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All About Paw Patrol

If you think Paw Patrol is everywhere these days, you are probably right. Kids of all ages love the adventurous pups and their brave leader, Ryder.

With Paw Patrol toys, children can bring their favorite TV show to life right in their own home. Keep reading to learn all about Paw Patrol toys.

What Are Paw Patrol Toys?

Paw Patrol is an animated TV series for children featuring a group of search and rescue dogs. Along with their friend Ryder, a young boy, the dogs perform search and rescue missions in their town of Adventure Bay.

Each dog is unique and brings a specific set of skills to the group.

By working together, they are able to save their friends and neighbors, stop disasters, and solve mysteries.

The cartoon first aired in 2013 and has been renewed for at least eight seasons.

Paw Patrol’s immense popularity has spawned video games, live stage shows, and a feature film that is currently in the works.

There are also countless toys, costumes, books, and school supplies featuring the famous Paw Patrol characters.

From stuffed plush toys to mega sets, kids love to play with their favorite dogs and create missions of their own.

Who Is On The Paw Patrol Team?

There are several members of the original Paw Patrol team that help protect Adventure Bay. Six incredible rescue pups and a young boy make up the crew.

  • Ryder: The 10-year-old leader of the Paw Patrol team
  • Marshall: A Dalmatian firefighter and rescue dog
  • Chase: A German Shepherd police and spy dog
  • Rubble: A construction bulldog
  • Zuma: A Labrador Retriever aquatic rescue dog
  • Skye: A cockapoo aviator dog
  • Rocky: A mixed-breed recycling and handyman dog

What Are The Ages For Paw Patrol Toys?

Paw Patrol toys are available for a wide range of ages from toddlers up. There are so many different kinds of Paw Patrol toys for kids to play with, so children from two-years-old and up can find a safe and fun toy.

  • Toddlers:
    For toddlers, ages one to four, there are many age-appropriate Paw Patrol toys. They can snuggle with their favorite character as a plush toy or drive their own rescue car with a Vtech wheel. Toddlers can dress up in a Paw Patrol costume or play with fun outdoor toys, like water guns or bubble soap makers.
  • Preschool:
    Kids in preschool and kindergarten can put together Paw Patrol puzzles, follow their favorite characters’ adventures in books, and learn with educational Paw Patrol toys. There are several mega sets that kids can put together and create their own Paw Patrol missions on Adventure Bay. From the Lookout Tower to the Speedway, the show comes to life right in front of their eyes.
  • Grade School:
    As kids get older, they can play with Paw Patrol toys that have smaller pieces. From the dogs’ cars and packs to complete accessory sets, there are so many ways to create Adventure Bay at home. More advanced readers and more complicated puzzles present a fun and exciting challenge for older children who love Paw Patrol.

Who Makes Paw Patrol Toys?

Paw Patrol toys, in partnership with Nickelodeon, are produced by a variety of brands. A full range of Paw Patrol toys for all ages can be found from Spin Master, a leader in children’s toys and entertainment.

Crayola produces Paw Patrol coloring books and activity books, and Vtech makes educational Paw Patrol toys. T

here are sets from Play-Doh, clothes from the Nickelodeon or Nick Jr. brands, and a variety of other Paw Patrol items available from companies that use the license.

Who Has The Copyright To The Paw Patrol Toys?

Paw Patrol is copyrighted by Spin Master Entertainment. The company produces the Paw Patrol animated series, sells a wide range of Paw Patrol toys and items, and licenses the copyright to other manufacturers.

Paw Patrol originally aired in Canada on TVOKids. In the United States, the show airs on Nickelodeon.

What Paw Patrol Toys Fit In The Paw Patroller?

The Paw Patroller Rescue and Transport Vehicle is a large playset featuring a large transport vehicle that holds smaller Paw Patrol cars. When closed, the Paw Patroller can hold three vehicles. When the transport truck is open, it can display up to six Paw Patrol vehicles.

Kids love to recreate their favorite rescue scenes and missions, using the sounds of the Paw Patroller. The vehicle also includes an elevator that can lift a vehicle up to the command center.

Any Paw Patrol basic vehicles that do not have lights or sound should fit into the Paw Patroller playset, including:

  • Chase Cruiser
  • Marshall’s Fire Fightin’ Truck
  • Skye’s High Flyin’ Copter
  • Zuma’s Hovercraft
  • Rubble’s Diggin’ Bulldozer
  • Rocky’s Recycling Truck

What Toys Go With The Paw Patrol Lookout?

