Bath Toys – Benefits And More

Toys can be a great strategy to manage bath time struggle and keep your little one entertained and engaged.

Toys also make a bath time a more fun and pleasant experience – for both you and your toddler.

As long as toys have no batteries and don’t mind getting wet, you can allow your child to have them in the bath, whether it is a specially designed bath toy or a toy your child already has (like plastic figures of animals, trucks, or beach toys).

In the same way you do with your child’s other toys, choose safe bath toys according to your toddler’s interests and age.

Here are some of the benefits of allowing your child to play with bath toys:

1. Toys Make Bath Time Less Stressful

While bath time may be relaxing for some children, for many young toddlers, this routine is a source of discomfort and stress.

For one reason or another, some kids simply don’t enjoy taking a bath.

Bath time toys can be used as a great distraction for a child who starts a fuss as soon as you bring him into the bathroom.

With the right bath toys, bath time can be fun, engaging, and relaxing.

Allow your child to choose the toys for his bath time. Let her practice bathing a toy or a doll while taking a bath.

Toys such as boats or your toddler’s favorite cars are also great choices for playing in the bath, as they will distract the child and help him relax.

2. Bath Toys Promote Your Child’s Development

Bath toys such as bath time stacking cups, floating bath toys with a net, race boats, bath time tea set, rubber or plastic animals, sea creatures, etc. provide lots of fun while promoting learning and your child’s development.

These and similar bath time toys improve hand-eye coordination and your toddler’s fine and gross motor skills.

All of the bath toys can be played with in and out of the bath, so the fun and learning don’t have to end once bath time is over.

You can use animal toys to teach your toddler animal names and sounds.

Also, you can use bath time toys to teach your child colors, and introduce her to shapes, sizes, textures, and other sensory features.

Furthermore, bath toys encourage your child’s imagination, pretend play, and creativity, promote language development, boost social-emotional skills, help her learn about cause and effect, and much more.

3. Bath Toys Help Strengthen The Connection

Playing together while bathing your little one is a great way to wrap up the day and bond with your toddler.

Bath toys and play can make both you and your child start looking forward to this bedtime routine as a very pleasant experience.