Best Baby Activity Centers

When it comes to shopping for the best baby activity center, you’ll want to choose one that has lots of toys to keep your little one entertained and engaged.

In addition, you’ll want one that’s safe, well designed, sturdy, is nicely themed, and can grow with your child, giving you real value for money. You also want the comfort of knowing that any activity center you choose will aid in your baby’s development.

We’ve taken all that and more into account while spending hundreds of hours researching the best activity centers for babies, ensuring that each of our selections met our strict criteria.

So we’re certain that on the list below, you’ll find the perfect infant activity center to suit your precious little one!

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Top Baby Activity Centers With Toys

Oribel PortaPlay 4-in-1 Foldable Activity Center

The Oribell PortaPlay 4-in-1 Foldable Activity Center is a simply made and wonderful little activity center that has a forest theme and allows your child to turn and bounce.

The bounce comes from elastic bands built right into the seat. There are several woodland themed toys for your child to play with, including an owl with beads, a tree that has a lady bug that can be moved up and down, a flower teether, a mirror, a bead chaser and a birdhouse.

Once your child begins to walk on their own, the Portaplay turns into a nice little table that they can use to draw or play with PlayDoh, work puzzles or have a tea party. You will need to purchase a seat or two to go with the play table.

While there are not a lot of toys that come with this table, you can attach other toys and Oribel promises that they will be adding more toys for the PortaPlay that you can purchase.

This activity center doesn’t have any lights or music nor does it require batteries, making it fun but simple for your child to enjoy.

It allows your baby to turn 360 degrees and to bounce which will help them to build their gross motor skills strengthening their legs to prepare them to stand alone or to walk.

As your infant plays with the different toys that comes with this activity center, they will be improving their grasping and other fine motor skills.

It will also help your infant’s cognitive development as they learn how to play with the various toys and it is extremely sturdy and well made.

This Oribel Activity Center grows with your child allowing them to continue playing with the table until they are 3 or 4. It has easy to fold up legs making it great for storage or traveling.

Why We Recommend The Oribel PortaPlay 4-in-1 Foldable Activity Center

  • Great fun for your baby who will enjoy the bouncing seat!
  • Some really nice toys for your infant to enjoy and play with
  • Simple, quiet activity center with no noisy music or lights
  • 360 degree view for your baby to enjoy making them feel more part of the family
  • Help develop and improve your infant’s gross and fine motor skills
  • Great for helping with your baby’s cognitive development
  • Grows with your infant so will last until they are 3 or 4
  • Very well designed and made and quite sturdy
  • Folds for easy storage and travel

Baby Einstein Rhythm of the Reef Activity Saucer

Made from a combination of plastic and polyester, this Baby Einstein Rhythm Of The Reef Activity Saucer features 12 activities for your baby to explore.

Featuring a padded and comfortable high back seat, the activity center is sea creatures themed which will capture your infant’s attention.

One of the toys included in this saucer is a light up piano that has 3 play modes – melody, individual notes and language learning in three languages English, Spanish and French.

Other toys include a striped fish, crab, and octopus spinner, a whale and aquatic plants. There are beads on a wire that your child can move back and forth helping to develop their fine motor skills.

The rotating seat helps your baby develop their leg strength and gross motor skills preparing them for sitting, standing and walking.

The seat is adjustable and it comes with volume control to help protect baby’s hearing and parent’s sanity! There are also additional links so parents can add more toys to help keep their baby happily playing.

This Baby Einstein Activity Saucer is easy to put together although some parents advise that you do pay close attention to the directions to get the toys in the right places where they fit.

It allows your child to turn the seat using their feet so that they begin to develop the leg muscles needed for standing and walking on their own.

It has plenty of fun toys for your child to play with and explore. The bright colors of these toys will capture your infant’s attention, and the lights, sounds, all the various activities will keep them happily playing for several minutes at a time.

This Activity Saucer has three adjustable heights so it will grow as your infant grows, allowing your child to use it until they are ready to walk.

It will help your infant discover that their own actions can produce certain desired effects as they bang on the piano keys to produce noise, move the beads back and forth, and use the other activities.

All of the toys and activities have been designed to aid your baby’s development.

This Baby Einstein Rhythm of the Reef Activity Saucer is an entertaining activity center for slightly older infants who can hold their head up on their own and are ready for that next stage of development.

It takes 3 AA batteries and has a battery life of about 24 hours.

Why We Recommend The Baby Einstein Rhythm Of The Reef Activity Saucer

  • Loads of fun for your infant!
  • Plenty of fun toys to keep your baby engaged, amused and entertained
  • Helps teach your child about cause and effect as they realize that actions they take produce certain effects
  • Encourages your infant to be active as they need to use their feet to turn the seat
  • Helps prepare your child for sitting, walking and standing while strengthening their leg muscles
  • Adjustable height allows the center to grow with your child giving you real value
  • Easy to assemble and put together
  • Easy to clean

Fisher Price 4-in-1 Step ‘N’ Play Piano

If you’re looking for an awesome activity center that will allow your infant to make music and have tons of fun, the Fisher Price 4-in-1 Step ‘N’ Play Piano is the perfect one for you!

Designed to grow with your child right from the time they’re a baby until they become a toddler, this play center has 4 stages: tummy time, sitting up, walking and toddler activity table.

The soft removable play mat is ideal for tummy time and playing the keyboard while lying on the floor. Once your baby can sit up, there are all kinds of fun ways to play while sitting in the comfy seat.

As your baby grows and is ready to start walking, it transitions to a stationary walker. And finally, once your child is walking on their own, you can remove the seat so your toddler can totally jam out!

This Piano activity center consists of a plastic keyboard that sits on one side of the seat and a soft foot keyboard that’s the perfect size for your baby’s little feet. And every time your baby presses a note, they’ll be treated to a fun musical sound. How cool is that!

Other wonderful features include light up drums for visual stimulation, sliding note clickers, tambourine rattles, a guitar with a roller ball, a microphone, and a headphone mirror.

The comfortable seat of slides from side to side, strengthening your infants legs while allowing them to play all the keys on the floor mat. It also rotates 360 degrees so your infant can reach every fantastic musical toy and activity.

The seat height is adjustable, the seat pad can be removed for machine washing and this activity center takes 3 AA batteries (not included).

With 20+ toys and activities, the Step ‘N’ Play Piano is sure to be a big hit with your child and one that will grow with them for several years!

Why We Recommend the Fisher Price 4-in-1 Step ‘N’ Play Piano

  • It’s tons of fun for your baby!
  • Helps develop your child’s fine and gross motor skills
  • Gives your baby different kinds of stimulation, including visual and auditory
  • Can be used from the time your child is a baby right up until preschool years
  • Will help your child learn about cause and effect
  • Great way to start developing your little one’s appreciation of music from a young age
  • Seat slides back and forth, allowing your child to exercise and strengthen their legs
  • Seat also rotates 360 degrees so your infant can easily reach every fun activity and musical toy
  • 20+ fun activities for your infant to explore and discover
  • Seat pad is removable and machine washable
  • Easy to assemble

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