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Welcome to Toy Review Experts – where we take toys and playing very seriously!

We’re committed to providing you with the best toys, games and gifts for kids of all ages, from tots to teens.

Our dedicated team spends hundreds of hours diligently researching every single product that you find on our site. This process involves dialogue with and input from parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, and even children themselves!

We value their experience and wisdom and we’re grateful to them for helping us figure out which toys deserve to make the cut and which ones don’t.

From there, our amazing team carefully selects only the top toys and then works hard to create the high quality, unbiased, reviews that you find here at Toy Review Experts.

Those reviews are then collated into our unique, top quality Guides Of Toys & Gifts, with in-depth reviews so that you can easily and quickly find the perfect toy for any occasion!

Our mission is to provide you with high quality information about the best toys and gifts for kids, presented in a way that will help you shop quickly and feel confident about your purchase.

We pride ourselves on providing you with:

  • A large selection of high quality toys, games, and gifts that are designed to educate, develop, excite and entertain your child
  • Extremely thorough research on every single toy we feature
  • The absolute best toys, games and gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, travelling and a whole lot more!
  • Continuous improvements and updates to our website

We hope you enjoy our website and we welcome any and all feedback. Please feel free to get in touch with us anytime using our Contact Form.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you become one of our many satisfied and extremely happy, regular visitors!

Toy Review Experts Dream Team!

Meet The People Behind The Scenes

We obsess over toys so you don’t have to!

While more traditional websites will show you their personal photos so you know they’re a ‘real’ person, we felt that because this is a toddler’s toy review website, we’d prefer to take a more fun approach!

So we hired a professional illustrator to create an illustration depicting what each of us would look like as our imagined ‘superhero.’

We think we look rather cool! 🙂

Basically, all the members of our team are still kids at heart, and we all have fond memories of growing up and playing with all sorts of toys and games, some even homemade.

Do any of us ever really lose the child within? Well we certainly hope we never do! 🙂

We love researching and reviewing toys so much that we just had to create a website to share our combined expertise with you, our loyal readers.

What greater joy is there than watching a child’s face magically transform into glorious happiness when they open a new toy they’ve been gifted, whether it be for their birthday, from Santa, or any other special occasion!

We want to bring that joy into every home across the United States and beyond.


Deb hails from Canada, is the co-founder of Toy Review Experts, has several years experience in the childcare sector, over 10 years experience in market research and content development, university graduate



With a passion for the creative and several years experience in the online retail sector, Deb is a professional researcher and senior editor.

Living in Canada, she has extensive experience in the child care sector and an understanding of how important child development is, especially in the early years.

Knowing how important the right types of toys can be for every child’s development,  Deb wanted to create an awesome information hub for parents.

One that would help parents (and anyone else buying toys for kids) make informed buying decisions when it came to shopping for toys for their toddler.

So the idea for Toy Review Experts was born in 2016 and, together with her business partner Mary, she co-founded the website.


Mary, hails from Ireland and is co-founder of Toy Review Experts, over 40 years in retail operations, analysis and sales, especially in the toy industry, IT graduate



Mary started working life in a toy factory in the Republic of Ireland at the age of 14 which ignited her passion for retail and toys.

She was fascinated at how toys were made, and all the work that went into creating them so they were safe and fun for children to play with.

Growing up in an era where kids made their own toys at times to enhance their imaginative play, she was destined to always maintain an interest in the toy industry.

Living in Ireland, she has over 40 years experience in retail operations, analytics, data analysis, and IT.

But she also has extensive experience working with young toddlers, teaching them colors, numbers and more through imaginative play.

With a desire to share the gift of giving a child a toy they will love, she co-founded Toy Review Experts with her business partner Deb.


Martie, hails from Michigan, United States, over 50 years experience in market research and content development, college graduate


Research & Content Development Specialist

Martie is a professional researcher and content development specialist living in Michigan, United States, with over 35 years of experience.

A wife with grown children, grandchildren and great grandchildren whom she loves making crafts for, she lives in a rural setting.

Passionate about researching, fact checking, writing, and publishing, she grew up as part of a family that loves camping, fishing, and gardening.

Martie loves cooking all kinds of recipes, playing with her chinchillas and dogs, reading, crafts, and the great outdoors.


Natasha hails from Canada and Serbia, is the in-house psychologist for Toy Review Experts, has over 16 years experience in psychology, has several years of experience in human sciences, mental health, child development, counseling and more, expert researcher in her field, university graduate with a BA in psychology


Psychologist, Teacher & Counselor

Natasha is a psychologist with over sixteen years of experience in school settings and early education.