The Paw Patrol Lookout Tower is an impressive playset, standing 32 inches tall and 24 inches wide. The tower comes with lights and sounds that kids can interact with by pressing buttons.

There is also a vehicle launcher that propels the dogs into their next adventure.

Any basic Paw Patrol vehicle can fit into the vehicle launcher on the Paw Patrol Lookout Tower. The base of the tower features a parking lot for all of the dogs’ vehicles, and all six basic cars can be stored in the parking lot at the same time.

Which Toys Go With The Paw Patrol Sea Patroller?

When it comes to Paw Patrol adventures, you never know where the pups will end up! The Paw Patrol Sea Patroller vehicle takes the dogs from land to sea for water-based missions.

The playset features a moveable crane, a cage, and a ramp for Ryder’s Rescue ATV.

Like the Paw Patroller and Lookout Tower sets, kids can store some of their Paw Patrol vehicles in the Sea Patroller. There is room for Ryder’s ATV and one to two vehicles inside the boat.

If your child wants to stack the cars, they can store a couple more basic Paw Patrol vehicles. The boat also features a landing pad for Skye’s vehicle.

What Other Paw Patrol Toys Go With The Paw Patrol Mega Mat?

The Paw Patrol Mega Mat measures 47 inches by 35 inches, creating a large space for children to play with their favorite toys. As a flat, open surface, kids can play with almost any Paw Patrol toy or vehicle on the mat.

Depending on where you purchase the Paw Patrol Mega Mat, a character doll and vehicle may be included.

If your child has other Paw Patrol toys, they can certainly create their own Adventure Bay missions on the mega mat.

What Paw Patrol Toys Go With The New Mighty Tower?

The new Paw Patrol Super Mighty Pup Lookout Tower playset stands almost three feet tall and features a zip line, vehicle launcher, lights, sounds, and more action-packed features.

Unlike the original Lookout Tower, the Mighty Tower can hold up to six Mighty Paw Patrol vehicles.

The bulkier cars fit perfectly into the rotating base of the tower and the vehicle launcher.

What Toys Go With The Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser?

The Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser is a great way for kids to store their favorite character toys and cars. Different buttons on the cruiser trigger fun, interactive actions and a ramp ensures the pups are always ready to go.

The Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser holds up to three rescue racer vehicles and has a spot for Robo Dog and his mini vehicle in the front of the cruiser.

How Do You Store All The Paw Patrol Toys?

The various Paw Patrol playsets mentioned above are great ways to store Paw Patrol toys. Kids can keep their favorite vehicles and action figures safe inside the Paw Patroller, Sea Patroller, or Mission Cruiser.

These transport vehicles also make it easy to travel with Paw Patrol toys and keep them all together.

At home, the Lookout Tower and the Mighty Lookout Tower are both fun playsets and storage options for Paw Patrol toys.

Both towers have storage space for the pups’ cars and character figures.

Why Are Paw Patrol Toys So Expensive?

Paw Patrol toys may cost more than average toys if they feature interactive functions. From lights and sounds to vehicle launchers, there is a lot going on with Paw Patrol playsets.

In some cases, certain Paw Patrol toys or vehicles were made in smaller quantities.

The limited availability could make these toys more expensive, especially if they are being resold.

Where Can I Buy Paw Patrol Toys?

Paw Patrol toys are available almost everywhere you look. You can purchase Paw Patrol toys online through Spin Master, Amazon, and a variety of other online sellers.

You can also find Paw Patrol toys in stores at Target, Walmart, department stores, and much more.

If your child loves Paw Patrol, you probably won’t have a hard time finding Paw Patrol toys for sale.

What Are The Rarest Paw Patrol Toys?

Some Paw Patrol toys were limited editions or manufactured in smaller quantities. For this reason, these toys are considered more rare and they may be harder to find.

Holiday sets, limited edition sets, or gift sets may include rare items, figures, vehicles, or accessories.

Everest’s Rescue Snowmobile is an example of a Paw Patrol toy made in smaller quantities that tends to cost more.

Why Kids Love Paw Patrol Toys

Paw Patrol inspires kids to take action and help others. Each dog brings their own set of skills, but the team works together to make a difference.

My four-year-old nephew loves the action and adventure of Paw Patrol, and he often uses his Paw Patrol toys to create his own missions.

My eight-year-old nephew loves trying to solve the mysteries in Adventure Bay alongside the team.

He is also in awe of the search and rescue jobs each pup has, especially when he sees emergency workers and first responders in real life.

The Paw Patrol television show is entertaining and interactive. With Paw Patrol toys, kids can recreate their favorite scenes or make up their own adventures.

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