All About Melissa And Doug Toys

Melissa and Doug is a popular toy brand found in stores across the country.

Known for traditional methods of play and basic designs, Melissa and Doug toys capture the attention of children without using batteries or screens.

Kids of all ages love playing with the simple toys that spark imagination and creativity.

Keep reading to learn all about Melissa and Doug.

Who Are The People Behind Melissa And Doug Toys?

The company Melissa and Doug was started by an actual couple, Melissa and Doug Bernstein.

As children, they were both outgoing and creative.

By the time they met, they both had a passion for creating children’s products.

So they went into business together, getting married shortly after.

The couple invested all of their savings and started a company.

Run out of Doug’s parents’ house, they created products for children and delivered them by hand.

Each product had a label with their names, phone number, and signature.

Melissa and Doug valued customer feedback so highly that they were known to take customer phone calls at all hours of the day and night!

The company got a big boost when they developed the Fuzzy Farm Puzzle.

They put a unique spin on a classic puzzle toy by adding texture to the pieces.

As their own family grew, Melissa and Doug found new inspiration behind their toys and often had their six children test products at home.

Melissa and Doug quickly went on to launch a wide range of toys lines for children of all ages.

The company has grown tremendously in the last 30 years, growing by double digits each year.

In a saturated market, Melissa & Doug’s toys are unique.

The company does not conduct any advertising or PR campaigns on TV, radio, or in magazines. And they are well known for keeping their toys and their marketing approach simple.

When Was Melissa And Doug Founded?

Melissa and Doug Bernstein started their company in 1988.

It was formerly known as Lights, Camera, Interaction, Inc. before they changed the name to Melissa & Doug, LLC.

Melissa & Doug really started to grow in the late 1990s after the success of the Fuzzy Farm Puzzle.

From there, they created an expanded line of wooden toys, craft supplies, dress-up costumes, plush toys, and lots more.

What Kind Of Toys Do Melissa And Doug Make?

Melissa and Doug toys are famous for their simplicity.

The company focuses on products that go back to basics and enable children to use their imaginations.

Toys are often made of wood or other simple materials and you won’t find batteries and screens in Melissa & Doug’s items.

Toys from Melissa & Doug are far from high-tech, requiring some creativity instead.

Today, the company offers hundreds of products that span a variety of product lines and types of play.

They offer toys, art supplies, and costumes for children from newborns to kids that are 8+ years old.

Children’s Products From Melissa And Doug Fall Into A Variety Of Categories.

From dolls and dollhouses to arts and crafts, there is something for every child.

The company offers a range of puzzles, stuffed animals, educational toys, musical instruments, toy vehicles, games, and outdoor activities.

There are also toy lines focused on dress up and imagination, including pretend play, puppets, costumes, and more.

What Age Groups Are Melissa And Doug Toys For?

Parents and grandparents can find toys for all of their little ones from Melissa and Doug.

The company offers everything for all ages, including babies, toddlers, and older children.

For newborns and babies, toys consist of plush animals, fun books, and wooden blocks. Toys for this age range focus on education, motor skills, and development.

As your children grow, so do their Melissa & Doug toys.

Toddlers and preschoolers can start to stretch their imagination and explore their creativity with Melissa and Doug toys that make them think.

From drawing pads and activity books to pretend food sets and costumes, children can develop a world of their own while they play.

Kids can host a puppet show, set up their own doctor’s office, play the piano, or cook in their pretend kitchen.

Kids 8 and up can continue to learn and grow with toys that offer an alternative to screens.

Activates and art supplies make playtime fun and educational, so kids keep learning without even realizing it.

From practicing their scissor skills or drawing to building impressive block structures and cuddling with stuffed animals, there are countless options for older children.

Why Are Melissa And Doug Toys So Popular?

The heart of why Melissa and Doug are so popular among children and adults can be summed up in their mission.

The company’s website cites their mission as “To provide a launch pad to ignite imagination and a sense of wonder in all children so they can discover themselves, their passions, and their purpose.”

The simplicity of the toys from Melissa & Doug allows children to use their imaginations.

Instead of focusing on screens or high-tech toys, kids have to make up their own stories and create their own pretend play worlds.

Kids are free to play however they want with everything from toy kitchens and professional sets to costumes and puppet shows.

Melissa and Doug toys are also popular among little ones because they let them imitate the adults in their lives.

Children love to copy their parents, even if that means making dinner or sweeping the floor.

Melissa & Doug toys lets your child learn important life skills while playing pretend and following the example of their parents, grandparents, or older siblings.

In addition to their important mission, the Melissa & Doug company continues to support individuals outside of childhood.

Students in the entrepreneurship program at Duke University often benefit from a mentorship, advice, and even funding from Melissa and Doug Bernstein.

As Melissa’s alma mater, the company and the couple enjoy supporting up and coming entrepreneurs.

They also support a leadership program at Doug’s alma mater, the University of Connecticut.

Where Are Melissa And Doug Toys Made?

The Melissa and Doug headquarters are located in Wilton, Connecticut, and Melissa leads the product design team.

All Melissa & Doug products are conceptualized and designed in Connecticut, and each prototype is made by hand.

Because Melissa and Doug often have their own children test out the products at home, they get a firsthand focus group to refine ideas and maximize the potential for each project.

Toys from the company are produced in factories in the United States and abroad.

What Type Of Wood Are Melissa And Doug Toys Made From?

About 40% of Melissa and Doug toys feature wooden parts or pieces.

Wooden puzzles, toy cars, blocks, and pretend sets are among some of their most popular items.

While the toys are marketed as wooden, they are sometimes made from MDF, or medium-density fiberboard. This engineered wood is dense and strong.

Are Melissa And Doug Toys Safe For Children?

While toys from Melissa and Doug meet children’s safety standards, there are some concerns among parents because of the MDF used in the toys.

Formaldehyde is found in MDF, and if the product produces sawdust it can be toxic.

However, the risk goes away when toys are properly finished and sealed, which all toys made by Melissa and Doug are.

In rare cases, children may have an allergic reaction to MDF.

How Do Melissa And Doug Toys Compare To Other Toy Manufacturers?

Melissa and Doug toys are much different than many other toy manufacturers today.

While many toy makers focus on high-tech toys, gadgets, screens, and batteries, Melissa & Doug keep things simple.

Their toys are never electronic, and they are usually made of simple materials with basic designs.

The company is known for creating high-quality toys that are built to last.

From wooden blocks built that stand up to toddlers, to costumes that withstand many wears, Melissa & Doug toys are often rated highly because they last.

Toys for children have to hold up under a lot of wear and tear as kids play indoors and outside.

Parents appreciate the quality of Melissa and Doug toys and how the products spark their children’s imagination.

Where Can You Buy Melissa And Doug Toys?

Melissa and Doug toys are available from many retailers, both online and in stores.

Popular retailers like Target, buybuy BABY, Barnes & Noble, and Walmart all carry the company’s products.

Many independent toy shops and smaller retailers also keep Melissa & Doug toys in stock.

Online, you can buy their toys from many retailers, including the Melissa and Doug website, Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair.

Final Thoughts On What Melissa And Doug Offer

If your child needs a break from the screens, Melissa and Doug toys are the perfect solution.

The simple designs elevate traditional methods of play and put a unique spin on old ideas.

Costumes, play sets, and art supplies let kids stretch their imagination and create their own world of make believe.

With high-quality products for all ages, children can learn and grow while playing with their favorite toys.