She lives part time in Canada and part time in Serbia and is enthusiastic about helping little people reach their milestones and grow into healthy adults.

Passionate about exploring and writing about the subtle layers of the human inner world. Happy to share knowledge, doubts, and experience with other parents.

A wife and the mother of two, Natasha brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the world of toddlers.

As a freelance writer with eight years of published article writing experience, Natasha enjoys researching and writing unique and enlightening articles on a variety of child development, psychology, and mental health topics.

Loves traveling and indulging in nature.


Mallory, hails from Texas, United States, over 5 years of market research, content development, journalism, has a Batchelors and Masters degree in journalism


Research & Content Development Specialist, Journalist

Mallory is a professional writer, researched and marketer from Texas, specializing in family-related and lifestyle content.

Words have always been her passion, and she loves connecting people with relevant content that adds value to their everyday lives.

She enjoys spending time with her husband and dogs, searching for new toys for her two young nephews, and reading all the books she can find.

Mallory’s goal is to help as many parents as possible find the right toy for their special little toddler.

More Important Team Members

Hannah is a professional copywriter and published writer with several years of experience living in Chicago, USA.

She has a wonderful way with words, enjoys fact checking and researching and finding gems of unique information.

Her passions are wellness, lifestyle and fashion.

William is an expert in tech and gaming, which are his passions. He’s also an outdoor sport enthusiast.

Living in the United States, he is a freelance writer with years of experience and published articles.

His passions are woodworking and refurbishing old furniture.

Sparky is an amazing graphics designer and creates the majority of the graphics for Toy Review Experts.

Living in Nigeria, she describes herself as an enthusiastic creative who has many years of experience in the graphics industry.

Her passions are inspiring people and making them smile and she loves doing that through her work.

Charlie is a professional illustrator and storyboard artist with several years of experience living in Pakistan.

He created those wonderful illustrations of our core team above, based on our photos and the ideas we gave him of how we’d like to be portrayed as a superhero.

He is incredibly talented and creative, and his passion is making people happy.

Rasel is a data scientist and machine learning expert living in Bangladesh.

He has several years of experience turning data into magical presentations, maps, charts and more.

His main passion is data as he believes every piece of data, not matter how small, has a story to tell.

We Know So Much About Toys

Since 2016, our team has researched, reviewed, fact checked, and rated more than 4,920 toddler toys.

We know who actually makes each toy, the company’s history, their recall history, their safety practices, and their industry compliance level.

We know how to read the labels on every single toy, the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations, and how to ascertain the correct age appropriateness.

We also know how to check the material each toy is made from so we can determine whether they are toxic or non-toxic, thereby ensuring your child’s safety.

In addition to our own research methods, we have our own confidential network of resources made up of:

  • Parents
  • Industry experts
  • Toy makers
  • Toy store owners

Their input is invaluable in assisting us in handpicking quality toys that meet our exacting and stringent standards.

Where Do We Get Our Information?

The many articles and toy reviews you’ll find here are a result of information we’ve personally collected, researched, and fact checked from readily available public resources.

We regularly check out the many Toy Fairs held in the United States and throughout the world and keep up with any breakthrough toys that could make an impact.

We subscribe to many industry Toy Reports that are created to identify winners, losers, toys with issues and so much more so that we stay on top of our game for you.

In addition, we are able to regularly tap into our own confidential network as outlined above, to cement our findings and find gems of information not found anywhere else.

Who Owns Toy Review Experts?

Toy Review Experts is privately owned. We are not affiliated in any way with the toy industry.

We do not accept money or samples from toy companies, toy manufacturers, or any toy sellers in exchange for special mention in our reviews or articles.

We do not accept or allow paid advertising from toy manufacturers and companies.

It is important to us that we present the facts as we see them after endless hours of research and interaction with our confidential network.

Why We Created Toy Review Experts

We are so passionate about toys and the positive effects they can have on a child’s development, that we wanted to create an information hub for parents to easily find hand-picked toys that matched what they were looking for.

Our inner child is alive and kicking and we still get excited when new toys come out and when we visit our local toy stores.

Toys can be magical, bringing not only fun, imaginative play and creativity, but also comfort in times of need.

We hope you enjoy our toy information hub for toddlers.

Thanks so much for stopping by!




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