Benefits of Magnetic Blocks and Tiles for Preschoolers

Benefits of Magnetic Blocks and Tiles for Preschoolers

Preschoolers get the same benefits from playing with magnetic blocks and tiles that toddlers do, plus these added benefits:


Magnetic building blocks and tiles can help kids learn about patterning, which is an early math skill.

Focus and Concentration

Using magnetic blocks and tiles to build things or replicate buildings they’ve seen is a great way to develop your child’s focus and concentration.


Not everything that preschoolers try to replicate or build on their own come out perfect the first time.

Sometimes it takes persistence and determination to get the results they want.

Problem Solving

Any toy that preschoolers build with can help develop their problem-solving skills.

Language Development

Preschoolers who build with other people, including friends and family, need to communicate while they’re building.

This helps them develop language skills they will need later in life.

Social Skills

When using these building blocks with others, preschoolers can practice social skills like sharing.

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