playing!

Made by Wham-O, the set includes 2 extra-large rackets (21.5 inches long) and 2 air action balls (3.5 inches in diameter).

Although the rackets are extra long, they’re lightweight and easy to handle, even for younger kids, and the air action balls are designed to fly a very long distance.

Plus, with a little practice, your child will be thrilled when they can spin the ball and make it curve as it flies through the air. How cool is that!

A classic American game, Trac Ball has been around for decades and is still a favorite outdoor game today. It’s great for the beach, backyard, playground, or park.

Trac Ball is an excellent way for your child to get out for some fresh air and exercise. It’s also an ideal way for them to improve their hand-eye coordination, reflexes and motor skills.

It’s recommended for kids 8 and up, but it’s tons of fun for the whole family!

Why We Recommend The Trac Ball Classic Racket Game

  • Kids think it’s a blast to play!
  • Gets your child outside for some fresh air and exercise
  • Helps develop your child’s hand-eye coordination, motor skills and reflexes
  • Extra long racket makes it easy to catch the ball, even for younger kids
  • Balls are designed to fly a long distance
  • The balls can be thrown in such a way that they curve and have a spin on them
  • Rackets and balls are durable and will last for years
  • Fun for the whole family!

Jazzminton Paddle Game

If your older child, tween, or teen enjoys playing ping pong, badminton, or paddle ball then they will love the Jazzminton Paddle Game!

This awesome paddle game combines a bit of all three of those games for a fun take anywhere, play anytime physical activity.

It comes with 2 ping pong shaped florescent wooden paddles and 4 birdies. Two red birdies for slow play and two yellow birdies for faster play. You can also purchase LED birdies (sold separately) so you can play this game at night, which kids love.

What makes this game unique is the way the birdies twist and turn, ensuring a different game every time your child plays.

It can be played inside or outside at the beach, park, campground or playground. There is no net needed to play this game and it comes with a convenient draw string mesh carry bag for easy storage and transport.

If you’re looking for a fun, portable game that’s great for the whole family and can be played just about anywhere, Jazzminton is definitely worth checking out!

Why We Recommend The Jazzminton Paddle Game

    • Kids love playing it!
    • There are birdies for slow play so even younger or inexperienced kids can join the fun
    • Great exercise
    • Can be played inside or outside
    • Helps improve your child’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination
    • Comes with a carry bag for easy clean up, storage and transport
    • Can purchase LED birdies (sold separately) for night time play
    • Well made and durable
    • Fun for the whole family!

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